6 Jun 2016

How to Commute to Uptown Mall BGC Taguig

  • 6 Jun 2016
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  • Located in Uptown Bonifacio of North Bonifacio District, Bonifacio Global City, Uptown Mall and Uptown Parade is way too far from MRT Ayala Station. You will need 2 rides of BGC bus to get there - first bus from BGC Bus Terminal in EDSA to RCBC Bus Stop aka The Fort Station in BGC, second bus is from RCBC Bus Stop to Uptown Mall. It is convenient, yes, if you want an air-conditioned commute from MRT and a safer route. But if you want a one ride from a MRT Station, then get off the train at Guadalupe Station and ride a jeepney there and alight at Uptown Mall. Although this route is exposed to bad elements especially in Guadalupe area where robbers lurk in almost everywhere. Just take care especially if you're carrying expensive gadgets. Here you have 2 choices of commuting to Uptown Mall from MRT. Jeepney is also most economical as fare is minimum. Below are directions on how to go to Uptown Mall from MRT Station, pick your choice - by 2 BGC Bus rides or by 1 jeepney ride. Next to it is the 1 jeepney ride from SLEX/Osmena Hiway and of course directions from different parts of MM. Uptown Parade and Uptown Mall are located next to each other.

    How to Get to Uptown Mall Taguig from MRT Station

    Uptown Mall BGC Taguig

    Option 1: Two BGC Bus ride from MRT Ayala Station. How to get to Uptown Mall from MRT Ayala? Proceed to BGC Bus Terminal from northbound exit of MRT Station. Buy your ticket for "West Route" bus. Get off the bus at second station inside BGC which is RCBC aka The Fort Station. Buy ticket for your second bus ride at personnel manning that station. Your destination - North. Wait for a BGC bus with "North" sign and get on board. Alight at Uptown Mall. You can also take "East Route" bus but unload at Crescent Park West Stop, buy "North" ticket there and wait for "North" bus. For commuting guide to different destinations in BGC from EDSA, read Commute Guide To Buildings & Attractions Inside BGC From MRT Ayala Station

    Option 2: One jeepney ride from MRT Guadalupe Station. How to go to Uptown Mall from MRT Guadalupe? Take the north exit of MRT station, get inside Guadalupe Commercial Complex connected to the station or go downstairs to EDSA. Inside Guadalupe Commercial, go down to ground floor and exit at P Burgos, just adjacent to Chowking. In EDSA, walk towards the next corner which is P Burgos where Jollibee is situated.

    Take a jeepney there with any of these signs: "Market Market", "AFP/PNP Housing", "Gate 3", "Fort Bonifacio", "Bonifacio Global City". Pay minimum and ask driver to drop you off at Uptown Mall.

    How to Commute to Uptown Mall from SLEX aka Osmena Highway

    Via Gate-3: If your origin is southernmost part of SLEX like Alabang, Bicutan, Muntinlupa, Binan, Sta Rosa, etc, you can use any of three major transportation vehicles from your location to the terminal of jeepneys bound for Uptown Mall. These are: bus or jeepney or PNR train. By PNR, get off the train at Nichols Station. By jeepney, alight at "Lawton Ave" or "Gate 3" or "Fort Bonifacio" or "Nichols". Note: Drivers of jeepneys have their own preferences in calling that area. The important thing is, your jeepney must not "Express" as it will not stop at Nichols. The jeepney must take the SLEX Service Rd. Most jeepneys bound for "Pasay Rotunda" and "Mall of Asia" from Alabang stop here. By city bus, alight at "Nichols" or "Gate 3". City Bus drivers know it. Most provincial buses don't stop there. Head to Gate 3 Jeepney Terminal located at Gate 3 Plaza, a big commercial bldg opposite the tip of Chino Roces Ave Ext. See our second map below this post to locate the Gate-3 Jeepney Terminal. Ride a jeepney bound for Guadalupe, it will pass by Uptown Mall. Ask driver to drop you off there.

    How to Get to Uptown Mall from any Station of LRT-1 and LRT-2

    Shoppers, mall-goers, moviegoers, you can go to Uptown Mall much faster from areas served by either LRT-1 or LRT-2. You just need to transfer at MRT-3 and choose Option 1 or 2. For example you're in UN Ave in Manila, take a LRT to Baclaran and get off the train at EDSA station and transfer to MRT-3 bound for North, alight at Ayala or Guadalupe. In LRT-2 transfer is in Araneta Center Cubao Station, get inside Gateway Mall and follow directional signs to MRT-3 station where you take "Taft" bound train and alight at either Guadalupe or Ayala stations for your next route which is either Option 1 or Option 2.

    How to go to Uptown Mall from different locations in Metro Manila

    Route #1

    From Baclaran, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay Rotunda, Harrison St, Pasay Taft and nearby areas.

    You can take a bus bound for north of MM like Caloocan, Cubao or Fairview and alight at Ayala. The bus must have secondary sign of "Ayala Ibabaw". Use Option 1. You can also take MRT at Taft Station and get off at Ayala Station. If you prefer Option 2, get off the bus/train at Guadalupe.

    Route #2

    From Alabang, Sucat, Festival Mall, Bicutan, FTI, Sta Rosa and nearby areas.

    Take a city bus bound for "Cubao", "Monumento", "Novaliches" or "Fairview". You can also take a jeepney in Alabang or along the service road route. The jeepney must have "Pasay Rotunda" or "Mall of Asia" sign. If applicable, you can board PNR bound for Tutuban. Follow direction given at Via Gate-3.

    Route #3

    From Fairview, Fairview Terraces, Philcoa, Quezon Memorial Circle, Commonwealth and nearby areas.

    Take a bus all the way to Guadalupe or Ayala. Sign of Bus is any of the ff: "Baclaran", "Alabang", "Sucat". You can alight at Guadalupe and follow Option 2 or in Ayala SM Makati and follow Option 1. If you choose Ayala, the bus from your area must have secondary sign of "Ayala Ibabaw". For fast travel, take MRT from Kamuning Station to either Guadalupe or Ayala.

    Route #4

    From Antipolo, Marikina, Sta Lucia East, SM Marikina, SSS Village and other areas nearby.

    Take 2 train rides. LRT-2 and MRT-3. Transfer to MRT-3 at Araneta Center Cubao via Gateway Mall. Get off the train at either Guadalupe or Ayala ang follow either Option 1 or 2. By jeepney and bus, take a jeepney bound for Divisoria and transfer to bus bound for "Baclaran" or "Alabang" at southbound EDSA. Unload at either Guadalupe or Ayala.

    Route #5

    From Divisoria, Binonodo, Lucky Chinatown Mall, Ongpin, Quiapo, Sta Cruz Manila and other areas nearby.

    By jeepney, take one bound for "Baclaran", alight at EDSA. Ride a bus bound for "Cubao" with "Ayala Ibabaw" secondary sign and alight at either "Ayala" or "Guadalupe". By trains, take LRT-1 bound for Baclaran and transfer to MRT-3 bound for "North" at EDSA. Alight either at Ayala or Guadalupe. Follow Option 1 or Option 2.

    Route #6

    From Caloocan, Malabon, Monumento, Navotas, Valenzuela, Letre and other areas nearby.

    By bus, take one bound for "Alabang" or "Baclaran" with "Ayala Ibabaw" secondary sign. Get off either at Guadalupe or Ayala. Follow either Option 1 or 2. By train, take LRT-1 to EDSA Station and transfer to MRT-3, choose option 1 or 2. Alternatively, this is once LRT-1 and MRT-3 North Common Station is finished, take LRT-1 to North Station and transfer to MRT-3 to Taft and get off either at Guadalupe or Ayala. You must first take a jeep to Monumento from Navotas or Malabon and Valenzuela.

    Route #7

    From Tiendesitas, Ortigas Center, SM Mega Mall, Pasig and areas nearby.

    Take a jeepney from Pasig bound to "EDSA Crossing Ilalim". Take a bus or MRT train to Guadalupe or Ayala. From Tiendesita, jeepney along Ortigas bound to Robinsons Galleria.

    Take a bus or train to Ayala or Guadalupe. From Ortigas Center and Mega Mall, walk to MRT Ortigas and take the train or bus to your chosen route.

    Route #8

    From Newport City and Resorts World Manila

    Take a jeepney bound to "Gate 3" along Andrews Ave. You will be dropped off before SLEX. Walk and cross SLEX via Sales Bridge and go straight to Gate 3 Jeepney Terminal. Board a jeepney there bound for Guadalupe and ask the driver to drop you off at Uptown Mall. See our second map below.

    Route #9

    From Eastwood City, Cainta, Cubao and areas nearby.

    In Cainta take bus or jeepney to "Robinsons Galleria", then take "Baclaran"/"Alabang" bus (at EDSA loading area) or take the MRT (at Ortigas Station) to Guadalupe or Ayala. In Eastwood, take jeepney to Araneta Center Cubao. In Cubao, go to MRT-3 Araneta Center Cubao Station. Take train to Guadalupe or Ayala and use either Option 1 or 2. By bus, cross EDSA via MRT Araneta Center and take "Baclaran" or "Alabang" bus at southbound EDSA. Alight either at Guadalupe or Ayala for Option 2 or Option 1, respectively.

    Route #10

    From Rockwell, Power Plant Mall, Robinsons Place Manila, Paco, San Andres Bukid, Santa Ana Manila, Makati City Hall, JP Rizal Makati, Delpan and areas nearby.

    Take a jeepney bound for "Guadalupa" along JP Rizal outside Rockwell and along its route with loading areas in Makati City Hall, Kalayaan Ave Makati, Delpan, San Andres Ext, JP Rizal & Pedro Gil intersection, Pedro Gil & Pasig Line Ext intersection, Paco and the entire stretch of Pedro Gil all the way to Taft. The terminal of "Guadalupe" bound jeepneys is located near Taft/Pedro Gil area. But if you're in this area, you can use LRT1 plus MRT3 for past commute. If you're from Robinsons Place Manila, you have 2 options: LRT1 plus MRT3, read directions mentioned earlier, (note: please make sure that you read the entire article as directions are connected to routes mentioned in preceding parts) or jeepney to Gadalupe. In Guadalupe go to the loading area (mentioned earlier in the post) for jeepneys bound to or passing by Uptown Mall.

    If your point of origin is not listed here and you want me to give you direction in commuting to Uptown Mall & Uptown Parade. Just use the comment form below. Enjoy your malling!

    Vicinity Map of Uptown Mall

    Touch the map with TWO fingers and move downward then tap the red pin or the bus icon, information will be shown on the map.

    Vicinity Map of Gate 3 Jeepney Terminal

    Use 'pinch-out' gesture on the map to zoom in and tap the jeepney icons to display additional information. Tap the bus and the train icons.

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