20 Nov 2010

Greenfield: Greenery along MRT-3

  • 20 Nov 2010
  • Lagalag

  • Let's say you are heavily stressed out right now because of the load of your work in the field. Or maybe you are just tired. Or you feel suffocated in the cramped and crowded work place of yours. Added to this is the fact that you are in the middle of concrete jungles of Makati or Ortigas and your lack of time and budget to unwind in a more expensive spas. Would it help if you are just a few minutes away to a relaxing, serene small piece of outlying enclave covered with the natural looking green bent grass that gives soothing feeling of refreshed body and mind?

    People and greenery in harmony
    Exactly the color we need now
    What if I say that all you need to do is to get off MRT-3 train on Shaw Station and walk your way out of that stressfull day and into the healthy environs of the Greenfield Park located right at the back of the Edsa Central Mall.

    Perfect place for a talk
    If you are the type of person who craves for a brief union with nature amidst the maze of daily pressures and limitations of your daily routine, a once in a while detour to this mini park before going home would surely make a difference. See it for your self and discover how sometimes simple beauty of natures can have healing effects on our everyday existence on the otherwise complicated city life.

    Seems the right place to eat
    Another relaxing view
    Perfect place for friends to enjoy beer
    Greens exceeds up to the edges of department stores

    Vicinity Map of Greenfield

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