20 Jan 2011

Direction Bytes: Route From Lawton To Harrison Plaza

  • 20 Jan 2011
  • Lagalag

  • From Lawton, we assume you're taking Padre Burgos Street, the road name that continued Quezon Boulevard. Stay on Padre Burgos Street. Upon approach to the next intersection you must change your lane to the right of P. Burgos Street to avoid getting onto the Lagusnilad underpass and Taft Avenue. But not totally to the rightmost lane as you're not turning right. Just enough to avoid the Lagusnilad underpass. Again let me reiterate, after crossing the intersection of the street next to Lawton that borders Manila City Hall, avoid passing through the Lagusnilad underpass by staying to the right of Padre Burgos. After passing that junction, stay to the middle of Padre Burgos, to your left now is the National Museum. Cross intersections of Finance Road, General Luna Street which is the way going to Intramuros, and Palacio Street. After crossing Palacio Street, stay to the left of Padre Burgos Street and then turn left on Roxas Blvd. Drive on Roxas Blvd all the way, stay to the middle, and cross intersections of U.N. Avenue, Pedro Gil and Quirino Avenue.

    After crossing Quirino Avenue, change lane to the right in preparation for a right turn. Turn right onto CCP Complex. Then make a U-Turn at the end of the island to get back to Roxas Boulevard. Cross Roxas Boulevard onto Pablo Ocampo Street formerly Vito Cruz. Stay to the middle of Pablo Ocampo Street and cross Harrison Street. Immediately, change lane to the left and turn left on the street next to Mang Inasal. This street serves as driveway to the big parking lot of Harrison Plaza. To park your car in Harrison Plaza parking lot, turn right onto the next street. Traffic inside Harrison Plaza Complex is one way, that's why you need to turn right. After passing Century Hotel to your right, turn left onto the next street, the road beside SM Department Store. You can now park your car in any comfortable parking slot. Tip: Go all the way pass SM and turn left on the next corner so that you can park near the main entrance of Harrison Plaza.

    This driving route is the best direction to avoid traffic in any roads passing Harrison Plaza. This is the route to take for private vehicles.

    Commuting by jeep, ride a jeep with "Vito Cruz Harrison Plaza" sign or "Baclaran Mabini" and get off at Harrison Plaza.

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