11 May 2011

Cavitex: Connecting Cavite To Metro Manila In Minutes

  • 11 May 2011
  • Lagalag

  • Lagalag excitedly traveled to Cavite via the newly built Cavitex. He wanted to be among the first to commute via this new highway above water which considered to be the new pride of Cavite Province and to attest to the truth of the claims that it only takes 8 minutes to traverse the new extension of our Coastal Road.

    He hurriedly went to Bus Bay along Roxas Boulevard near corner NAIA Road and rode an air-conditioned bus bound for Naic with "Cavitex" word on its sign. To his surprise, his trip took shorter than the said 8 minutes travel time on this new super highway. In the past, travel time from western tip of Alabang-Zapote Road to Kawit, Cavite ranged from 60 to 90 minutes depending on traffic condition. Today, the big difference brings comfort of fast travel to the same location.

    The bus took the usual route of Coastal Road. When the bus got to the southern tip where it usually go left through the bending coastal road towards Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, a new fortification appeared from the distance up front. As the bus got nearer, the mammoth mass of land and rock manifested itself to be the foot of the flyover for an still under construction interchange with a tunnel going to the Cavitex where all the vehicles have to pass through.

    As the bus got out of the short tunnel, Lagalag saw a new dimension of Coastal Road. "Welcome to Cavitex", the message the newly constructed highway wanted to send to both commuters and motorists. The smooth finished of asphalted well master-planned superhighway, decorated with brand new lamp posts, that cuts across a body or water and goes beyond the southern horizon says it all. Cavite has arrived.

    The bus approached a vacant toll way booth. A second later, the bus moved on. And as soon as it left the toll booth, Lagalag marked time at 4:36 pm. And then he enjoyed the ride - looking out the windows left and right. Lagalag forgot to mark the time while the bus stopped at the toll booth exit. He just looked at his watch the moment the bus stopped at the unloading area at the Cavitex end point junction. The time read 4:43 pm. That was 1 minute faster than what authorities say.

    Lagalag attributed it to the speed of the bus from which he had riden. Still, he believes the speed of travel varies depending on how fast one drive. At any rate, Cavitex has shorten travel time from Metro Manila to Cavite dramatically. And for that, we salute all the Government Agencies and the Local Government of Cavite for the realization of this project that will definitely revolutionize the lives of Cavitenos as well as visitors to one of our historically important destinations.

    Cavitex measures approximately 6.6 kilometers.

    Route Map of Cavitex


    1. I'm glad that such a monumental expressway was completed during my lifetime. The last time I sat foot in Kawit, Cavite was during a grade school field trip to Aguinaldo's Residence and that was in 1969 (yes, decades and decades ago). It's about time that I revisit the place. Thanks Mr. Lagalag.

    2. You're welcome po sir Amado. Thank you po for your regular visits on this blog.

    3. I was just wondering, why is it that tollways are built instead of road ways? Taxpayers money is used to build those ways yet taxpayers have to pay for using it.

    4. Yeah, you're right. Why do we need to pay for projects we've already paid in terms of paying different kinds of taxes?

    5. I agree. It would be better if we have road ways instead of toll ways. Nevertheless, I'm still happy that Cavitex is now open for travelers. That means I'll be able to attend events mentioned in my favorite Cavite online business directory and Cavite yellow pages or portal. In fact, I've attended the recent event held at the Kawit, Cavite Aguinaldo shrine.

    6. Yes, I agree to the road ways, in fact when it was started there was a big sign of PGMA saying that is her another project, and not but somebody who will ask taxpayers money for using it. Somebody must explain to the public!