14 Apr 2011

DPC Extension ECO Plaza Mantrade Jeepney Route

  • 14 Apr 2011
  • Lagalag

  • "DPC Extension ECO Plaza Mantrade" is the sign of jeepneys that ply the route of Chino Roces Avenue Extension. Chino Roces Avenue is formerly known as Pasong Tamo. So, when we say Chino Roces Extension we refer to the road also called Pasong Tamo Extension. This extension road runs southeast approximately 2-kilometer from Alphaland Southgate Mall in Magallanes, EDSA towards Lawton Drive where it ends.

    DPC Place can be seen from EDSA
    This post serves as guide for commuters going to different corporate offices of various multinational corporations located along this road of Southern Makati. Going to these companies for most commuters is via MRT-3 Magallanes Station which is linked to Alphaland Southgate Mall, the first building situated to the left of the road. This is how to get to these buildings and offices from MRT-3 Magallanes Station.

    Alphaland Southgate Mall view from Chino Roces Ext.
    Jeepneys that ply the route of Chino Roces Extension aka Pasong Tamo Extension are plenty. You can ride at the opposite corner of Alphaland Southgate Mall. The sign in front of jeepney reads "ECO Plaza DPC Extension".

    Please check the following list of companies and establishments if your destination is included and read on to learn how far or how near it is from MRT-3 Magallanes Station and Alphaland Southgate Mall in EDSA. Towards the end of this post, you will know the location of a building along Chino Roces Extension and how to get to its location via jeepney ride from EDSA and MRT.

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    2262 Chino Roces - Philippine Allied Enterprises Corp, CTM Management Corp, General Heat Corp, Friction Materials Corp., Autobus Industries Inc., Bridgestone
    2275 Chino Roces Extension
    2278 Pasong Tamo
    2283 Pasong Tamo
    Allegro Center
    BPI Pasong Tamo Ext-EDSA
    Cash&Carry Express - Mercury Drug, Goldies Coffee Shop, Countrystyle
    Chery Makati - Auto Mall Service Center
    Chrysler Makati
    Dacon Building - DMCI Plaza
    DHL House
    DPC Place
    EastWest Bank
    Eco Plaza
    Fresenius Medical Care (Patio 2257) - Philhealth, Dan's Bikeshop, Autometics, Jeaswin & Anne Dance Studio, Legacy Art Gallery, Spotlight
    G E E Building
    G&A Building
    GlaxoSmithKline Corporate Center
    Ideas for Living - Black & White
    Intertek Building - Countrystyle
    Jannov Plaza
    Karrivin Plaza
    Lapanday Center
    Liberty Telecoms - Technology Center
    Makati Hope Christian School - Makati Hope Christian Church
    Manila Contemporary
    Manila Memorial Park Head Office
    Mantrade Nissan
    Mead Johnson Nutrition Phils Inc
    Mirax Building
    Narra Building
    Natividad Building - Grundfos
    Nissan CRVI Automotive Service Center
    Office Busters/Hilti
    Pancake House Center
    Parking Lot
    PIFCO Building
    Prestige Cars
    Priscilla 100
    SAATCHI House - European Motors
    Solid House
    Southgate Mall
    Sterling Place
    Suzuki - Premium Wine Exchange, SmithBell Group
    Tao Corp - GNC Live Well
    Tao Corporate Center - Altus Godiva Health Solutions i can New Marketlink Chiral
    Toyota Pasong Tamo
    Tupperware Brands
    UPRC III Building - Firmenich Denso Coolmate Corp
    Volvo Viking Cars Inc
    Yupangco Building - Autosport, Guerrilla, Silverlens Gallery, VELTRUP Technik Phils Inc., Liquimoly, VARTA

    Now, here's their respective locations along Chino Roces Extension aka Pasong Tamo Extension. And how can you get to each building via jeepney.

    Buildings and Corporations located to the left of Chino Roces Extension:

    Located to the left of Chino Roces Extension next to Alphaland Southgate Mall is Fresenius Medical Care. This company occupies the ground floor of Patio 2257. Other companies in this building are: Philhealth, Dan's Bikeshop, Autometics, Jeaswin & Anne Dance Studio, Legacy Art Gallery and Spotlight. Obviously, you can just walk here from MRT-3 Magallanes Station. Next to Patio 2257 is the big multi-storey building of Pancake House Center. Still a walking distance.

    Next to Pancake House Center is a building being occupied by companies called Ideas for Living and Black & White.

    Lapanday Center follows and next to it is a building with 2275 Chino Roces Extension written on its facade. A Parking Lot followed and next to it is the BPI Pasong Tamo Ext-EDSA.

    Now, I think we're getting farther, so the buildings and corporations that subsequently follow can be comfortably reach by riding a jeepney. Again the sign of the jeepney must contains "DPC Extension". Where to ride? Opposite corner of Alphaland Southgate Mall, along Chino Roces Extension near corner EDSA service road.

    Three more buildings complete the line up from EDSA to the next road called Lumbang. These buildings are as follows:

    Dacon Building - DMCI Plaza
    2283 Pasong Tamo
    Manila Memorial Park Head Office

    Lumbang road runs perpendicular to the left of Chino Roces Avenue Extension.

    Situated at the opposite corner of Lumbang and Chino Roces Avenue Extension is Solid House.

    Next to Solid House is Chrysler Makati, followed by UPRC III Building where Firmenich, Denso and Coolmate Corp are located.
    Next to UPRC III Building is Tao Corporate Center.

    Tao Corporate Center is home of different companies such as Altus, Godiva, Health Solutions, I Can, New Marketlink, and Chiral.

    A tall pole sign of Bridgestone follows.

    Next to it standing one after another respectively are the following: Jannov Plaza, Priscilla 100, Tao Corp - GNC Live Well, G.E.E Building, G&A Building, Eco Plaza and Chevrolet.

    Next to Eco Plaza is Chevrolet.

    As Chino Roces Avenue Extension turns to left, Mead Johnson Nutrition (Phils), Inc. occupies the last destination to the left of Chino Roces being served by "ECO Extension DPC Plaza Mantrade" jeepneys. This is the last stop of these jeepneys to the left of Chino Roces as they make the U-Turn to get back to MRT-3 Magallanes Station in EDSA. Now, to know the buildings located to the right of Chino Roces Extension from EDSA, just read on.

    Buildings and Corporations located to the right of Chino Roces Avenue Extension:

    From MRT-3 Magallanes, you enter Southgate Mall which is linked to the station. You go down the mall towards the ground floor where you exit the mall via door that leads to Chino Roces Avenue Extension. You walk across Chino Roces to ride a jeepney going to your destination. But first you need to know if you can just walk to its location.

    First building to the right of Chino Roces Avenue Extension from EDSA is 2262 where the following corporations are located: Philippine Allied Enterprises Corporation, CTM Management Corporation, General Heat Corporation, Friction Materials Corporation, Autobus Industries, Incorporated, and Bridgestone.

    Next to 2262 is EastWest Bank followed respectively by GlaxoSmithKline Corporate Center, Mirax Building, Volvo Viking Cars Incorporated, Nissan CRVI Automotive Service Center, Narra Building, 2278 Pasong Tamo and Mantrade Nissan.

    As the buildings and corporate offices that follow are getting farther, you can opt to ride the jeepney plying this route. The jeepney sign must contains "DPC Extension ECO Plaza".

    Next to Mantrade Nissan is Cash&Carry Express where a branch of Mercury Drug, Goldies Coffee Shop and Countrystyle are also located.

    Allegro Center, a mini mall home to some restaurants and with large parking space in front of it, is next to Cash&Carry Express.

    Next to Allegro Center respectively are Alsons, Tupperware Brands, Chery Makati - Auto Mall Service Center and Toyota Pasong Tamo.

    Next to Toyota Pasong Tamo is Suzuki. Also located at the same building is Premium Wine Exchange and SmithBell Group.

    SAATCHI House which also home to European Motors followed. Next to it is Liberty Telecoms which is also home to Technology Center. Next building is PIFCO Building. And after that is a newly painted Sterling Place. Next to Sterling is Anson's, followed by a brand new building of DHL House.

    Next to DHL House is Natividad Building which also home to Grundfos. Intertek Building which also houses Countrystyle is next to Natividad Building.

    A large compound of Makati Hope Christian School and Makati Hope Christian Church is next to Intertek Building and next to it is a factory-like building of Whitespace. Manila Contemporary is next, followed by an old building called Karrivin Plaza.

    Next to Karrivin Plaza is a compound of Yupangco Building which houses Autosport, Guerrilla, Silverlens Gallery, VELTRUP Technik Philippines, Incorporated, Liquimoly and VARTA.

    At the corner where Chino Roces Avenue Extension turns left, the glass building of DPC Place stands.

    Next to it is the Prestige Cars, the exclusive distributor of BMW cars in the Philippines.

    Last stop is the compound where Hilti and Office Busters are located.

    This is where jeepneys make U-Turn on the way back to MRT-3 Magallanes Station and Alphaland Southgate Mall in EDSA.

    Building Map of Chino Roces Avenue Extension formerly Pasong Tamo Extension


    1. Thanks for this post! Most helpful, and still up to date - as of Feb 15, 2013. The only notable changes since then would be the renovation/development of Solid House Building & of the Automall Bldg.

      Again, thank you! :)

    2. @ DC. Hello, thank you so much for the update. I really appreciate your comment, this also helps others who are going there.

      You are welcome. The pleasure is mine :)

    3. Hi! Thank you for helping me in your other post. :)

      Within Chino Roces Ext naman po ang destination ko this time. From Calamba, paano po makakarating sa Toyota? In front daw po kasi nun ang Cupcakes by Sonja (2293 Pasong Tamo Ext, Makati).

    4. @ Pastel Rhythm. This is also for commuters headed to Toyota in Pasong Tamo Ext from Calamba. You can ride a bus or jeepney to Alabang. Then take a bus bound for north, e.g., Cubao, Fairview, Novaliches, etc. Alight at Magallanes. Go to the frontage of AlphaLand Southgate Mall along Pasong Tamo aka Chino Roces. Ride a jeepney with "Pasong Tamo Ext" sign. Ask driver to drop you off there. Hope this direction helps you.

    5. Across whitespace po ba, may jeep na pabalik sa Magallanes MRT Station? :)

    6. @ Queena Mae. Yes po, lots of jeepneys there.

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    8. Hi are there still jeepneys from Whitespace to Taft when it's already around midnight?

    9. Hi po ask ko lang po kung anong jip ang sasakyan papuntang National Nutrition Council central office? Salamat po.

    10. Filipino bldg. Dela rosa st. cor. Legazpi village makati city

      Hello po.. Ask ko lng po kung pano po punta sa address na yan. Galing po ako ng lipa batangas. So ppunta po sana dyan ay magstart ako sa ayala sa may shell. Thanks po