27 Dec 2010

Where To Go To Watch Fireworks on New Year's Eve In Budget

  • 27 Dec 2010
  • Lagalag

  • Wondering where to take your family to watch fireworks display during New Year's Eve Celebration this year? Want to be somewhere safe but still in the middle of the celebration and don't want to miss the spectacles of firecrackers and pyrotechnics? To make sure you and your family won't miss the welcoming of 2011 in the tradition of festive mode and with the big bang, get down to one of these recommended places for New Year's Eve Celebration on December 31, 2010. Plan your trip so that you can set up as early as possible for the full view of the New Year's Eve Fireworks Spectacle.
    1. Manila Bay at Roxas Boulevard
    2. Manila Bay at Roxas Boulevard now confined to Malate and Ermita Districts. And if you're wondering what part of Roxas Boulevard is the best area to watch fireworks this coming New Year's Eve, no doubt it's the part from Pedro Gil up to Quirino Avenue. Yearly, the local government of the city of Manila allots big budget for pyrotechnics to make the welcoming of the coming new year more memorable, joyful and festive. So if you're thinking of where to spend your New Year to watch fireworks on the very first hour of 2011, consider this great destination. Click here for directions
    3. Rajah Sulayman Park
    4. Rajah Sulayman Park is a plaza along Roxas Boulevard in front of Malate Church. It is named in honor of the last King of Manila, Rajah Sulayman. A monument named also after him is erected at the center of the park alongside a beautiful fountain. It's one of the few destinations of Filipino families who are in budget during New Year's Eve to watch fireworks on Manila Bay. Click here for directions
    5. Cultural Center of the Philippines or CCP Complex
    6. CCP Complex or Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex is 88-hectare land covered with coconut trees and iconic buildings showcasing Filipino cultures and arts. It's the home of Star City and Aliw Theater and the iconic landmarks of Cultural Center of the Philippines, PICC, Folk Arts Theater and the Manila Film Center building. But the hippies part of this complex is the Harbor Square where during New Year's Eve, families get down here to watch fireworks display and to welcome the coming New Year in a very festive mode. Click here for directions
    7. Mall of Asia or MOA Esplanade
    8. Mall of Asia's Esplanade is the largest open level park next to Manila Bay and the only one in the Philippines adjacent to a fully integrated mall. That's why it's the most popular destination for families both rich and middle class during New Year Eve to watch the most advanced fireworks display in the country. Aside from world class fireworks display, a countdown to the oncoming year is the highlight of New Year Eve Celebration here capped by an extravaganza of entertainment programs from a top television network that's also being broadcast live nationwide.Click here for directions
    Hope you enjoy the arrival of the year 2011.
    Happy New Year to all!!!

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