1 Jul 2016

Drive Directions to NAIA-1-2-3 Via NAIA Expressway

  • 1 Jul 2016
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  • Driving to NAIA Terminals 1,2 and 3 is now in a breeze, thanks to the newly built NAIA Airport Skyway which opens this September. It is the first ever Philippines' airport expressway project. In this motorist guide, you will know how to get to your NAIA Terminal by using or passing through NAIA Expressway aka NAIAX from your location. To sum up, this is the new Driving Directions to NAIA Terminal 1, new Driving Directions to NAIA Terminal 2, new Driving Directions to NAIA Terminal 3 which are now consolidated into one drive direction guide.

    NAIA Airport Expressway (NAIAX) Entrance/Exit Ramps

    NAIA Airport Skyway entry ramp

    Macapagal Blvd - Entrance ramp is located in southbound lane of Macapagal Blvd after Aseana Blvd and before cor NAIA Rd Ext. The usual green-colored overhead directional sign that you will see reads "AIRPORT SKYWAY" and it is located on the leftmost of the entire southbound lane. So you must change your lane to the leftmost after crossing Bradco Ave and Aseana Ave. Macapagal Blvd entrance ramp is for motorist coming from: Roxas Blvd, CCP Complex, Bonifacio Drive, Intramuros, Manila Hotel, Ermita, Malate, etc and CAMANAVA. Regular route to take from Mall of Asia, MOA Arena, Aseana City, Blue Bay Walk, etc. In going back from the airport, exit ramp goes down to northbound Macapagal and you need to be in the middle of NAIAX as you exit and avoid the lane of Entertainment City which is the rightmost lane.

    Entertainment City - These entrance and exit ramps are dedicated to motorists coming in and out of Entertainment City. Located at New Seaside Dr near corner Macapagal Blvd. New Seaside Dr is the extension of NAIA Road. There is no fork or ramp to other direction upon entrance to NAIAX from Entertainment City so you will not get confused. But upon exit from NAIAX, you must change to the rightmost lane if you're going to Entertainment City. There are road signs and one reads Entertainment City but still if you're going fast and you're in the middle or leftmost lane, you might end up in the wrong lane. The entrance ramp from Entertainment City is an excellent alternate to Macapagal entrance ramp if you're coming from Diokno Blvd, SM Mall of Asia, MOA Arena, Senate Bldg, Philippine Plaza Hotel, CCP Complex, etc as you get to avoid the traffic and traffic lights along Macapagal Blvd. While in Diokno Blvd, cross Aseana Ave and enter Entertainment City, drive past the prominent Okada Manila and follow the road until you see the entrance ramp of NAIAX.

    Andrews Ave - Located between Newport City and NAIA Terminal 3 along Andrews Ave, these entrance and exit ramps are for motorists going to and from NAIA Terminals 1 & 2, Entertainment City, Cavite and Macapagal Blvd. But you will only need to use the Andrews Ave entrance ramp if you're coming from SLEX, Osmena Highway, BGC, Makati and other nearby areas and not passing through Skyway. Likewise, use the Andrews Ave exit ramp if you're not going to use Skyway in heading to your destination via SLEX or Osmena Highway from Terminal 1&2, Entertainment City, etc. Andrews Ave exit of NAIAX is under the road sign "SLEX Makati BGC". If you're going to use Skyway to and from NAIAX, use the Skyway Connector. You don't need to use NAIAX if your destination is Terminal 3 from either SLEX or Skyway in this route. Just take Andrews Ave and take the roundabout to Terminal 3.

    Skyway Connector - The route to take via Skyway to Terminal 1 or 2 or 3 from either: South of MM: SLEX, Alabang, Muntinlupa, CALABARZON and the rest of Southern Tagalog and South Luzon or North of MM: NLEX, EDSA's northern part, Quezon City, CAMANAVA and the rest of north and central Luzon.. On the Skyway, take the lane under road signs "NAIA Terminals 1-2-3"/"NAIA Expressway" to exit the skyway. Somewhere in the exit ramp, the Skyway ends and the connector to NAIAX extends the ramp. There's a fork in the connector. Choose your lane - "Terminal 3" or "Terminal 1&2". The ramp to NAIA 3 goes down to Andrews Ave while the connector merges to NAIAX lane bound for Terminal 1&2 (and Entertainment City.) Once in the NAIAX on your way to T1 and T2, drive is smooth. Just pay attention to road signs above and up ahead to get to your destination - Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Entertainment City, etc. Make sure you're on the right lane. In going back from Terminal 1&2, take the NAIA Expressway all the way to Skyway if you're going to use Skyway. If not, use the Andrews Ave exit. It is the leftmost lane past toll plaza and under road signs "SLEX BGC" and "Makati Alabang" of NAIAX in front of Terminal 3.

    CAVITEX - These entrance and exit ramps of NAIA Expressway are located in the northern end of Manila-Cavite Expressway, most popularly known as CAVITEX. Entrance ramp of NAIAX from CAVITEX is specifically situated along leftmost northbound lane of CAVITEX meters away before the intersection of NAIA Rd. Exit ramp to CAVITEX is specifically starts at the rightmost westbound lane of NAIAX past the fork for "Terminals 1&2" and "Entertainment City" if you're coming from Terminal 3/SLEX/SKYWAY and past the fork for "Terminal 3" and "Entertainment City" if you're coming from Terminal 1 or Terminal 2. CAVITEX Exit/Entrance served motorists from: the province of Cavite that include Tagaytay City, Dasmarinas, Amadeo as well as some parts of Batangas near Cavite border.

    NAIA Rd - This ramp, located at westbound lane of NAIA Rd past cor of Ninoy Aquino Ave, is the one that connects NAIA Terminals 1&2 to Terminal 3. But you can also use it if your coming from: Sucat, Multinational Village, Moonwalk, Duty Free Philippines Fiesta Mall, etc and headed to Terminal 3 via Dr Santos Ave, Ninoy Aquino Ave or Multinatinal Ave. From those places just turn left onto NAIA Rd and immediately change lane to the rightmost.

    How to get to a NAIA terminal from NAIA Expressway

    NAIA Airport Skyway to Terminal 3

    Depending on where you enter the NAIA Expressway or which entrance ramp you use except NAIA Rd, heading to your terminal destination is no issue as signs are there to guide you. Nevertheless, below are directions to each terminal of NAIA from all entrance ramps of the airport expressway:

    From Macapagal Blvd - Take the NAIAX ramp which is located at the leftmost lane of the southbound Macapagal Blvd. Soon your lane will merge to the one coming from Entertainment City as your lane turns left. Then Cavitex ramp will merge up ahead above Roxas Blvd. Now this is where you must pay attention as the expressway firstly forks to left which is headed to "NAIA Terminal 3" before it forks to right which is headed to "Terminal 1" while the remaining lane goes straight to "Terminal 2". So if your destination is Terminal 3, make sure you're on the leftmost lane of NAIAX to take the fork below road sign "Terminal 3" and if your destination is Terminal 1, make sure you're on the rightmost lane of NAIAX and take the second fork under the road sign "Terminal 1" while if your destination is Terminal 2, take the lane that goes straight below the road sign "Terminal 2" which goes down to NAIA Rd. If you're taking the route to Terminal 3, watch for road sign "Terminal 3" to avoid taking wrong lanes which will take you to any of the following: Skyway, Andrews Ave and SLEX.

    From Entertainment City - Your landmark in Entertainment City is Okada Manila. The road in front of Okada is New Seaside Dr and it is headed to NAIAX ramp. From SM MOA Complex and Diokno Blvd cross Aseana Ave, take the roundabout and head toward Okada which is seen from afar. Drive past the frontage of Okada, stay on that road, New Seaside Dr, until you get to the NAIAX ramp. NAIAX first forks to left which is headed to "Terminal 3". If your destination is Terminal 3, stay to the leftmost lane immediately after entering NAIAX. Next fork is to the right and it's headed to "Terminal 1". So if your destination is Terminal 1, stay to the rightmost lane and follow the fork which is under road sign "Terminal 1" while under "Terminal 2" road sign (left handside) is the remaining lane that goes straight and is headed to "Terminal 2". So, if your destination is Terminal 2, stay on the main lane.

    From CAVITEX - As Cavitex entrance ramp merges to NAIA expressway above NAIA Rd and Roxas Blvd intersection, you get to take the specific lane headed to a particular NAIA Terminal much faster after entering the NAIAX. Just remember these: For Terminal 3, you must immediately change lane to the leftmost and take the first fork under "Termianl 3" road sign and then watch for next overhead "Terminal 3" road sign. For Terminal 1, take the next fork which is to the right. Finally, for Terminal 2, take the straight lane. There are road signs for both Terminals - left hand side is Terminal 2, right hand side is terminal 1.

    From Skyway - After exiting either southbound or northbound Skyway at "NAIA Expressway"/"NAIA 1-2-3" Exit, the connector to NAIAX will fork. Under "Terminal 3" road sign, if that is your destination, the ramp will take you down to Andrews Ave and then a big roundabout. Take the lane in the roundabout with directional sign pointing to Terminal 3 and follow that lane. Taking the lane under "Terminal 1&2" road sign as the connector merges to NAIAX, next fork is to the left and it is under "Entertainment City" and "Macapagal Blvd" sign, while the main lane has "Teminal 1&2" road sign above it. So, you must be driving to the rightmost lane all the time while taking the NAIAX. Last fork is to the right for "Terminal 1" and the main lane goes straight to "Terminal 2". Just choose the lane under either "Terminal 2" road sign (left hand side) or "Terminal 1" sign (right hand side.)

    From Andrews Ave - You will take this route if you're coming from SLEX without passing through SKYWAY. This is also the route to take from BGC and Makati via Lawton Ave, Chino Roces, Sales Bridge and Sales Rd which becomes Andrews Ave as the road turns right. If your destination is Terminal 3, no need to take NAIAX. Just take Andrews Ave and the roundabout up ahead and follow direction to Terminal 3. If your destination is either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2, take the Andrews Ave entrance ramp of NAIAX and follow direction given for motorists using Skyway (From Skyway.)

    Driving Directions to NAIA Terminals 1-2-3 via Airport Skyway aka NAIA Expressway

    NAIA Airport Skyway to Terminal 1

    Route #1

    Via Roxas Blvd from Intramuros, Manila Hotel, Rizal Park, Luneta, South & North Harbor (Pier), Delpan, Lucky Chinatown Mall, Divisoria, Ongpin, Tondo, Caloocan and nearby areas. NOTE: This is Option 1 for those coming from CAMANAVA.

    From your location head towards Roxas Blvd. From CAMANAVA use Rizal Ave or Abad Santos Ave towards Lawton then Roxas Blvd. Now in Roxas Blvd drive all the way past Manila Yacht Club. Turn right onto CCP Complex. Drive all the way to the tip of the road where Tanghalang Francisco Balagtas aka Folk Arts Theater is located. Make left and drive to the road tip where opposite is PICC. That intersection is Vicente Sotto.

    Option 1. Turn left onto Vicente Sotto then immediately turn right onto Magdalena Jalandoni. That road will become Macapagal Blvd once you cross Buendia where World Trace Center is located. Now stay to the middle of Macapagal and drive all the way past Seaside Blvd, EDSA and Bradco Ave. Change lane to the leftmost past Aseana Ave to take the entry ramp of NAIA Expressway. Choose the lane under sign of Airport Skyway.

    Option 2. This is used to avoid traffic in Macapagal Blvd/EDSA intersection. Turn right onto Vicente Sotto. Turn left at the end of the road, Drive past Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza and the old bldg of Manila Film Center. You will cross intersection of Buendia Ext and road now you're taking J.W. Diokno Blvd. Drive past Senate bldg and all the way to Mall of Asia. Drive past Mall of Asia passing through the big roundabout of Globe Rotunda. Turn left at Coral Way which is next to MOA Arena and turn right onto Macapagal Blvd. Drive past Bradco Ave and Aseana Ave until you see the entry ramp of NAIA Expressway under sign Airport Skyway.

    Route #2

    Via Skyway from North & South of Metro Manila, i.e., North: CAMANAVA (Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela), Bulacan, Novaliches, Balintawak and nearby areas. South: Alabang, Muntinlupa, Pacita, Laguna, Batangas, Festival Mall, Filinvest City and areas nearby. Note: This is second option for those coming from CAMANAVA. For areas where skyway is not yet completed take the ground level road, i.e., Bonifacio Dirve, Quirino Ave, etc.

    Route #3

    Via CAVITEX from Cavite, Tagaytay some parts of Batangas near Tagaytay as well as areas near Alabang Zapote Rd in MM and other areas of Paranaque and Las Pinas near to Cavitex.

    Simply take CAVITEX either from Alabang-Zapote Rd or Tirona Highway and take the NAIA Expressway entrance ramp located before NAIA Rd in Paranaque. Once in the expressway change lane according to your terminal destination, i.e., Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 3.

    Route #4

    Via NAIA Rd to Terminal 3 only from Sucat, BF Homes, Paranaque, Las Pinas, Multinational Village, Moonwalk, Duty Free Philippines Fiesta Mall, etc. Take Dr A Santos Ave until its name changes to Ninoy Aquino Ave. Drive all the way to the road's end changing lane to the left. Turn left onto NAIA Rd and immediately take the rightmost lane to take the NAIA Rd entry ramp. Once in the Airport Skyway, take the lane under the sign of "Terminal 3."

    NAIA Expressway Toll Fees

    From Entertainment City to Terminal 3: Php 45 for car, Php 90 for bus and Php 134 for truck. Minimum toll fees are Php 35 for car and Php 69 for bus.

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