27 Sept 2015

Commute Guide to Newport City Buildings & Spots via Free Shuttle Bus

  • 27 Sept 2015
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  • Free Shuttle bus ride from jeepney loading/unloading area to Newport destinations such as Remington Hotel, Resorts World Manila, Maxims Hotel, Marriott Hotel, St Therese Church, Star Cruises Centre, etc. How do you get to Resorts World Manila or Remington Hotel via Newport City's NCEA Free Shuttle bus? Read this guide and soon you will be conveniently whisked away to your destination from its terminal in Emperador Building which is also the north tip gateway of Newport City where public jeepneys from MRT EDSA and LRT Taft stations in Pasay Rotunda as well as from Sales Rd in SLEX are located. But take note that from Sales jeepney terminal, you can get off at the locations of aforementioned spots. So, go read the directions.

    Newport City is located opposite NAIA Terminal 3. Conveniently, Airport Loop shuttle bus is the way to go if you come from MRT Taft Station and LRT EDSA Station and your destination is any of these: Resorts World Manila, Star Cruises Centre, Remington Hotel, Newport Mall and other institutions which are located just across the airport loop bus stops.

    But what if your destination is too far from NAIA Shuttle's unloading areas. Marriott Hotel, Maxims Hotel, Belmont Hotel, Palm Tree and The Shrine of St Therese church are located way far from the Airport Loop bus stops. The good news is you can get to any of these institutions from the Newport City free shuttle's bus stops in a breeze. What's more? Ride is free around Newport City.

    Officially known as NCEA Free Shuttle, the bus terminal stop is located at the northern entrance of Newport City where public jeepneys from both Pasay Rotunda and Sales Rd unload passengers. You only need to walk a little bit from jeepney unloading area to the free shuttle terminal, wait for shuttle's arrival, get on board and get off at your destination. NCEA is acronym for Newport City Estates Association.

    How to get to Newport City free shuttle terminal

    From MRT/LRT stations in Pasay Rotunda

    Wait for and take a jeepney with "Nichols" sign at loading area along EDSA's northbound lane near MRT Taft Station in Pasay Rotunda. You can also get inside the Bus Terminal at the back of McDonald's where Airport Loop has a terminal and look for the jeepney queue. Get off the jeepney at Newport City northern tip gateway where there is huge "Newport City" signage and big statues of five carabaos.

    That is Newport Blvd. At the left corner is the Emperador Bldg which you should immediately see. The jeepneys actually stop there to drop off passengers. The Newport City NCEA free shuttle terminal is located along the left hand side of Newport Blvd as you enter it, on Emperador Bldg side. But you must make sure that you're on the right place because a bus from Eastwood City also parks along that side. There's a road sign that reads "NCEA Free Shuttle." Go there. See the first map below. Click all markers in the map - pin, bus icon, jeepney icon.

    From Sales Bridge in SLEX

    This is the route if you come from BGC boarding a jeepney to Gate 3 or if you are from Chino Roces Ave Ext. You can also take this if you're from Alabang or Southern Tagalog provinces (CABALARZON.) Just remember to alight at Sales/Nichols/Villamor as what you must mention to driver. There's also a PNR train station there. So both from Tutuban and as far as Bicol, commuters can use this route. Walk and cross SLEX via Sales Bridge from northbound lane of SLEX. If you're riding a jeepney or bus from EDSA/Pasay/Manila area, you don't need to cross Sales Bridge. Go to jeepney terminal that you will immediately see at Sales Rd which continues Sales Bridge. Those jeepneys are headed to Newport City. You need to buy fare token before you get on the jeepney in the queue. Same way, you will also alight at Newport City free shuttle terminal if you opt to use it. BUT... if your destination is Resort World Manila or Remington Hotel or Star Cruises Center and even St Therese Church as well as Palm Tree, you don't need to use the free shuttle because jeepneys from Sales Brige/Rd pass by right at their locations. In fact, RWM has entrance along Sales Rd. So just ask driver to drop you off at any of the aforementioned destinations.

    How to get to Newport City destinations via Newport City free shuttle bus

    Newport Free Shuttle stops at Star Cruises Centre

    Once you get to its Bus Stop Terminal in Emperador Bldg, stand in line at queue area while waiting for the free shuttle. Alight at the right location where your destination is located. Here are the destinations in Newport City and where you can get off the bus along the route of NCEA Free Shuttle to get to them:

    how to got to shrine of St Therese Newport Pasay
    Newport Blvd cor Resort Dr - This is not a bus stop. You must ask driver in advance to drop you off here as soon as the bus turns left onto Resort Dr from Newport Blvd. Shrine of St Therese or St Therese Church is located at the other corner. Palm Tree's entrance is located along Resort Dr before the corner of Andrews Ave. Belmont Hotel is next to the church and a McDonald's restaurant is at the back of Belmont. They are all very near at this corner so notify the driver in advance that you will alight here. See our second map below.

    how to go to Maxims Hotel Newport City Pasay
    First Bus Stop - See our third map below. The bus stop is located at the opposite or the other end corner of Newport Blvd and Resort Dr. Get off the bus here if your destinations are any of the following: Manila Marriott, Marriott Grand Ballroom and Maxims Hotel. Since this is a bus stop, you can wait for the free shuttle after your business and ready to get home. Just stand in line.

    how to go to Resorts World Manila Pasay
    Second Bus Stop Exactly located at the site of Remington Hotel, Resorts World Manila and all other destinations inside RWM. There's also a McDonald's restaurant here. See fourth map and click the markers on it. Once inside Resorts World Manila, you can get to all destinations there, i.e., Newport Casino, Newport Performing Arts Theater, Republiq, grand lobby of RWM, restaurants, cinemas, etc.

    how to commute to Star Cruises Pasay Newport City
    Third Bus Stop - Located opposite Star Cruises Centre, you only need to cross Resort Dr via pedestrian lane to get there and any restaurant there. You can also use this bus stop to get to Emperador Bldg from this location. Just wait for the free shuttle's arrival. See fifth map.

    Note: As Newport City is a development in progress, other new buildings and destinations will be added here as soon as they are finish. This guide will be handy in the future. If you have have any destination in Newport City and you don't know its location or how to get there, just look it up here. See sixth map below.

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