22 Nov 2010

Importance of Knowing U-Turn Slot Locations

  • 22 Nov 2010
  • Lagalag

  • Finally we got home after the heavy rains that caused too much flooding all over Metro Manila left us stuck in one  of the snarliest road traffics I've ever seen. My uncle took me to Dapitan Arcade to buy Christmas decors. We're still inside the arcade when the rains started passed 1 pm and continued heavily for 3 hours straight. The rain finally subsided long after we completed our task. Although we managed to get back to his car, we begun to worried when we saw road and traffic condition.

    My uncle is a bit stubborn and don't want to listen to any advice. He was the one driving, We took Dapitan Street towards Banawe to get back home in South Triangle, Quezon City. Initially, the plan was to turn right onto Banawe and use the U-Turn slot he's only familiar with along Quezon Avenue right after Banawe. As it is, we went straight on Dapitan with a new plan to take Araneta Avenue. Bottleneck greeted us in Biak na Bato intersection, and for whatever reason he turned left on Biak na Bato. And that's when we entangled in long, terrible, ever growing snarl traffic. Flood up ahead on Biak na Bato, and we found ourselves back in Banawe along bumper to bumper area of Philippine Orthopedic Hospital. We decided to eat in a Chinese fastfood and took our chance on the road around 6:30pm.

    While in Banawe  we had a chance of taking Biak na Bato towards Quezon Avenue and use the U-Turn Slot right there. Instead, we took the hard way and stayed on very slow moving traffic of Banawe. As a result, it took us one and a half hours from Philippine Orthopedic Hospital up to Quezon Avenue and another 45 minutes just to complete the U-turn onto Edsa bound lane of Quezon Avenue. Right before we passed Biak na Bato intersection, the U-turn servicing vehicles from the less congested Biak na Bato road showed up. And my uncle uttered, "Oh I thought there's no U-turn here. We could have been here much earlier had I known this."

    It pays to get familiar to U-Turn slot locations.

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