25 Apr 2012

Tip: Connecting Flight At NAIA-1 From NAIA-2

  • 25 Apr 2012
  • Lagalag

  • Let's say you're from any point of the Philippines and flying out of the country with connecting flight at NAIA-1 and you just landed at NAIA Terminal 2 also known as Centennial Airport. What would you do?

    Immediately get to the Airport Shuttle waiting area outside 'International Arrivals', between Bay 14 and Bay 15, an 'AIRPORT SHUTTLE' sign hangs conspicuously. There are benches just below it where passengers can wait for the shuttles. Go to that area and wait for a van with sign that reads "NAIA 1-2-3 Manila Domestic". The driver will load luggage of waiting passengers.

    Now, you must ask the driver if he's headed to NAIA-1. The shuttle van that arrives has no specific planned destination. The shuttle that you would be boarding might headed to NAIA-3. So, it's important to "ASK THE DRIVER" if he is indeed taking the passengers directly to Terminal 1. I need to write this because there's a lot of confusions happening in riding airport shuttles at NAIA-2. And I know how crucial the time for a flying passenger is.

    NAIA-2 shuttle van


    1. Hi, pls tell me how much time will it take for a shuttle van and an airport taxi to get to T1 from T2, please? My ETA at Terminal 2 is 8:40 and I have an onward Intl. flight at T1 by 12:10. Or what is the fastest way to get to T1? Thanks

    2. @ nELi. Around 15 to 20 minutes. That's the fastest way to get to T1 from T2. But as I've said on this post, you must ask the driver if he is indeed headed to T1. It's very important to ask him that because you might board a shuttle that is bound for T3. So, please don't forget to ask the driver of his destination. :)