• Lagalag rides jeepneys, MRT/LRT trains, buses and tricycles to get commuters' directions first hand. He drives a second-hand car and takes different driving routes to particular locations. He walks the distance from unloading zones to the site of destinations. Even he walks to scrutinize road signs, landmarks, streets, buildings, terminals, walking directions, driving turns, etc. Then he records it and put them into this blog with only one thing in his mind, to help. He goes the extra mile by taking pictures for users' reference.

    The blog shares to city dwellers, visitors from other countries, people from provinces, tourists and other inhabitants of our metropolis different ways of getting to various places in Metro Manila. Through his posts on this blog, the author helps others by giving them fastest way to commute and smart way to drive to certain locations. He is knowledgeable when it comes to directions, routes and maps as it is his passion to explore streets and places and finding ways how a particular location can be reached by driving, commuting and walking.

    Aside from directions, routes and maps, the author who called himself Lagalag, a Tagalog term for Nomad, also gives suggestions and tips on the roads such as traffic conditions, shortcuts, traffic rules and regulations, etc. Traffic situations are mentioned on some of the posts to help other motorists in avoiding bottlenecks on the streets.

    Lagalag also features articles on various topics on roads, destinations, attractions, city improvements, government infrastructure projects and other valuable information that you might find helpful on your daily commuting and driving. You will find these articles on Attractions, Articles Related To Direction and Alternarive Routes labels of the blog.

    Furthermore, Lagalag makes sure users and visitors to the blog only experience easy navigation and fast load of each page. Images uploaded are reduced in sizes to attain fast loading. Navigation bars contain links to pages of utmost importance and labels frequently visited.

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