22 Jan 2011

Direction Bytes: LRT Station Near Padre Faura

  • 22 Jan 2011
  • Lagalag

  • You can get to Padre Faura from U.N. Avenue by walking along Taft Avenue southward. You will pass by NBI Headquarters to your right and Pearl Hotel to your left. At the corner of Padre Faura and Taft Avenue, where the Supreme Court is located, you can ride a jeep that will pass by Robinson's Place Faura Wing. All jeepneys plying this route pass by Robinson's Place.If you're going to Pedro Gil Wing of Robinson's Place or Midtown, don't get off at Padre Faura. The jeep will make a round trip. From Padre Faura, these jeepneys turn left on M.H. Del Pilar Street and turn left again on Pedto Gil. You can immediately see Midtown once the jeepney you're riding gets near. Next to Midtown is the Pedro Gil Wing of Robinson's Place where National Bookstore is located. Midtown and Robinson's Place are attached to each other and you can get to one from the other. They're only one mall. Midtown is the annex, just constructed a few years ago.

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