30 Jun 2011

Travel To Bicol From Tutuban to Naga Via Bicol Express

  • 30 Jun 2011
  • Lagalag

  • PNR Bicol Express, the newky rehabilitated train line of the long-stalled route to Naga City in Camarines Sur, had its soft launch on June 29, 2011 with its maiden trip left Tutuban Station at scheduled time of 6:30 pm. The maiden voyage constitutes promotional run from Tutuban in Manila to Naga City in Camarines Sur which is done to create awareness that the route is revived. Lucky passengers who took the initial trip enjoyed fare discount.

    After the maiden trip, Bicol Express will take the 10-hour travel distance from Manila to Naga on every other day basis departing Tutuban Station at 6:30 pm. Click here for complete schedules, fare rates and stations between Manila and Naga.

    To travel to Naga City by Bicol Express train, commuters need to get to PNR Tutuban Station where they shall take the train.

    PNR Tutuban is in the vicinity where public commuting is constantly changing. Here's the newest guide on how to commute to Tutuban PNR Terminal nowadays.


    If the taxi you're riding takes C.M. Recto Avenue from areas of Cubao, San Juan, Santa Mesa, EDSA-Crossing, Pasig, Mandaluyong, etc., and the driver doesn't know what's the next turn to take, tell him to turn right onto Jose Abad Santos Avenue, a major intersection with pedestrian overpass. The taxi will cross two intersections along Jose Abad Santos Avenue. Then, the driver must change lane to the leftmost and then turn left on Mayhaligue Street, a one way road going to PNR Tutuban Station. Just stay on Mayhaligue until PNR Tutuban Station is visible to your right.

    If the taxi takes Jose Abad Santos from anywhere in CAMANAVA, e.g. Monumento, Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela, Letre, Bagong Barrio, Balintawak, etc., tell the driver to turn right onto Mayhaligue Street. Before Mayhaligue, you will cross the PNR Rail Track itself, then two main intersections of Tayuman and Bambang, respectively. After that, just watch for the road sign that read Mayhaligue Street to your right.

    If you're riding a taxi from areas of Paranaque, Pasay, Ermita, Malate, Taft, San Andres, etc., and the taxi takes Jones Bridge where jeepneys bound for Divisoria pass through, tell the driver the best way to get there is via Reina Regente. The trick is to avoid the traffic in Tutuban Mall so make sure you don't pass in that area. Once you're taking Reina Regente, the taxi should cross Recto Avenue and take Jose Abad Santos, which is the opposite street of Reina Regente to the other side of Recto. Cross two more small intersections and then turn left on Mayhaligue Street. You can easily see the road sign and there's a traffic left turn signal to Mayhaligue from Abad Santos Avenue.

    If you come from area of Espana, Dapitan, Quezon Avenue, Dimasalang, A. Bonifacio Avenue, Del Monte, Roosevelt, Munoz, Congressional, etc., your taxi can take Espana or the side road parallel to it which is Dapitan Street. If the taxi takes Espana, the driver must turn right onto P. Campa Street and then tell him to take Fugoso Street all the way and cross Rizal Avenue or Avenida. Left on T. Mapua and then turn right onto Recto all the way to Jose Abad Santos Avenue, the main intersection with pedestrian overpass. Turn right onto Jose Abad Santos, cross two intersections and then turn left on Mayhaligue Street where PNR Tutuban Station is located to the other end, right side. If the driver prefers Dapitan, then tell hime to cross Quezon Boulevard and take Fugoso and follow the rest of direction from Espana.


    LRT 1 South & North Bound - Option One (Recommended). Get off the train at Bambang Station. Ride a tricycle at the corner of Bambang and Rizal Avenue. Tell the driver to take you to Tutuban PNR Station. Avoid the confusion, say it loudly - "PNR Tutuban Station". If the driver doesn't hear you, he'll take you to Tutuban Mall, and it's way way too far you would be greatly delayed. These tricycles drop off their passengers right at the entrance of the station. This route is the most convenient way to get to the station especially if you're carrying heavy luggage. Option Two. Get off the train at Jose Abad Santos Avenue. At the corner of Jose Abad Santos Avenue and Rizal Avenue, you can take either jeepney or taxi. If you don't carry heavy luggage then you can take the jeep bound for Divisoria and ask the driver to drop you off at Mayhaligue Street. Again, avoid the confusion, the sign of the jeepney that you must ride is "Divisoria Abad Santos". Don't ride a jeepney with "Recto" sign as it will take you to Recto in Quiapo area. From the corner of Jose Abad Santos and Mayhaligue Street, you can walk to PNR Tutuban Station. It's near, approximately 290 meters. This route is recommended if you're in budget. But if you're carrying large luggage, then take the taxi and instruct the driver to turn right onto Mayhaligue Street. This option is not convenient for those carrying heavy luggage because first you need to walk way too far, second, it's hard to take taxi in the area.

    LRT 2 - Get off the train at Recto Station and then ride jeepney or taxi. Take jeepney bound for Divisoria, alight at Jose Abad Santos Avenue, ride another jeepney along Jose Abad Santos Avenue bound for Navotas or Monumento and ask the driver to drop you off at Mayhaligue Street. Cross Jose Abad Santos and walk along Mayhaligue until you get to Tutuban Station.

    MRT 3 - Get off at Taft Station and then ride another train bound for Monumento/Roosevelt. Alight at either Bambang Station or Abad Santos Station, depending on your budget and luggage. Please read LRT 1 South & North Bound Two Options above. This direction is better than Doroteo Jose if you're taking LRT 1 because it is faster and you get to avoid the traffic along Recto Avenue particularly near Jose Abad Santos Avenue intersection.


    The jeepneys that you can take that go directly to the vicinity of PNR Tutuban Station are the following: Jeep from Cubao, Marikina, Quiapo, Morayta, Caloocan, Monumento, Malabon, Navotas and Valenzuela. The sign of the jeepney must be "Divisoria". From Marikina, Quiapo, and Morayta, get off the jeep at the corner of Recto and Jose Abad Santo Avenue. You can either ride another jeep bound for Navotas and Caloocan along Jose Abad Santos or you can hire a pedicab or tricycle that moves around the area. From Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas or Valenzuela, just get off the jeep at the corner of Abad Santos and Mayhaligue Street.

    It's not advisable to take jeepney with "Divisoria" sign from Baclaran, Pasay, Taft, Pedro Gil, Ermita, San Andres, Mabini, etc. This is because the jeepneys from these areas take Juan Luna Street. Traffic condition in area near Tutuban Mall along Recto Avenue is now at its worst and it spills over different streets that connect to Tutuban Mall from which PNR Tutuban Station is approximately 550 meters away. The best way is to take jeepney with "Monumento" sign and then get off the jeep at either Bambang where you ride tricycle to get to Tutuban Station or Abad Santos Avenue where you can ride a jeepney bound for Divisoria that passes by Mayhaligue Street from which you can walk your way to PNR Tutuban Station approximately less than 300 meters away.

    Stay tuned for more updates on Bicol Express Train.

    For PNR Bicol Express Fare Rates, Schedule, Stations & Stopovers, go to Bicol Express Train Fare Rate And Schedules

    Route Map of PNR Tutuban Station


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