9 Apr 2012

Strawberry Picking: A What To Do In La Trinidad

  • 9 Apr 2012
  • Lagalag

  • Easily become my favorite thing to do in La Trinidad, strawberry picking has gotten more popular among tourists and travelers from low land cities of our country. You will be amazed at the number of people who invade the Strawberry Farm situated in the capital municipality of Benguet during peak season which coincides with Holy Week.

    Fresh strawberries sold at market located right in the farm

    Notwithstanding the cost of "Do-It-Yourself" picking which is higher than just buying fresh strawberries in the same size box taken to the farm, they prowl the farm and patiently select the freshest fruits and pick them up right from its vines.

    You get to pick fresh strawberries like this right from its vines

    There's something about picking strawberry in the farm for a Manileno like me. Firstly, you get to experience a noble routine of a farmer which somehow gives you a feeling of fulfillment even for a brief period of time.

    A farmer tending his crops

    Tourists flock to strawberry farm in La Trinidad Benguet

    As your hand gesture towards the vines after spotting a fresh yummy red heart-shape berry underneath green leaves and alongside a blossoming white flower, you carefully hold the fruit and twist it a little bit then slowly put it onto your box. And then you look again, for that piece of highly nutritious crop to fill up your box. The simple process is therapeutic and stress healing.

    Strawberry Picking in La Trinidad

    As of this day, you can pick your own strawberries right in the farm which is under the management of Benguet State University, for the price of Php 350 per box. Here's the guide on how to pick strawberries in La Trinidad Strawberry Farm. First. As you get to the farm, register your name in the logbook which is in the first stall to the right before you get down the farm. You see there's a market place located right before the farm. Second. Once already in the farm, you choose the best crops and then you approach its farmer saying you're in for strawberry picking. The farmer will give you a box made of bamboo strips. Third. Go for the Easter Egg Hunt! That's a joke! LOL. You proceed and do your strawberry picking along with picture taking of course. After that, you return to the farmer and pay the bill. That's it.

    This box of strawberries cost Php 350 if you're the one who picked them
    It costs only 250 in market outside the farm

    How To Get To BSU Strawberry Farm In La Trinidad Banguet

    Ride a jeepney with "Buyagan" sign in its front at the terminal located at the foot of Baguio City Hall stairs. From Burnham Park, go toward Rizal Park. Walk uphill from the corner of Shanum St and Fernando Bautista Dr, the road to the right of Rizal Park towards City Hall until you get to the other end of Bautista Dr. Wait for a jeepney with "Buyagan" sign to arrive right at the corner. See location map below this post.

    Jeepney bound for Buyagan

    Walk uphill from this signpost along Fernando Bautista
    to get to loading area of jeepney bound for Buyagan
    which passes by BSU Strawberry Farm

    The jeepney will traverse Baguio-La Trinidad-Bontoc Rd and will pass by Chinese Temple, a tourist spot to the right, then La Trinidad Public Market which is to the left and then the Benguet State University. Get off the jeepney at Benguet State University's last gate. BSU is to the right of the road. Enter the road that runs perpendicular to the left of Baguio-La Trinidad-Bontoc Rd. Walk a little bit until you get to the entrance of the Strawberry Farm to your right. Before reaching Benguet State University, there's a Jollibee and McDonald's to the right of Baguio-La Trinidad-Bontoc Rd.

    BSU last gate before the road going to strawberry farm

    Location Map of loading area of jeepneys bound for Buyagan which passes by BSU Strawberry Farm


    1. Naaalala ko noong pumunta ako dito ay hindi ako ibinaba ng jeepney driver aside from reiterating na sa strawberry farm ako pupunta. Umabot ako sa dulo ng road doon sa Benguet Capitol #asar. Naglakad nalang ako papunta ng Strawberry farm at nagtanung-tanong kung saan pupunta. haha...

      It was a good experience being lost and finding yourself on track. hehe.. Sadly hindi ako nag-picking ng strawberry, pinanood ko lang sila haha. :)

    2. Actually that's exactly what I've done. Pumunta muna ako sa Kapitolyo. Tapos ko kumuha ng mga pics e kumain muna ako sa carinderia sa baba den naglakad na ko pabalik tungo sa road na papuntang strawberry farm. Kinulit ko kc ang driver hehe, kaya alam ko na nang dumaan kami sa street na yun.

      Nag-enjoy ako sa view mula sa kapitolyo ng La Trinidad. Ang ganda. Kita ang strawberry farm sa kanan. At sa kaliwa naman ay ang panoramic view na una ko nakita sa blog mo na kala ko pa ay di sa Pilipinas kinunan haha!

      Thanks sa post mo at nakapunta ako ng La Trinidad.

    3. I've been to the Benguet strawberry farm and it's nice to see the fresh berries right at the shrub. It is so tiny compared to our berries in Long Island, New York. Just like in any other farms whether here in the Philippines or US. The fruit is more expensive in the farm than in the market. In Baguio you can get cheaper Sagada oranges, grapes and Strawberries early morning hour around 6am right infront of the Burnham Park facing Rizal Park. It is 50% cheaper. But if you want it 75% cheaper try to buy at night around 8 or 9 pm.

    4. @ Amado, great infos sir. If I buy strawberries at Burnham Park, would I still get it as fresh as if I picked them from the farm?

    5. The word fresh is a very qualitative term. What could be fresher than picking fruit right at the shrub. And for that matter if you want fresh milk, you could drink it right from the cow's udder. Real fresh indeed.

    6. @ Amado, thank you sir. I will try to look into the strawberries sold at Burnham Park and the Public Market next time I'll be in Baguio.

    7. Hi! Thanks for this post! It will be my first time to go to Baguio by the end of June. Tanong lang po if paano ba mag-commute from Tam-awan Village to Strawberry Farm? Or anong route po ang mas convenient, Tam-awan to Strawberry Farm or SF to Tam-awan? or if meron bang ganun na route?

    8. @ April Lene Butao. From Tam-Awan balik po kyo ng city proper at saka po kyo sasakay ng jeepney na papunta naman po ng Strawberry Farm. Sana po ay makatulong ang direksyon ko.

    9. Ahh. Okay. Akala ko on the way lang Strawberry Farm from Tam-awan. Need pala bumalik sa City Proper. Pero if taxi, okay lang ba? Or need talaga bumalik sa City Proper?

    10. @ April Lene Butao. Magkalayo po ang dalawang spot na mga yun. Wala din po taxi sa Tam-Awan at ganun din sa Strawberry Farm

    11. Ah..okay. Thanks for the info!