24 Apr 2012

How To Commute To Manila Domestic Airport Terminal 4

  • 24 Apr 2012
  • Lag alag

  • Manila Domestic Airport also known as Terminal 4 is located along Domestic Road through which NAIA Shuttle buses and vans pass on its way to Terminal 1 and 2 from Terminal 3. The terminal of this shuttle service for both departing and arriving passengers of our premier airport is located at Pasay Rotunda, adjacent to MRT-3 and a pedestrian bridge away from LRT-1. Please read the complete information and detailed guide on how you can get to any of the three terminals from your location via NAIA Shuttle bus in our entry entitled NAIA 1-2-3 Shuttle Bus: Easy Way To Get To & From NAIA Terminals.

    In comments' section of NAIA Shuttle Bus article, some passengers had asked how to get to Terminal 4. I hadn't written about it on that post because when I took NAIA Shuttle Bus prior to my posting of the first article, the bus didn't stop at Manila Domestic Airport to unload passenger.

    Today, I've ridden the NAIA Shuttle Bus for the second time from its terminal in Pasay Rotunda to get an accurate direction to Terminal 4. And I found out that you can get to Terminal 4 aka Manila Domestic Terminal from both MRT-3 Taft Station and LRT-1 EDSA Station by riding NAIA Shuttle Bus at its terminal in EDSA-Pasay Rotunda.

    How to get to Terminal 4?

    From NAIA-3 and MRT-3 & LRT-1 in EDSA-Taft - Ride NAIA Shuttle Bus at its terminal in Pasay Rotunda. Alight at Terminal-3. Ride another bus/van bound for Terminal 2 and 1 at Terminal-3. Once inside the shuttle bus or van bound for NAIA-1 or 2, tell the driver that your destination is "Manila Domestic Airport" while he makes round of collecting the fare which, up to now, is only Php 20.

    If there's no passenger that tells him Terminal 4 as destination, the driver won't bother to announce that the shuttle is already passing by the Domestic Airport. And unlike in Terminals 1,2 and 3, there's no shuttle bay on Manila Domestic Airport. You will just alight on the road. So, it's important that you mention your destination and make sure that he remembers.

    The shuttle bus will take Andrews Ave all the way until its name becomes Airport Road and then it turns left on Domestic Road. You shall be dropped off at either pedestrian overpass or a pedestrian lane opposite the Domestic Terminal. Go cross the road and head towards departure entrance.

    From NAIA Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 - Ride a Shuttle Bus or a van bound for Terminal 3. Alight at Terminal 4. Important: You must inform the driver that your destination is Terminal 4, because he will not stop there if no one tells him to drop them at Terminal 4. You will be late for your flight if that happens. So, make sure to remind the driver and be alert. If you don't know the location of NAIA Shuttles at Terminal 1 & 2, please go to NAIA 1-2-3 Shuttle Bus: Easy Way To Get To & From NAIA Terminals

    Reminder: NAIA Shuttles are convenient and economical way to get to all terminals of Ninoy Aquino International Airport and Manila Domestic Airport. But you need to leave home very early. Think about the traffic along Aurora Blvd, the main road from EDSA which the shuttle takes. And then there's the waiting time on your transfer to another shuttle at NAIA-3. You can't be late on Check-In Time. So, have ample allowance.

    If you're reading this without having read the first post, read it now to get the complete directions from MRT-3 Taft Station and LRT-1 EDSA Station. Click here.

    How To Commute To Terminal 4 From Sucat, Muntinlupa, Alabang And Nearby Areas

    Take a jeep from Sucat bound for Baclaran via Sucat Road. Ask the driver to drop you off at Domestic Road. Along Domestic Road from corner of NAIA Road, ride a jeepney with "Baclaran" sign. Don't ride a jeepney along NAIA Road even if it's sign is "Baclaran" because there are jeepneys bound for Baclaran that don't take Domestic Road. Ask the driver to drop you off at Manila Domestic Airport.
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    19 Responses to “How To Commute To Manila Domestic Airport Terminal 4”

    Krishna said...
    25 April 2012 21:31

    Useful post to share info about manila airport and other helpful..From Online Grocery Shopping Hyderabad

    Lag alag said...
    25 December 2012 02:05

    UPDATE: For more detailed convenient commuters' directions to Manila Domestic Airport Terminal 4 by NAIA Shuttle Bus, please go to NAIA 1-2-3-4 Shuttle Bus Updates.

    yes! yogurt!!! said...
    27 February 2014 13:23

    Hi, where exactly can we find the shuttle FROM Terminal 4 (Arrival Area) to MRT Station 3? It would really be a lot of help. :) Thanks.

    Lag alag said...
    28 February 2014 00:22

    @ yes! yogurt!!!. To all commuters going to Terminal 3 from Terminal 4, please read these articles: How To Commute To Manila Domestic Airport Terminal 4, NAIA 1-2-3-4 Shuttle Bus Updates and NNAIA 1-2-3 Shuttle Bus: Easy Way To Get To & From NAIA Terminals.

    icon13 said...
    10 March 2014 19:51

    Hi may i know how can i get to this address? 2go express delta gate, general aviation area, domestic road, pasay city? pls reply asap thanks

    Lag alag said...
    11 March 2014 00:46

    @ icon13. You did not specify the area from which you originate.

    icon13 said...
    11 March 2014 09:03

    Oh yeah, i'm sorry. From Nichols Terminal. thank you

    Lag alag said...
    11 March 2014 10:55

    @ icon13. It's best to say what kind of terminal.

    Ma Carmela Dawn Aguilar said...
    21 March 2014 15:55

    hi good day, i would like to ask how to commute if you're from manila domestic terminal and you're going to Genesis terminal. What route of jeep should i take. Thank you so much !

    Lag alag said...
    21 March 2014 17:01

    @ Ma Carmela Dawn Aguilar. In front of Manila Domestic Airport Terminal 4, ride a jeepney bound for Baclaran. The jeepney will turn left onto Airport Rd. Alight at unloading area along Airport Rd. Wait for a jeepney with "Nichols MRT Taft" signage to arrive along Airport Road. You must ask the driver to drop you off at the proper unloading area near to Genesis Terminal or MRT Taft Station.

    kimberly paras said...
    22 March 2014 08:12

    HI I would like to ask what jeepney route should I ride if I am from alabang going to terminal 4? and about the NAIA shuttle bus would it be a lot easier than taxi?thanks��

    kimberly paras said...
    22 March 2014 08:14

    Please help out


    Lag alag said...
    22 March 2014 11:37

    @ kimberly paras. Take a jeepney with "Alabang Pasay Rotunda" route. Alight at unloading area before MRT Taft Station. Use MRT Taft Station to get to the other side of EDSA (northbound lane) where you will see McDonald's and beside it is the entrance to the terminal of Genesis Bus & Jeepney Terminal. Ride the NAIA Shuttle there. It will take you to NAIA T-3. Get off the bus at Terminal 3 and transfer to another bus bound for Terminal 1 or 2 . Tell the driver that you are alighting at Terminal 4. Remind him to drop you off there always. That's it. Hope I answered your question correctly. And yes, definitely, NAIA Shuttle buses are a lot easier, that is if you origin is from MRT/LRT stations in Pasay Taft Rotunda.

    DMG40 said...
    30 March 2014 09:21

    this might be somewhat silly question but isn't taking a taxi is much easier and you just tell the taxi driver where you're going?

    Lag alag said...
    30 March 2014 14:11

    @ DMG40. I thought you wouldn't ask that. Yes, "taking a taxi is much easier" - to and from Terminal 4.

    John Carlo Palmeda said...
    3 April 2014 18:35

    Hi how can I get to Delta Gate, Domestic Road from Shaw Blvd. I need to be on LBC Hangar. Thank you!

    Lag alag said...
    3 April 2014 23:30

    @ John Carlo Palmeda. Ride a bus with "NAIA" or "MIA" sign, alight at NAIA Rd cor Domestic Rd, cross NAIA Rd. Delta Gate is near to the corner of NAIA Rd. Just walk along Domestic Rd, right side, until you get to your destination.

    samantha escuadra said...
    17 April 2014 07:54

    Hello. How can I get to terminal 4 from imus cavite? thanks!

    Lag alag said...
    19 April 2014 21:49

    @ samantha escuadra. Bus to "South West Integrated Terminal." Bus to "NAIA-1". Alight at NAIA Rd cor Domestic Rd. Cross NAIA Rd. Jeepney ride along Domestic Road near corner NAIA Rd. Alight at T-4.

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