12 Jan 2011

How To Get To Sofitel Hotel Philippine Plaza And Siete Pecados

  • 12 Jan 2011
  • Lagalag

  • Sofitel Hotel Philippine Plaza is located at the northwest tip of CCP Complex. It's right on the edge of the reclaimed land in Pasay City, Metro Manila. It's one of the three hotels in Manila located right by the Manila Bay. The other two is Manila Hotel, located at Rizal Park and Microtel, located at MOA Complex. The only road that borders Philippine Plaza is Atang Dela Rama Street.

    You can get to Sofitel Hotel Philippine Plaza quickly if you know how to get to the CCP Complex. First, you need to view the post on how to get to the CCP complex. In the Search Direction Box that you see to the right of this blog, enter "how to get to ccp complex" then hit "Search" button or just press Enter on your keyboard. Second, click "Directions On Web: How To Get To CCP or Cultural Center of the..." link from the list of the results. Third, browse the content until you see the part that discuss directions from the area that near you.

    Now, here's how to get to Sofitel Hotel Philippine Plaza based on the directions given in "How to get to CCP Complex". If you enter CCP Complex via Gil Puyat Avenue, stay on Gil Puyat Avenue all the way up to the western tip where Manila Film Center building stands to the right. Manila Film Center building is the venue of the show called Amazing Show which is very popular not only in the Philippines but also abroad. Along Gil Puyat, you will cross the intersection of Magdalena Jalandoni before you reach the end. Turn right onto the street at the end of Gil Puyat Avenue. That street is Atang Dela Rama, it's right in front of Manila Film Center building. But don't take that street all the way because it's one way. Take the road that bends from Atang Dela Rama up to opposite side of Manila Film Center. At this point, you're already seeing Philippine Plaza. Turn right back onto the main street of Atang Dela Rama. Up ahead is the entrance of the Philippine Plaza to your left. Siete Pecados is right there. You might consider parking your car outside Philippine Plaza compound. But it's okay to park your car inside the ground of Sofitel Hotel Philippine Plaza. That is if you're so reach that you can afford Php 500.00 just for a parking fee. Well, parking outside is not free but at least it's not that exorbitant. Talking about hotel rates, lol.

    If you're coming in via Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard, turn left on Gil Puyat Avenue. Just drive slowly here as this is a big junction of bending roads with no traffic lights and vehicles come from different directions. And there are the traffic officers ready to give you a ticket at any mistake.

    Coming from Roxas Boulevard and the main building of CCP, stay to the middle of Pedro Bukaneg and drive all the way, crossing Magdalena Jalandoni, up to the end of the road where Folk Arts Theater building is located. Turn left onto the street on that corner. PICC comes into view across the next street of Vicente Sotto. Turn right onto Vicente Sotto. Drive all the way. At the end of Vicente Sotto is a roundabout. Take that rotonda to turn left onto Atang Dela Rama Street. Philippine Plaza is to your right now. Proceed to the parking area.

    If you're commuting, follow all the directions given in "How to get to CCP Complex" including MRT and LRT routes from your location. Just tell the driver of the orange shuttle you're boarding from Pablo Ocampo Street that you're going to Philippine Plaza. Ask him to drop you off right there.

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