3 Jan 2011

How To Get To Quiapo Church By Walking And Commuting

  • 3 Jan 2011
  • Lag alag

  • Quiapo Church is officially known as Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene. It is located along Quezon Boulevard in Quiapo right before the foot of the Quezon Bridge going to Lawton. To its front is Plaza Miranda. If you're coming from Lawton, Taft, Ermita or Roxas Boulevard and you're going to Quiapo Church via Quezon Bridge, the church is to your left so you need to get down the pedestrian underpass to get to Quiapo Church after crossing Pasig River.

    Walk To Quiapo Church

    Here's a guide for Black Nazarene devotees that just arrived in Metro Manila who would come to Quiapo Church this week prior to the day of Feast of the Black Nazarene on January 9. If you plan to walk from a certain location up to the Quiapo Church, all you need to remember is stay to the main roads.

    Coming from areas of Caloocan, get down the Monumento Circle or Andres Bonifacio Monument. From there go toward Rizal Avenue, the road under the track of LRT-1, and start your walk right there. Stay under the LRT-1 and walk your way up to Carriedo in Santa Cruz. Before you get to Carriedo you would have passed by 7 LRT Stations, namely, 5th Avenue, R. Papa, Jose Abad Santos, Blumentritt, Tayuman, Bambang and Doroteo Jose, in that order. After Doroteo Jose Station, you'll cross C.M. Recto Avenue and right up ahead is the Carriedo Station, between Plaza Fair and Isetann Department Stores. Turn left on Carriedo Street. Quiapo Church is to the end of the road, very visible from the corner of Carriedo and Avenida Avenue.

    From Paranaque areas, start off from the southern tip of of the LRT-1 located in the junction in Baclaran where Redemptorist Road, Quirino Avenue and Taft Avenue meet. Take the direction toward north staying under the LRT-1 elevated track. Walk up to the foot of Quezon Bridge in Lawton. You would have to pass by 8 Stations of LRT-1 including the Central Terminal before you get to Quezon Bridge. These stations are EDSA, Libertad, Gil Puyat, Vito Cruz, Quirino, Pedro Gil, U.N. Avenue and Central Terminal Station, in that order. Cross Pasig River via Quezon Bridge as soon as you get to the foot of Quezon Bridge. Then cross Quezon Boulevard via Quiapo Underpass to get to Quiapo Church.

    From Cubao, Santa Mesa and San Juan. You can walk up to the Quiapo Church from any points under the elevated track of LRT-2. Coming from Cubao, start off in EDSA corner Aurora Boulevard and walk undert LRT-2 all the way to the foot of the flyover at the end of Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard. At this point LRT-2 elevated track takes different course, so you need to go under the flyover toward the opposite street of Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard which is Legarda Street. Also at this point, you would have already passed by five stations of LRT-2, namely, Go-Belmonte, Gilmore, J. Ruiz, V. Mapa, and Pureza, in that order. Now, stay to Legarda until you get to the corner of C.M. Recto Avenue where the elevated LRT-2 track appears again above C.M. Recto. Follow the direction the LRT-2 takes until you reach Quezon Boulevard Underpass from which vehicles going to Quiapo from Quezon City pass through. Take the pedestrian underpass across Quezon Boulevard to get across Recto Avenue. You would see a big mall, Isetann, at the corner of C.M. Recto Avenue and Quezon Boulevard. From that corner, continue walking along Quezon Boulevard southward until you reach Quiapo Church standing magnificently along Quezon Boulevard right before Quezon Bridge.

    Commute to Quiapo Church

    Because of the heavy traffic along the way, the smart, easy and comfortable way to commute to Quiapo Church is by LRT or MRT or combination of the two plus some jeepney and bus rides. Here's what you do. From your location ride a jeepney or tricycle to the nearest MRT or LRT Station. If bus is applicable, then ride a bus and get off at a station of LRT or MRT. Car owners who live in Triangle areas in Quezon City, I let you on a secret. Drive your car from your home and park free in Centris Walk. Yes, you heard it right parking is free, at least as of now, inside the Centris Walk Complex. If you want to know how to get to Centris Walk, search "centris walk" in our Search Direction Box on the sidebar of this blog site. After you park your car, ride a bus bound to Monumento just along EDSA, a short walk from your car. Get off at Munoz, ride a train going to Baclaran and get off at Carriedo Station. Presto! Quiapo Church is right in front of you, just a few meters walk eastward. Believe me it's more convenient, fast, and economical.

    Okay here are the guides from different stations of LRT and MRT to the location of Quiapo Church. From any station of LRT-2 anywhere from Santolan Station, get off at Recto Station, the last station of LRT-2. See, it's easy. Now, all you need to do is walk toward the corner of C.M. Recto and Quezon Boulevard, where the big Isetann Mall is located, and from there walk southward until you see the Quiapo Church.

    From any station of MRT-3, get off at the last station which is Taft Station. Using the crossway that links MRT-3 to LRT-1, walk up to the EDSA Station of LRT-1 and ride a train north bound or Monumento/Roosevelt bound. Get off at Carriedo Station and you're right there, just a few meters walk eastward from majestic Quiapo Church.

    Coming from south of Metro Manila e.g. Paranaque, Sucat, Alabang, Muntinlupa, etc. Just get to a station of LRT-1, ride a Monumento or Roosevelt bound train and get off at Carriedo Station. Same way for those coming from north of Metro Manila like Navotas, Malabon, Valenzuela, Caloocan, Novaliches and other nearby areas. All you need to do is ride a train, a Baclaran bound train, and get off at Carriedo Station. Walk eastward to get to the Quiapo Church.

    Important Reminders

    Take extra precaution while you're in Quiapo. There are lots of bad elements in the area in the forms of snatchers, robbers, holdapers, bag & pocket slashers and the like.

    Don't bring big amount of money, expensive jewelries and latest models of gadgets e.g. celphones, ipod, psp, mini laptop, laptop, ipad, etc. either in a bag or worn while you're in the vicinity of Quiapo Church especially Carriedo Street and other roads in the environs of the church.

    Don't carry your bag at your back. Always carry it by hand and in front of your body. And be suspicious of the people around you. It's better to be safe than sorry.

    Believe me when I say I had had a bad experience while in the area. I was walking toward Carriedo Station. I was in a rush and carrying my satchel bag in such a way that the bag was hanging on my right hip with its strap strung diagonal from my left shoulder. When I got to the station I noticed my bag became light so I checked it. I was shocked to learn that the outside zipper was open and my psp was gone.

    Location Map of Quiapo Church - Black Nazarene


    1. nice tips for the coming feast, especially about their personal belongings.

    2. Hello. I would like to ask for directions going to National Teacher's College in Quiapo. I'll be coming from LRT Araneta-Cubao. Thank you.

    3. @ Ivanka Jerika. Here are your options: By LRT-2, take a train bound for Recto, alight at Legarda Station. Go to the main road, cross it. Ride a jeepney with "Quiapo" sign on the front and "Pasig Quiapo" on its both sides. It will cross Recto where LRT-2 passes through. Now National Teacher's College is near from Recto-Legarda intersection, alight at second corner to your right, Hidalgo St. NTC is to the left of Hidalgo. By jeepney, Ride a jeepney with "Divisoria" or "Recto" sign. Alight at Pureza, take the jeepney with "Quiapo" sign and wait till it crosses Recto and follow direction from Legarda Station I have already mentioned. Hope you get there easily.


    4. Thanks for your prompt response. I just have a few follow up questions. What would you suggest as the best option/route (from those you have given)to easily get to NTC on a Saturday morning and going back home to Cubao in the afternoon? I plan to take Saturday classes soon and I am not familiar with the volume of LRT passengers and traffic situation during Saturdays. I would also appreciate if you could give some info or tips about the commute and the area within the school. I'm not familiar with Quiapo area so I am just concerned about safety, traffic, and if its a flood-prone area. Sorry for the lengthy post and thanks in advance.

    5. Hi. I forgot to ask about the estimated travel time especially the jeep ride after alighting at LRT-Legarda. Thank you.

    6. @ Ivanka Jerika. I highly recommend LRT-2 ride from Cubao to Legarda for safety issue. And since it's Saturday, the volume of train passengers is moderate.

      From Legarda to NTC, few minutes only. It's a walking distance actually, I wont advice you to walk there though. The area is among the notorious parts of Metro Manila. Be suspicious all the time especially outside. If possible, ride in front of the jeepney. Take extra care and you will be alright.

    7. Thank you so much for all the help. I appreciate it. Glad I came across this blog --very helpful. God bless.

    8. @ Ivanka Jerika. You are welcome. Nice to hear that. :)

    9. Hi! How do I get to Hidalgo street from Cubao?

      Can I take the LRT2 to Recto and from there walk to Hidalgo? Or would that be too far?

    10. @ P. Actually that's more practical if you want to get there fast. You can either walk from LRT Recto to Hidalgo or ride a jeepney with "Quiapo Divisoria" route. By walk, take Evangelista St, the road between LRT-2 and Isetann Mall and walk until you get to Quiapo Church. Evangelista St ends at Carriedo St, the road perpendicular to Quiapo Church. Hidalgo St is paralleled to Carriedo. It starts from Mercury Drug. So just go to the front of the church and turn right at the next road, that's Hidalgo. By jeepney, alight as soon as the jeep turns right from Quezon Blvd. Walk along Quezon Blvd until you get to the frontage of Quiapo Church. You will immediately see Mercury Drug where Hidalgo starts at the corner of Quezon Blvd. Hope this direction helps you.

    11. where i can possibly take jeepney ride near Taft Ave? i find it hard to reach the place through LRT because of the large influx of passengers after office hours...

    12. @ jayromuald. Take a jeepney with "Quiapo" sign along Taft Ave. Get off the jeepney after it crosses Pasig River via Quezon Bridge. Use the only pedestrian underpass there to get to the other side. You will not miss the famous church after you climb up the stairs.

    13. hi..how do I get to quiapo church...coming from san jose del monte bulacan?

    14. @ yham. Jeepney or bus to Monument then train to Carriedo.

    15. how to commute from quiapo church to philcoa? me fx route din po ba? thanks

    16. @ kayee s. Jeepneys & FXs are available. Just get across Quezon Blvd.

    17. hi ask lang if ppunta ako sa quiapo church and galing ako sa pnr blumentritt ano pwde sakyan ??

      1. Jeepney to Carriedo, then walk to church, thanks.

    18. Hello I want to ask how to get to national teachers college from lrt 1 baclaran? Thank you