10 Mar 2011

Direction Bytes: Driving Direction From Shaw Boulevard To NAIA Terminal 1

  • 10 Mar 2011
  • Lagalag

  • The best way is to take EDSA. From Shaw near Shangri-La Plaza, turn left onto EDSA. From Shaw near Starmall Annex, Worldwide Corporate Center and Lancaster Hotel Manila, turn right onto EDSA.

    Drive on EDSA all the way to Pasay. After passing through EDSA-Magallanes Interchange, change lane to the left or near concrete wall of MRT-3. Up ahead is the turning left flyover to Aurora Boulevard Pasay. Go pass through that flyover. Stay to the middle of Aurora Boulevard for a while, but upon nearing the tip of Aurora Boulevard, change lane to the right and turn right onto Airport Road. Aurora Boulevard Pasay ends up in Airport Road, so you will not get confused.

    In Airport Road, the next busy junction is the Domestic Road. Turn left on Domestic Road, and stay to the middle until you pass by Manila Domestic Terminal to your left. Domestic Road ends up in NAIA Road. Turn left on NAIA Road as most of the vehicles do so.

    Next intersection with traffic lights is Ninoy Aquino Avenue. And this is where to pass through to get to NAIA Terminal 1. Turn right onto Ninoy Aquino Avenue. Soon after, you will see the ramp going to NAIA Terminal 1. Take the ramp and follow the sign to get to your destination.

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