25 May 2012

Amoranto Sports Complex Driving Directions

  • 25 May 2012
  • Lagalag

  • In our post entitled How To Commute To Amoranto Stadium And Amoranto Theater, commuters learn how to go to Amoranto Sports Complex from different parts of Metro Manila by public transportation i.e., jeepney routes, bus routes and MRT LRT.

    This guide now will give motorists the driving directions to take in going to the sport and concert venue destination.


    Amoranto Sports Complex is located to the southern part of Barangay Paligsahan, Quezon City which is just across a street from Roxas District. It is bordered to the north by Don Alejandro Roces Ave most popularly known as Roces, to the south by Scout Chuatoco, to the west by SAA St, and to the east by Scout Reyes. Below this post are three maps. A location map that familiarizes you with access roads from different locations. A map for Parking Area entrances which, upon clicking the P icon on the map, points to you what a particular Parking Area is for - Stadium, Theater or Swimming Pool. And then I created a special map for one Access Road to avoid the confusion it presents especially to first timers in taking that route. Please use the maps in conjunction of directions given here.

    Parking Areas

    There are available parking areas in each location inside Amoranto Sports Complex as follow:

    Swimming Pool: Gate 5 - along Roces Ave and next to Gate 1.

    Stadium, Basketball Court and other main facilities: Gate 1 - main gate and the first from Quezon Ave.

    Theater: Gate 4 - along Scout Chuatoco near corner of Scout Reyes.

    For each gate's location, please refer to the map below this post. You can also park your car along Roces Ave, just outside the sports complex.

    Access Roads

    Access Road One: Roces Ave eastbound - from the corner of Quezon Ave and Roces. Sogo Hotel, a prominent landmark, stands at the corner of Quezon Ave and Roces Ave. Drive along Roces until you get to the first Gate which is for Stadium and where playing courts of different sports such as basketball are located. If your destination is the Swimming Pool, then drive past Gate 1 until you see the second gate which is actually Gate 5. That's the entrance parking area for Swimming Pool goers. If your destination is Amoranto Theater, then drive past Gate 5, turn right onto Scout Reyes, then right again onto Scout Chuatoco. There you will see the Parking Entrance for Amoranto Theater.

    Access Road Two: Roces Ave westbound - from the corner of Tomas Morato and Roces. Drive past Scout Tuason, Scout Tobias and Scout Santiago. Next to Santiago is Scout Reyes. Turn left on Scout Reyes then right onto Scout Chuatoco if you're going to Amoranto Theater. If your destination is either the Swimming Pool or Amoranto Stadium, cross Scout Reyes and make a U-Turn for Gate 1 or Gate 5 of Amoranto Sports Complex. See Parking Map below this post.

    Access Road Three: Scout Chuatoco eastbound - from the corner of Quezon Ave and Scout Chuatoco. Pegasus Club is located at the corner of Quezon Ave and Scout Chuatoco. Just drive along this road from Quezon Ave until you see Amoranto Sports Complex to your left. First Gate is Gate 2 and it's the Exit for those who park via Gate 1. Gate 4 which is for Amoranto Theater is the last before the intersection of Scout Reyes. If you're going to the Stadium or Swimming Pool, turn left on Scout Reyes then left again on Roces Ave and make a U-Turn. Please see one of the three maps below this post.

    Access Road Four: Eymard Drive - from E. Rodriguez Ave take this road if you're coming from Broadway Ave, the road from Braodway Centrum or Dona M. Hemady St. Turn left on E. Rodriguez from Dona Hemady. Drive past Gilmore and turn right onto Eymard Drive, the next road to the right. Drive all the way to the other end of Eymard which bends to the left. Make right and drive all the way of the sloping road that suddenly goes uphill upon approach to the bridge that runs to the right. Take the bridge and turn left on Scout Reyes, the first main road. Turn left on Scout Chuatoco for Amoranto Theater or cross Scout Chuatoco and turn left on Roces Ave for parking areas of Stadium and Swimming Pool. See map below this post.

    Access Road Five: Sta Ignacia St - If you're traversing E. Rodriguez Sr Ave from Welcome Rotunda or from Araneta Ave, turn left on this road which is between St Lukes Medical Center and St Joseph College. Turn right onto the first street perpendicular to the right (16th) and then left on the other end. Drive all the way to the other end of the sloping road that goes uphill upon approach to a bridge that appears to the right. All vehicles turn right onto the bridge. Take the bridge and turn left on the first road to the left which is Scout Reyes. Head towards the Gate of your destination. Refer to last sentence of Access Road Four.

    Access Road Six: Scout Reyes - the road to take from EDSA and Quezon Ave intersection via Panay Ave. This route is explained in actual route below. Just remember once you reached Roces Ave while taking Scout Reyes, you will have two options. First, cross Roces Ave if your destination is Amoranto Theater. Turn right onto Scout Chuatoco and you will see the parking entrance for Amoranto Theater. Second, turn right onto Roces Ave if your destination is either Amoranto Stadium and Basketball Court as well as other sports facilities or the entrance of parking for those going to the Swimming Pool area. Make a U-Turn to park inside Gate-1 (Stadium) or Gate-5 (Swimming Pool). Now, to know how to get to Amoranto Stadium by car, read the next subtopic.

    How To Drive To Amoranto Sports Complex From Different Parts Of Metro Manila

    Route #1

    From northern Metro Manila via EDSA's southbound lane. This is simple route from Monumento, Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela and other locations of CAMANAVA and also for those coming from Bulacan, Olongapo, Pampanga, Subic, Clark and other provinces of Northern Luzon.

    Depending on your location, either take NLEX from SCTEX or EDSA's northern end. Taking NLEX, drive all the way to EDSA and take the lane going to EDSA via EDSA-Balintawak Cloverleaf. Once in EDSA, drive to the middle of the southbound lane. From Monumento area, take EDSA southbound lane all the way past Balintawak.

    Now in EDSA drive past MRT Roosevelt, SM North EDSA, MRT North Station and then avoid getting to Quezon Ave EDSA Flyover by driving to the right of EDSA making sure not taking the yellow lane which is for public buses. Cross Quezon Ave and turn right onto Panay Ave, the road between McDonald's and KFC. Drive all the way and after crossing minor intersections, cross main intersecion of Timog Ave and then turn left on first road after Timog which is Scout Reyes.

    It's a bit tricky thereafter because once in Scout Reyes you will be approaching a junction in which five roads meet and you might get confused which one is the continuation of Scout Reyes. For that, click here to see the map and then click back button there to get back here.

    Now taking Scout Reyes, drive all the way to the main of intersection of Don Alejandro Roces Ave. Either turn right onto Roces or cross it depending on which part of Amorato Complex you are headed. See map below this post.

    Route #2

    From Northern Luzon as well as some portions of CAMANAVA via NLEX and Mindanao Exit. This route is alternate for motorists and drivers coming from Bulacan, Pampanga and other provinces mentioned in Route #1.

    Driving along NLEX and headed to Manila, take the lane to Mindanao Exit which you get to see some kilometer before reaching it (road signs are attached to prominent spots along the highway). After exiting NLEX via Mindanao Exit, you will be driving along Mindanao Ave afterwards and soon will be passing through Mindanao Ave Underpass which crosses Quirino Highway in Novaliches. There are two major intersections that cross Mindanao Ave, Congressional Ave and North Ave, in that order. You have two options.

    First option. Turn right onto Congressional Ave, a wide road that intersects Mindanao Ave after you passed through the underpass. In Congressional Ave, drive all the way to EDSA. You need to take the southbound lane of EDSA. To do that, you turn right onto EDSA and make a U-Turn if applicable (meaning - if it's the road condition as of you're reading this) or if MMDA has removed the U-Turn and created Turn Left to EDSA's southbound lane from Congressional Ave, then use it. Now driving along southbound lane of EDSA, follow direction given in Route #1.

    Second option. Cross Congressional Ave and turn right onto North Ave, the last major intersection and next to Congressional Ave. As of this writing, there's a McDonald's at the corner of Mindanao Ave and North Ave. Drive along North Ave which immediately merges to EDSA's northbound lane. To take EDSA's southbound lane, make a U-Turn on the first U-Turn slot past SM City North EDSA. Follow direction given in Route #1.

    Route #3

    From East of Metro Manila i.e. Marikina, Antipolo, Taytay, Cainta, San Mateo, Rizal as well as institutions along the way e.g. SM City Marikina, Ateneo, Riverbanks and district of Project 4 and Araneta Center Cubao via Aurora Blvd. Simple Route.

    Depending on your location, take Marcos Highway or Sumulong Ave and A. Bonifacio Ave which merges to Marcos Highway that becomes Aurora Blvd before it crosses Katipunan C-5 under Katipunan Aurora Blvd Flyover. Now in Aurora Blvd westbound lane, drive past LRT-2 Anonas Station and LRT-2 Araneta Center Cubao Statin and then cross EDSA.

    Immediately after crossing EDSA, E. Rodriguez Sr Ave appears to the right making Y-intersection. You need to take E. Rodriguez Sr Ave. To do that, just drive to the right and avoid the flyover that continues Aurora Blvd to the left and go with the road that separates from Aurora Blvd.

    Drive along E. Rodriguez Sr Ave all the way past Tomas Morato Ave, a major road that runs perpendicular to the right of E. Rodriguez Sr Ave. You have two options.

    First option. This direction goes directly to Gate 1 and 5. Turn right onto Tomas Morato Ave. Drive past Kamuning, a main road perpendicular to the right of Tomas Morato then turn left on Don Alejandro Roces Ave, a wide road with center island to the left of Tomas Morato. Follow direction given in Access Road Two above.

    Second option. This route goes immediately to Amoranto Theater parking. Drive past Tomas Morato all the way along E. Rodriguez Sr Ave. You will cross Dona M Hemady intersection and next to it is a major road that runs perpendicular to the left of E Rodriguez Sr Ave which is Gilmore. There's a road sign that reads Gilmore attached to the traffic light that you get to see. Next to Gilmore is Eymard Drive. Turn right onto Eymard Drive and follow direction given in Access Road Four which I earlier mentioned above with subtitle Access Roads.

    Route #4

    Via Ortigas Ave from Ortigas Center, SM Mega Mall, Julia Vargas Ave, Tiendesitas, Eastwood City, The Medical City, White Plains, Green Meadows, Robinson's Place Cainta, International Pipe Industries (IPI), Greenhills, Robinson's Galleria, Pasig City and other locations near these places.

    Take Ortigas Ave westbound lane. Cross major intersection of Santolan Road. Next major road that intersects (crosses) Ortigas Ave (becomes Granada) is N Domingo St. Turn left On N Domingo with care as there is no traffic light there (as of this writing).

    Turn right onto the first street along N Domingo from Granada (Ortigas Ave). Drive past Broadway Centrum and cross Ramon Magsaysay Blvd, the major road where LRT-2 runs above it. At this point you are taking the one-way Broadway Ave which has other name of Dona Juana S Rodriguez Ave. Next major intersection is E Rodriguez Sr Ave. You must turn right onto E Rodriguez Sr Ave because, the opposite road of Broadway Ave is also one-way but towards E Rodriguez Sr Ave, so you cannot take that. After turning right onto E Rodriguez Sr Ave from Broadway Ave, turn left on Eymard Drive which is perpendicular to the left of E Rodriguez Sr Ave. Follow direction given in Access Road Four above under subtitle Access Roads.

    Route #5

    Via E Rodriguez Sr Ave from Quiapo, Espana Blvd, Lerma, UST, Mabuhay Rotunda, Dapitan Market, Mayon Street, Banawe, La Loma, Dimasalang and other areas nearby.

    Depending on your location, take either Mayon towards Welcome Rotunda or Espana Blvd. In Mayon, drive towards the prominent Sun Residences owned by SM, take the Mabuhay Rotunda runabout and then take E Rodriguez Sr Ave. In Espana Blvd, cross Lacson Ave towards Wecome Rotunda and turn right onto E Rodriguez Sr Ave. Cross Banawe and Araneta Ave, respectively.

    After crossing Araneta Ave, just watch for St Luke Medical Center which is to your left. As soon as you see St Luke Medical Center, turn left on the street next to it. The road is only perpendicular to the left of E Rodriguez Sr. Turn right onto the first road and follow direction given in above in Access Road Five under subtitle Access Roads.

    Route #6

    Via Shaw Blvd from Greenfield District, Starmall EDSA Shaw, Worldwide Corporate Center, MRT-3 Shaw, Shangri-La Plaza, Crossing Shaw, Soho Shaw, United Laboratories, Mayflower, Sheridan, Square, Philusa Corporation, Capitol Pasig, Nueve de Pebrero, Boni Ave, Robinson's Pioneer, Cybergate, Madaluyong City Hall and other areas in the vicinity of Mandaluyong and Pasig. This is also applicable for those coming from SM City Sta Mesa.

    Drive towards Shaw Blvd and take Shaw westbound lane or towards Manila. Shaw Blvd becomes P. Sanches before its name changes to Victorino Mapa Blvd or simply known as V Mapa. A major road intersects V Mapa before V Mapa widens to the other side of this major road intersection. This road is formerly known as Old Sta Mesa and now called N Domingo St. Turn right onto N Domingo and then turn left on the wide major road perpendicular to the left of N Domingo which is called Gregorio Araneta Ave aka Araneta Ave.

    Drive past SM City Sta Mesa and cross Ramon Magsaysay Blvd, the major intersection above which LRT-2 runs through. Turn right onto the next major intersection which is E Rodriguez Sr Ave. Follow direction given in Route #5.

    Route #7

    Via Quezon Ave from Espana, Banawe, Sto Domingo Church, Welcome Rotunda, UST, Lerma, Morayta, Sun Residences, Southeast Asian College, Vicente Cruz and other locations nearby.

    Espana Blvd becomes Quezon Ave past Welcome Rotunda. Take Quezon Ave towards Philcoa and Quezon City Memorial Circle. Drive to the middle of the road and take Araneta Ave-Quezon Blvd Underpass (Note: this is not yet finished as of this writing so please use E Rodriguez Sr route). You have two options.

    First option. Turn right onto Scout Chuatoco immediately after Araneta Ave. Please read Access Road Three above under subtitle Access Roads.

    Second option. Drive past Scout Chuatoco and turn right onto Roces Ave. Please read Access Road One above under subtitle Access Roads.

    Route #8

    Via Don Alejandro Roces Ave from Tomas Morato, ABS-CBN, GMA-7, Imperial Palace Suites, Kamuning, Kamias, Boy Scout Circle, Project 2-3, Sikatuna Village, V Luna Ave, Xavierville Ave, Anonas and other areas nearby.

    From Xavierville, Sikatuna, Anonas, V Luna and Proj 2-3, take Kamias Road towards EDSA. Cross EDSA and take Kamuning towards Tomas Morato. Turn right onto Tomas Morato. Don Alejandro Roces Ave is the first intersection with traffic lights. Turn left on Don Alejandro Roces Ave. Follow direction given in Access Road Two above.

    From ABS-CBN, take Tomas Morato and drive past Boy Scout Circle. From GMA-7, take timog towards Boy Scout Circle and turn left on Tomas Morato via Boy Scout Circle runabout. Turn right onto Don Alejandro Roces Ave. Follow direction given in Access Road Two above.

    Route #9

    Via West Ave from SM City North EDSA, Del Monte Ave, Phil-Am, Pag-asa QC, Project 6, Project 7 and other nearby areas.

    Take West Ave all the way to Quezon Ave where it ends. Turn right onto Quezon Ave and immediately change lane to the leftmost part of the road. Then make a U-turn on the first U-Turn slot. Immediately, with care, change lane to the right as you approach the first road perpendicular to the right of Quezon Ave before Timog which is Scout Reyes. Turn right onto Scout Reyes and follow the rest of direction given in the fourth paragraph of Route #1.

    Route #10

    Via Roosevelt Ave from San Francisco Del Monte and other areas nearby.

    Take Roosevelt Ave towards Quezon Ave. Turn right onto Quezon Ave, immediately change lane to the left and make a U-Turn. This is if MMDA has not removed this U-Turn as what they said in the news. If MMDA has removed the U-Turn, obviously, the will create left turn. In that case, turn left on Quezon Ave from Roosevelt, assuming a new left-turn has been provided.

    Take Access Road One by turning right onto Don Alejandro Roces Ave. For details, read Access Road One above under subtitle Access Roads.

    Map of Amoranto Sports Complex seen with its Access Roads from different locations

    Parking Entrances Locations. Please click each parking sign to view its facility.

    Scout Reyes Direction Towards Amoranto Sports Complex


    2 May 2012

    Mall Of Asia Arena Driving Directions & Parking Buildings

  • 2 May 2012
  • Lagalag

  • SM Arena is situated to the southernmost part of SM MOA complex. In going to the arena by car, it's better to park your vehicle to a parking building that is connected to the indoor entertainment hub than in remote areas of Mall of Asia.

    There are two parking buildings connected to Mall of Asia Arena by footbridges - the Mall of Asia Arena Annex Building and the South Parking Building which is also connected to SMX Convention Center and the main building of Mall of Asia.

    This quick guide will show you how to get to SM Arena in a breeze and where to park your car so that it will be more convenient when it's time to go home. Please see map located at the bottom of this article then read the directions.

    Immediate Access Roads

    Access Road One - Coral Way. Turn left from Macapagel Blvd northbound lane from Aseana City, Bradco Ave, Aseana Ave and NAIA Road.

    Access Road Two - Jose Diokno Blvd. Turn right onto Seaside Blvd from Macapagal Blvd southbound lane and turn left on Diokno Blvd.

    Drive all the way past SM Globe roundabout. From EDSA southbound lane, pass through the SM Globe roundabout and drive towards the arena.

    Drop-off Areas

    Along Diokno Blvd - After the drop-off, turn right onto Coral and either make a U-Turn to get to Arena Annex Parking or get around the arena to park at South Parking Bldg.

    Along Coral WAy - After the drop-off, just drive past the footbridge that connects the arena to its annex and make a U-Turn to enter the SM Arena Annex Parking Building.

    How To Get To SM Mall Of Asia Arena From Different Locations

    SM Mall of Asia Arena

    Mall of Asia Arena Annex Parking Building

    Route #1

    From NAIA-1 & 2, Sucat, Paranaque, Muntinlupa, Alabang and other nearby areas via Sucat Road.

    Take Sucat Road which becomes Ninoy Aquino Ave and ends at NAIA Road. Turn left on NAIA Road. From NAIA-2, take NAIA Road. Drive all the way past Domestic Road and Quirino Ave then cross Roxas Blvd. Turn right onto Macapagal Blvd. You will pass through two bridges which are the south and north entry/exit of Aseana City, respectively. After the second Bridge, turn left on Coral Way to take the Access Road One.

    Route #2

    From Malolos, Bulacan, Subic, Clark, Tarlac, SCTEX, Pampanga, Olongapo and other areas of North Luzon.

    Take NLEX and cross EDSA below EDSA Balintawak/Cloverleaf Bridge to traverse A. Bonifacio Ave. Drive all the way to the other end of Bonifacio and turn right onto Blumentritt, left on Aurora Blvd then right onto Dimasalang. Cross Lacson and take Laong Laan all the way to the wide Alfonso Mendoza (Quezon Blvd). Turn left on Alfonzo Mendoza. Drive to the middle and take Quezon Underpass to get to Quiapo. Cross Pasig River via Quezon Bridge and drive to the middle, avoid Lagusnilad Underpass by driving to the right of Padre Burgos after Lawton area. Cross four intersections with traffic lights - first in Manila City Hall, second is Finance Road, third is Juan Luna and fourth is Palacio St. Turn left on Roxas Blvd and drive all the way CCP Complex. Turn right onto CCP Complex. Drive all the way to Tanghalang Francisco Balagtas aka Folk Arts Theater bldg. Make left. Turn left on PICC. Turn right onto the next street. Drive all the way and cross Gil Puyat Ext. Follow Access Road Two.

    Route #3

    From NAIA-3, Andrews Ave, Villamor Air Base, Newport City, Resort World Manila, Sales Road and nearby areas.

    Take Andrews Ave westbound all the way past Aurora Blvd aka Tramo until road becomes Airport Road. Drive towards Roxas Blvd where you turn left.

    Turn right onto Aseana Ave if it's already open, if not, drive further and turn right onto NAIA Road Ext, then turn right onto Macapagal Blvd to take the Access Road One I mentioned above. Read Route #1.

    Route #4

    From CCP Complex, Gil Puyat, World Trade Center, Roxas Blvd southbound lane which is the route if you come from Ermita, Malate, Quiapo, DLSU, UN Ave, Manila Ocean Park, Intramuros, Binondo, etc.

    Take Macapagal Blvd southbound lane, turn right onto Seaside Blvd, the road next to the bridge after Gil Puyat. Take Access Road Two that I mentioned above.

    Route #5

    From Cavite, Kawit, Imus, Bacoor, Alabang-Zapote Road, Las Pinas, Dasmarinas and other parts of Cavite via Coastal Road.

    Take either Emilio Aguinaldo Highway or Cavitex and traverse Coastal Road. Turn left on NAIA Road. Follow Route #1.

    Route #6

    Via EDSA from Makati, Mandaluyong, Pasig, Ortigas Center and nearby areas.

    Take southbound lane of EDSA all the way to SM Mall of Asia. Pass through the roundabout of SM Globe and follow Access Road Two.

    Mall of Asia Arena Location Map