10 Jan 2011

Directions Of Jeepneys from Doroteo Jose LRT-1 Station To Baclaran

  • 10 Jan 2011
  • Lagalag

  • Some people prefer to ride trains in going to their destination but immediately change their mind and opt for jeepney when they learned they'll be too far from station of the second train passing their destination. They ask questions like "is there jeepney going to padre faura from doroteo jose". The person who asked this might have ridden LRT-2 and when he or she realized that both Pedro Gil and U.N. stations of LRT-1 are too far from their destination which apparently is located somewhere along Padre Faura, they pondered on taking a jeepney. And because they're in doubt, naturally they asked. That's the smart thing to do - ask. Ask and you'll be answered. Here in DirectionsOnWeb you can ask questions like that in our Search Direction Box. If the search box returns "No results", you can ask me directly and I'm more than willing to help.

    LRT station near to Padre Faura Street is U.N. Avenue Station and Pedro Gil Station.

    For the user who asked that question, here is the route of jeepneys that pass by Doroteo Jose Station of LRT-1 and go to Padre Faura. We will also consider other commuters going to different destinations in this direction. So we will cover many places that might be reached by riding a jeepney from Doroteo Station or C.M. Recto for that matter.

    First off, all jeepneys plying the route of Monumento-Baclaran and vice-versa pass by Doroteo Jose, C.M. Recto and Padre Faura Street. Second, there are two routes of jeepneys that pass by Padre Faura. One is via Taft and the other one is via M.H. del Pilar. Destinations in Padre Faura that can be reached by a jeepney ride from Monumento, Doroteo Jose, C.M. Recto and Carriedo in Santa Cruz Manila via Taft include Robinson's Place Ermita. Ride a jeep with "Baclaran" or "Pasay Taft" sign anywhere along Rizal Avenue from Monumento to Carriedo and that's include Doroteo Jose. Get off at Padre Faura. At the corner of Padre Faura and Taft, wait for a jeepney that plies the route of Santa Ana-Robinson's Place-Pedro Gil. Ride one of these jeepneys and get off exactly in front of Robinson's Place Ermita. You can also get to the Supreme Court from Doroteo Jose though this route. Supreme Court is located at the corner of Taft Avenue and Padre Faura Street. Next to it along Padre Faura to the right is UP Manila College of Art and Sciences, followed by Department of Justice. To the left is the Cancer Institute.

    It's important to know what part of Padre Faura you're going to. So that you know which jeepney route to take. For example, if you're going to G-Point Bar which is located along Padre Faura but near corner A. Mabini Street, the jeepney route to take is via M.H. del Pilar Street. That's because A.Mabini Street is just the north bound lane of south bound M.H.del Pilar Street which is like A. Mabini Street a one way street. Other important destinations near M.H. dil Pilar-Mabini-Padre Faura area include Lotus Garden, Citystate Tower, City Garden Suites, Iseya Tourist Restaurant, Golden Empire Building and the 1322 Golden Empire Building located along Roxas Boulevard corner Padre Faura Street.

    Along the way before Padre Faura both jeepney routes also pass by Lawton, Manila City Hall, SM City Manila, National Museum, Luneta Park or Rizal Park, T.M. Kalaw and U.N. Avenue. But there are certain institutions that can only be reached by one route. If you're going to PLM or Pamantasan ng Maynila, DOLE or Department of Labor and Employment, National Library and Sunview Palace Condominium, ride a jeepney from your location bound to Baclaran via M.H. del Pilar. On the other hand, if you're going to Adamson's University, Philippine Normal College, Araullo High School, Central United Methodist Church, Times Plaza, Manila Doctors Hospital, Medical Center Manila, WHO or World Health Center, Pearl Manila, Cathedral of Praise and NBI Headquarters, then the route to take is via Taft. From your location ride a jeepney with "Baclaran" or "Pasay Taft" sign and ask the driver to drop you off at your destination.

    That's it for now. Always visit here to get familiar with different routes to various places in Metro Manila.


    1. from 2nd ave. baliwag terminal to robinsons ermita place by jeepney how to get there

      1. Please give exact location and complete address of origin.