17 Jan 2011

Direction Bytes: From EDSA-Crossing To Intramuros

  • 17 Jan 2011
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  • From EDSA-Crossing ride a jeep with "Quiapo" sign. During day-time no jeepney is allowed to pass through the ground level lane crossing EDSA. All jeepney passing along Show Boulevard bound to Quiapo pass through EDSA-Shaw flyover. The route these jeepneys take is "Pasig-Quiapo". You must take the ride at the loading area along Shaw Boulevard on either side of the foot of the flyover. If you near Shangri-La Plaza, you need to walk down the street toward the foot of the flyover near corner of St. Francis Street and Shaw Boulevard where Citiland Shaw Tower stands. Cross St. Francis Street up to the loading and unloading Area of jeepney, right before they get onto the flyover.

    Once in Quiapo, cross Quezon Boulevard via Quiapo Underpass. Along Quezon Boulevard, by the Quiapo Church, jeepneys going to "Baclaran" stop to pick up passengers. Ride a jeepney with sign that read "Baclaran-Mabini" only. Don't ride a jeepney with "Baclaran-Taft" sign. Pay minimum fare. These jeepneys that take Mabini route, pass by Intramuros. Now, there are two entrances of Intramuros, each too far from each other. You must first determine the location of your destination inside the walled city of Intramuros so that you know where to get off. And there's also another jeepney route that gets in right inside Intramuros. But if you're destination is near PLM or Pamantasan ng Maynila, ride "Baclaran-Mabini" jeepney and ask the driver to drop you off at Round Table. PLM is only around 100 meters from the drop-off. Near to PLM are these institutions: San Agustin Church, Philippine Red Cross, Department of Labor and Employment and Manila Buletin. If your destination is near San Juan De Letran Colloge, ask driver to drop you off at Manila City Hall. Once you got off, don't go toward Manila City Hall. Just walk to the entrance of Intramuros which is very visible from your location. It's only around 100-meter walk to the wall of Intramuros. Once inside Intramuros, to your right is San Juan De Letran College. You can go to your destination from there. Now, if you're going to a location near Manila Cathedral, Fort Santiago, Palacio del Governador and Comelec, ride a jeepney with "Pier" sign, also right along Quezon Boulevard, by the Quiapo Church. You can get off at Palacio del Governador Building, from which Manila Cathedral is near, then walk to your exact destination.

    Knowing where exactly in Intramuros you're going to will save you time and energy as you know which route of jeepney to take. On the other hand, if you're a tourist, I recommend starting your tour from the location of PLM and walk along General Luna toward Manila Cathedral, as you get to pass by different souvenir, art and antique shops as well as museum, restaurant and the San Agustin Church. After that, you can explore other parts of Intramuros, such as the wall itself.

    For additional guide, here is the Map of Intramuros:

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