16 May 2013

How To Commute To SM Aura Premier Aka SM City Taguig

  • 16 May 2013
  • Lag alag

  • SM Aura Premier is located opposite the large parking area of Market Market in 26th St, Bonifacio Global City (BGC). Market Market is on the north of 26th St while SM Aura is on the south. Bonifacio Civic Center is the 34-storey building attached to SM Aura. The nearest Bus Stop if you're going to SM Aura from EDSA-Ayala via BGC Bus is the BGC Bus Market Market Terminal. It is located exactly opposite SM Aura and all you need to do is use the pedestrian lane to get to the SM mall.

    SM Aura Premier aka SM City Taguig in BGC
    BGC Bus is the convenient means of transportation to SM Aura from MRT-3 Ayala Station. You can get to SM Aura from as far as Santolan Pasig or Monumento Caloocan by two train rides and a BGC Bus, i.e., LRT-1 plus MRT-3 plus BGC Bus or LRT-2 plus MRT-3 plus BGC Bus. Just get off the train at MRT-3 Ayala Station, ride a BGC Bus "East Route", and alight at Market Market Bus Station. For more details on how to ride a BGC Bus from MRT Ayala Station, read this separate guide: Commute Guide To Buildings & Attractions Inside BGC From MRT Ayala Station.

    How To Go To SM Aura Premier From Other Locations

    UV Express Terminal inside SM Aura Premier

    By UV Express

    You can go directly to SM Aura from these locations: Antipolo, Ayala, Crossing, FTI, Guadalupe, Pasig, Pateros, Rosario, SM Bicutan, SM Marikina, SM Masinag, SM Megamall, SM Moa, Taguig Bicutan and Taguig Tipas.

    The reason for this is because UV Express Terminal in SM Aura aka SM City Taguig is located at the basement parking few meters from mall entrance. Unlike BGC Bus Terminal, riding a UV Express is more convenient in the sense that you don't need to walk far from the terminal. So, if you preferred this mode of transportation, head to the respective terminals of UV Express in your area, e.g., SM Megamall Terminal - back of Bldg B and SM MOA - North or South Terminal.

    By Jeepney

    From EDSA-McKinley in MRT Ayala Station vicinity

    There's also a jeepney terminal from EDSA-Ayala. The jeepney terminal is located at the back of Shell Gasoline Station. The difference between riding a jeepney and riding a BGC Bus is that the jeepney goes directly to Market Market. So, it's faster compare to a BGC Bus which passes through various streets to drop off and pick up passengers on its designated Bus Stops. In going to SM Aura, ask the driver as to where you can alight nearer to the mall.

    From Guadalupe

    Take a jeepney with "Guadalupe Gate 3 Ft Bonifacio" signs on both sides of its body and "Market Market Gate 3" or "SM Aura" signboard on its front. The loading terminal is located along Burgos St between Jollibee and McDonald's. Burgos St is perpendicular to EDSA and both McDonald's and Jollibee are located at the opposite corners of EDSA and Burgos St. From MRT Guadalupe Station, it's best to enter the connected mall, use the escalators and head toward Burgos exit. Ask driver to drop you off at SM Aura or unloading area nearest to SM Aura.

    From Pedro Gil Taft

    Ride a jeepney bound for "Guadalupe Tulay" and with "Ilalim" secondary sign. Get off the jeep at Guadalupe Commercial Center, the mall connected to MRT Guadalupe Station. Go to loading terminal of jeepneys that ply "Guadlupe Gate 3 Ft Bonifacio" route. Follow direction given above (From Guadalupe).

    From Lawton Ave-SLEX-PNR Nichols

    Go to the big building of Gate 3 Plaza mall where a Jeepney Terminal is located in its front along Lawton Ave. This is also good if you're coming from any point of Chino Roces aka Pasong Tamo Ext from EDSA to Lawton Ave, just ride a jeepney with "Gate 3" sign on its front. Ride the same jeepney from Guadalupe, this time with "Guadalupe Market Market" or "SM Aura" signboard on its front. The jeepney also has marking on its sides that read "Guadalupe Fort Bonifacio Gate 3. Ask driver to drop you off at SM Aura.

    From Rockwell

    Just ride a jeepney with "Guadalupe Tulay Ilalim" sign and follow direction given in "From Pedro Gil Taft" mentioned above.

    By Public Bus

    From north & south of MM, e.g., Alabang, Baclaran, NAIA-1, Monumento, Malanday, Novaliches, Fairview, etc

    Ride any bus with secondary sign that reads "Ayala Ibabaw" and alight at unloading zone near MRT Ayala Station. Go to the terminal of jeepneys bound for Market Market or the BGC Bus. Alight at Market Market and use the pedestrian lane to get to SM Aura Premier.

    If your location is not listed here and you want me to guide you in commuting to SM Aura Premier, just use the comment form below. At this point, I need to say goodbye for now. Happy shopping! Please share this guide to help others in going to SM Aura Premier. Thanks!
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    69 Responses to “How To Commute To SM Aura Premier Aka SM City Taguig”

    kazusa-minase said...
    17 May 2013 08:45

    Is there a way to get to SM Aura by PNR? :)

    Lag alag said...
    17 May 2013 09:11

    @ kazusa-minase. Yes, there is. Just alight at EDSA/Magallanes Station. Ride a bus or a MRT train to Ayala, then take the BGC bus.

    irish garcia said...
    17 May 2013 11:16

    how can we get to sm aura if we're coming from sm city masinag? thanks

    irish garcia said...
    17 May 2013 11:49

    how to go to sm aura coming from sm city masinag?

    Lag alag said...
    17 May 2013 19:23

    @ irish garcia. Hello po. I have stipulated po in this article that you can get directly to SM Aura from SM Masinag by only one ride via UV Express. Please go to UV Express Terminal at SM Masinag and ride one of their coasters bound for SM Aura. You will be dropped off right at the basement parking of SM Aura just meters away from mall entrance.

    irish garcia said...
    18 May 2013 11:27

    okay. thank you so much. it's just that we're planning to go there on weekends, Sunday. and i believe there's no shuttle every Sunday. thanks nay way :)

    Lag alag said...
    18 May 2013 11:51

    @ irish garcia. You are welcome. By the way, re shuttle, if you're referring to BGC Bus, they are operational even on weekends. If you had read an article telling otherwise, please share with us. So that I can verify. Thank you as well.

    iya voreshka said...
    21 May 2013 21:24

    hw cn we get to SM aura if we r frm FTI ?

    Lag alag said...
    21 May 2013 22:12

    @ iya voreshka. You can take either a jeepney that goes directly to Market Market or a bus bound for north of Metro Manila (e.g. Monumento, Fairview, etc). If you prefer bus, alight at Ayala then take the BGC Shuttle, follow direction I have mentioned above. Also, please read paragraph under subtitle "By Public Bus" to get complete details.

    Ann Malaine said...
    27 May 2013 15:05

    How can I get there from SM North Edsa?

    Lag alag said...
    27 May 2013 17:36

    @ Ann Malaine. Take bus with "Ayala Ibabaw" sign or MRT. Aligt at ayala and ride BGC bus East Route. Alight at Market Market ang cross the road to get to SM Aura.

    owen said...
    7 June 2013 09:06

    is there a way to get there thru lrt or mrt station?

    Lag alag said...
    7 June 2013 12:40

    @ owen. Yes, it is clearly written on the post. Please read the full article, thanks.

    Rui Labrague said...
    14 June 2013 23:09

    how about if im coming from taft avenue station?

    Lag alag said...
    14 June 2013 23:39

    @ Rui Labrague. Take a MRT train, alight at Ayala Station and take BGC bus or jeepney to SM Aura.

    Akiles Reyes said...
    16 July 2013 21:17

    how do you get to sm aura from alabang and back? thankyou :)

    Lag alag said...
    17 July 2013 00:46

    @ Akiles Reyes. In going back to Alabang, go to open parking in front of Fiesta Market. The corner of parking area near to Gerry's Grill is where bus bound for Alabang parks.

    Yosha Trapal said...
    31 August 2013 20:38

    How can I get there to sm aura if I'm from Ust manila

    Lag alag said...
    31 August 2013 22:02

    @ Yosha Trapal. There are lots of options. If you want fast, here is one. Take a jeepney to Quiapo. Walk to LRT Carriedo Station and take a train bound for Bacaran, get off at EDSA Station. Use the footbridge to MRT Station. Take another train bound for North and alight at Ayala Station. From Ayala Station, either take a BGC Bus or a jeepney bound for Market Market/SM Aura. Details are written in the post.

    Hannah Mangibin said...
    12 November 2013 05:44

    Hi do you know what time the sm marikina Uv terminal opens? Thansk!

    Lag alag said...
    12 November 2013 21:05

    @ Hannah Mangibin. Sorry po, we don't have info on that. You may wish to inquire at SM Marikina Information Counter.

    Mich Fabunan said...
    14 December 2013 01:31

    This article has been helpful. Thank you =)

    Lag alag said...
    14 December 2013 02:14

    @ Mich Fabunan. You are welcome po.

    Protacio Kinalampagan said...
    7 February 2014 13:07

    is it possible to ride FTI buses on the way to sm aura if you came from edsa shaw?

    Lag alag said...
    7 February 2014 14:39

    @ Protacio Kinalampagan. Yes, just make sure that there's a secondary sign that reads "Ayala Ibabaw."

    straubrey kelamansi said...
    18 March 2014 10:13

    how to get there if im from festival alabang?

    Lag alag said...
    18 March 2014 10:41

    @ straubrey kelamansi. Ride a bus with "Ayala Ibabaw" secondary sign, alight at MRT Ayala, walk to jeepney terminal at the back of Shell or the BGC Bus Terminal there. Ride a jeepney bound for Market Market or BGC bus with "East Route" sign.

    Ambrozia Macabré said...
    20 March 2014 14:28

    How about going back? from SM Aura to Las Piñas City? Please reply since I'm not familiar around that place.. what's the fastest way to get home without riding MRT.
    Bus and Jeep only..

    Lag alag said...
    20 March 2014 15:41

    @ Ambrozia Macabre. You can take the bus direct to Alabang from Market Market. Just go to the large parking area and head to the corner near Gerry's and wait for the bus. You can also check first if there are UV Express route bound for Alabang or Las Pinas at their terminal in SM Aura.

    krishna luna said...
    21 March 2014 16:07

    Hi, how to get to SM Aura from San Pablo City Laguna? thanks - Krish

    Lag alag said...
    21 March 2014 16:48

    @ krishna luna. Take a bus to Alabang. Then bus with "Ayala Ibabaw" sign. Next, alight at Ayala, walk to the back of Shell Gas Station at the corner of EDSA and McKinley. Follow the direction mentioned in the article under Jeepney. Or you can ride a BGC "East Route" bus, alight at Market Market which is just opposite SM Aura. For details, please go to Commute Guide to BGC from MRT.

    applegreen said...
    27 March 2014 22:21

    do you have any idea what is the best way to go to sm aura from dasmarinas cavite? where can i find a terminal going back in dasmarinas? thnks

    Lag alag said...
    29 March 2014 07:04

    @ applegreen. Bus to South West Integrated Terminal. City bus with "Ayala Ibabaw" sign. Alight at MRT Ayala. Follow direction given at the article. Same route in going back to Dasmarinas. Return the way you got to SM Aura.

    Seraphim Phoenix Sy said...
    31 March 2014 09:39

    From sm aura, how to go to cubao? Are there fx terminals?

    Lag alag said...
    31 March 2014 16:08

    @ Seraphim Phoenix Sy. Kindly check FXs there if they serve Cubao bound shoppers. If not, take BGC Shuttle to Ayala and ride MRT to Cubao.

    John Michael Fernandez said...
    8 April 2014 23:51

    coming from sm aura to sm masinag?

    Lag alag said...
    9 April 2014 12:03

    @ John Michael Fernandez. You can try UV Express.

    jengpretty said...
    25 April 2014 14:00

    how to get there if I am from Taytay

    Lag alag said...
    26 April 2014 01:48

    @ jengpretty. There are buses and jeepneys from Taytay that serve passengers going to EDSA. Take one of them. Once in EDSA, take another bus that I have mentioned in the post and follow the direction I have given. You can also take MRT if your first ride is jeepney with terminal near MRT Shaw.

    Angielyn Reyes said...
    26 April 2014 19:13

    hi.if i came from sucat highway,ano po ung sasakyan n dadaan papuntang sm aura?..
    not familiar po kc sakin ung way papunta dun eh..thank you. i will wait for the reply.
    i mean is there a one ride only like from sucat highway to sm aura??
    i want the cheap fares only..thank you once again

    Lag alag said...
    28 April 2014 02:56

    @ Angielyn Reyes. Take a bus with "Ayala Ibabaw" sign at the bus stop in Sucat/SLEX. Alight at Ayala and follow direction given in the article.

    Christine Flores said...
    13 May 2014 00:56

    What about from tayuman? Can you please give me a route, it will be a big help! :)) commute by the way :)

    Lag alag said...
    13 May 2014 06:21

    @ Christine Flores. In going to SM Aura from Tayuman, take LRT train to EDSA, transfer to MRT train to Ayala, then take the BGC Shuttle East Route to SM Aura.

    Allan Asuncion said...
    15 May 2014 15:01

    what about from gilpuyat lrt1 station pasay? how can i go to sm aura?

    Lag alag said...
    16 May 2014 11:56

    @ Allan Asuncion. In going to SM Aura from LRT Gil Puyat Station, take a bus with "Ayala" secondary sign and alight at unloading area in Rustan or Glorietta. Walk along Ayala towards EDSA, cross EDSA and take the BGC shuttle East Route to SM Aura.

    Chona Valmonte said...
    4 June 2014 12:33

    How to get there if I am at STI Academic Center Ortigas-Cainta. Thanks for the reply!

    Zet Mayuga said...
    4 June 2014 16:19

    How can i get to sm aura from resorts world manila with jeepney?

    Lag alag said...
    4 June 2014 16:47

    @ Chona Valmonte. Bus or jeep to EDSA-Ortigas. Ride bus in southbound EDSA with "Ayala Ibabaw" secondary sign. Alight at Ayala Ave. Cross EDSA, go to the BGC bus terminal and follow direction given in the article.

    Lag alag said...
    4 June 2014 17:18

    @ Zet Mayuga. You have to cross Andrews Ave and take a "Nichols Ikot" jeepney. Alight at its terminal in Lawton Bridge. Walk and cross SLEX via Lawton Bridge. Walk along Lawton Ave until you get to the terminal of "Gate 3 Guadalupe" jeepneys. Ride the jeepney being loaded with passengers. The jeepney destinations here are Market Market and SM Aura. And there are also jeepneys with "SM Aura" signs on them.

    Gretl Roquim said...
    18 June 2014 01:17

    Do the UV expresses from Megamall and MOA go directly to SM Aura? How much is the transportation cost?

    Lag alag said...
    19 June 2014 22:52

    @ Gretl Roquim. I need to check on that to give you accurate answer, will let you know.

    ervinjake03 said...
    23 June 2014 02:41

    Hi! Is there a jeepney bound to market Market from PNR Nichols/PNR FTI? Thanks

    Lag alag said...
    24 June 2014 01:59

    @ ervinjake03. Yes, it is written in the post - under "From Lawton Ave-SLEX-PNR Nichols.

    Restie Pagulayan said...
    12 July 2014 12:10

    how can we get to sm aura if we're coming from tanauan batangas? thanks

    Lag alag said...
    12 July 2014 23:23

    @ Restie Pagulayan. Provincial bus to EDSA/Kamuning Terminal, alight at EDSA/Ayala (MRT-3 Ayala Station), then, BGC bus to SM Aura. Read the article for details.

    Ermell Pangilinan said...
    21 July 2014 10:46

    Sir Paano nman po kung manggagaling ka ng Cavite from Coastal mall..

    Lag alag said...
    21 July 2014 22:21

    @ Ermell Pangilinan. Sorry for late reply. To all who need assistance, it would be better if you add Lag alag to your circle as he gets to read your questions immediately and can reply asap.

    From Cavite, bus to Southwest Integrated Terminal, then, take a city bus bound for Cubao or Monumento or Novaliches, alight at Ayala, then follow direction given in this article.

    Fay marisse ramos said...
    20 August 2014 22:06

    how do i get there from paranaque?

    Lag alag said...
    23 October 2014 14:41

    @ Fay marisse ramos. Follow route from Baclaran.

    Christian Gorospe said...
    26 October 2014 10:44

    From Tiendesitas?

    Havoc Complexity said...
    29 October 2014 16:15

    How do I get there from Gateway, Cubao?

    Andy Abuel said...
    29 October 2014 20:44

    How can I get there after riding an Ayala UV express from Ortigas Extension.

    Laborem Joey Bobiles said...
    11 November 2014 21:59

    Hi! How do I get from Sampaloc to SM Aura? I badly need to know ASAP since I’m meaning to watch a concert in SM Aura on the 26th. I’m from Ilocos so I’ll take a bus to Sampaloc. I don’t have any idea on how to get from Sampaloc to SM Aura, then back to Sampaloc again after the concert (cos it’s where the bus terminal going back to Ilocos is located in) =( Hoping for your reply! It would really help me A LOT. Thank you so much!! Sorry if I posted it twice. But thanks in advance really!

    Lag alag said...
    12 November 2014 00:12

    @ Laborem Joey Bobiles. You didn't specify the exact location you will be originating in Sampaloc so I will assume it's in Espana. Take a jeepney with Baclaran-Cubao route which bears sign "Pasay Taft Baclaran" on its front. Alight at EDSA, take a MRT train and alight at Ayala Station. Walk to terminal of jeepneys headed to Market Market or you can ride the BGC Bus "East Route" and follow directions given. In getting back to Sampaloc, ride a jeepney or BGC bus headed back to EDSA-Ayala. Just take the opposite direction, i.e., MRT to Taft, "Espana Cubao" marked jeepney. Hope this directions help you.

    Laborem Joey Bobiles said...
    12 November 2014 05:47

    Hi! Thank you! You've been really helpful.

    Lag alag said...
    12 November 2014 20:55

    @ Christian Gorospe, Havoc Complexity, Andy Abuel. Jeepney to Tiendesitas + bus to Ayala. Gateway = bus to Ayala. From UV Express Terminal, cross EDSA.

    Lag alag said...
    12 November 2014 21:01

    @ Laborem Joey Bobiles. You're welcome. You can also take LRT-1 to EDSA for fast commute. Just get off the jeepney from Espana at UN Ave Station.

    Laborem Joey Bobiles said...
    25 November 2014 10:19

    hi there! how do i get to sm aura from partas cubao terminal (it's in 816 Aurora Boulevard corner P. Bernardo St., Cubao 1109 Quezon City, Quezon City) and also if i'm from partas pasay tramo terminal (in Aurora Blvd Barangay 149, Pasay City). i'm trying to find the easiest way to sm aura kasi. thanks again! you're super!

    Lag alag said...
    25 November 2014 11:17

    @ Laborem Joey Bobiles. From Cubao Terminal, EDSA is walking distance. But it's far for you, there's a lot of jeepney. Take one of them and alight at EDSA. Option 1 is to take a bus with "Ayala Ibabaw" sign and alight at Ayala. Option 2 is take the MRT to Ayala Station. Once there, go to The Fort Bus Terminal or jeepney bound for Market Market/SM Aura.

    From Aurora Blvd in Pasay, you can take trike or pedicab to EDSA and then ride a bus with "Ayala Ibabaw" sign or MRT to Ayala Station, then follow direction given to SM Aura.

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