4 Jul 2011

How To Commute To Cagsawa Ruins From Naga City

  • 4 Jul 2011
  • Lagalag

  • Cagsawa Ruins was the image that've always conjured up in my mind everytime Mayon Volcano was mentioned. For me, the mere sight of different images of the postcard-like scenery was something comparable to looking at an award winning landscape painting.

    That's why yesterday I didn't waste time. After asking few Bicolanos for some information, I headed to the ultimate attraction of the Bicol Region.

    In Naga City, there's only one place from which people ride buses bound for all the cities and towns of the entire Bicolandia. This place is popularly known as CBT, short for Central Bus Terminal. It's a very wide and organized transport depot for public buses. I will be talking about it on a separate post.

    For those of you wondering how to get to Cagsawa Ruins from Naga City, just follow these directions.

    One. Flag down a tricylce anywhere in Centro, Naga City. Centro is the word Bicolanos use to refer to the center of Naga where the plaza is located surrounded by hotels, restaurants, department stores, banks, big public market and different commercial establishments. Instruct the driver to take you to CBT.

    CBT is along CBD II Road and next to SM City Naga. Once there, pay the driver 8 pesos and then go enter the CBT.

    Two. Proceed to Lane 33 and wait for an airconditioned bus with "Legazpi" sign. Board the bus pay 110 pesos and ask the conductor to drop you off at Cagsawa Ruins.

    Reminder: Don't ride any ordinary bus and never approach a conductor, barker or driver of those buses. You shouldn't experienced what I've been through. I commit mistakes so that you guys get the right directions. I was a little bit excited, so I've asked a conductor where to ride a bus bound for Cagsawa. He said their bus was passing by it. I took it. Paid 100. Only to be transfered to another bus in Iriga and then to another jeepney in Nabua and spent 4 hours of tiring travel from one town to another before finally got to my destination.

    When I got back to the CBT, I talked to an officer clad in blue uniform what's the right bus to ride to avoid being transfered to different vehicles and to get the fastest trip to Cagsawa. And the old man told me to take the airconditioned bus from Manila that stopS over in the CBT heading for Legazpi. And they're usually park in lanes 29, 30, 31, 32, and 33. My trip back to Naga from Cagsawa on board an aircon bus was only two hours and twenty five minutes.

    So, I'm sure going there with the right bus will also take the same length of time.

    Three. While in the bus, watch for Camalig. The conductor announces each town and city the bus passes through. Camalig is the town before Daraga, and Daraga is where Cagsawa is situated. After the bus passed by Camalig, remind the conductor to drop you off at Cagsawa Ruins. Take note that you'll pass by these towns before you get to Cagsawa: Pili, Iriga, Nabua, Polangui, Ginubatan and then Camalig.

    Four. After getting off the bus at the intersection of the road going to Cagsawa Ruins, take any available motored tricylce that ply the direction to the site of the tourist spot. Pay 20 pesos.

    Five. Enjoy the view of the world's almost perfect cone volcano. Take different shots of the famous destination, buy souvenirs and try the authentic Bicol Express dish in one of eateries in the tourist spot.

    To get back to Naga, take the tricylce back to where you got off the bus. Board an air-conditioned bus with "Naga City" sign in front. Once backed in the CBT, for sure you'll get in SM City Naga for some snacks in the food court. After that you can take any tricycle to get back to your hotel. You can always mention the word "centro" to the driver if you want to stroll the plaza.



    1. very timing to find your blog, we are heading Naga next Friday and will definitely check your blog for tips and tricks. thanks!

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    3. Wow thanks a lot! This post sure very timely and helpful for me and my gf. We are planning to take a stroll to Cagsawa Ruins by the end of September. I am from Manila and I asked my friends for directions but was still confused until I read this post. :)

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