29 Jul 2012

NAIA 1-2-3-4 Shuttle Bus Updates

  • 29 Jul 2012
  • Lagalag

  • This is the sequel of our post on NAIA Shuttle Bus entitled "NAIA 1-2-3 Shuttle Bus: Easy Way To Get To & From NAIA Terminals". If you haven't read it yet, you need to do so because it contains the information supplemented by this second part, such as, how to get to the NAIA Shuttle Bus Terminal in Pasay Rotunda.

    NAIA Shuttle Bus at Genesis Bus Terminal
    I needed to publish this second part because there are changes on NAIA Shuttles that if not disseminated accordingly will bring confusions to commuters. One of the major changes is the new look of NAIA Shuttle Bus that serves commuters from Genesis Bus Terminal in Pasay Rotunda to Terminal 3 of NAIA. You might keep on waiting for a NAIA Shuttle arrival not knowing that the bus has already arrived.

    Added to that the fact that the NAIA Shuttle from Pasay Rotunda has no signage of its destination on its windshield.
    NAIA Shuttle arrives at Genesis Bus Terminal
    If you're not familiar or if it's your first time to commute from Pasay Rotunda to Terminal 3 via NAIA Shuttle, you wouldn't know which one of the buses at the bus terminal is the one bound for NAIA-3. That's because the NAIA Shuttle Bus has now transformed into an all-white colored bus in outer body with HM lettering plus 2 digit number painted in dark color. Gone is the corporate lettering of NAIA 1-2-3 Domestic Loop that commuters got to read as soon as they saw the NAIA Shuttle bus back then. So, folks, here's the new look of NAIA Shuttle Bus that you get to see at Genesis Bus Terminal in Pasay Rotunda. Above are the latest photos of NAIA Shuttle Bus taken at Genesis Bus Terminal in Pasay Rotunda on July 27, 2012. Note: After alighting at Terminal 3, you will transfer to another newly added NAIA Shuttle for Terminal 4-2-1, in that order. Yes, there's another new fleet of NAIA Shuttle in Terminal 3. Read on to learn more.

    In this article are answers to these questions:

    What is the new NAIA Shuttle Bus that takes passengers to and from NAIA 1,2,3 and 4?
    What are the schedules of NAIA Shuttles?
    How do shuttles get to each terminal, which one comes first?
    Can I now take a NAIA Shuttle from Terminal 1 even if I'm not an arriving passenger?
    How do we recognize a NAIA Shuttle?
    Are all NAIA Shuttles dedicated to Terminal 4?
    Where is the NAIA Shuttle from Pasay Rotunda headed after dropping passengers at NAIA-3?
    Where can I get off the shuttle from NAIA-3 aside from Pasay Rotunda?
    How much is the fare of a NAIA Shuttle ride?

    My goal is to bring you information you need to know in getting to and from each of NAIA terminals. There are factors you need to remember in riding a shuttle from one terminal to another the most important of which is don't miss your terminal destination because when you do, you might get late for your flight and that's the last thing you want to happen. It happens from time to time. I have witnessed one when I boarded the NAIA Shuttle Van while documenting the flow of shuttles for this update. As soon as we left Terminal 1, a lady asked another passenger where's the location of Terminal 2. The man told her that he boarded the shuttle at Terminal 2. It occurred that the lady didn't alight when the van made the stopover at Terminal 2 and now she would have to stay on the van as it drops passengers at Terminal 4, Terminal 3, Terminal 4 again before going back to Terminal 2. That's quite a long journey to your terminal. Tip: Ask the driver, especially of the shuttle van, what's Terminal he's just made the stop over. They always assumed all passengers are familiar with NAIA terminal locations.

    What is the new NAIA Shuttle Bus that takes passengers to and from NAIA 1,2,3 & 4?

    EGC Transport, a newly added fleet of NAIA Shuttle now serves commuters and airline passengers. It takes passengers from one terminal to another. Upon arrival to Terminal 3 from EDSA, you can ride this bus. If this bus has not yet arrived, then you can ride a shuttle van. Read the types of NAIA Shuttles and how to recognize them. In these photos is the ECG Transport Bus:

    EGC Transport Express - a new NAIA Shuttle Bus
    At NAIA Terminal 3 loading and unloading area for passengers bound for Terminal 1,2 and 4, EGC Transport Bus NAIA Shuttle parks to drop and load passengers. First Stop from Terminal 3 is Terminal 4, but you need to inform the conductor or the driver that your destination is Terminal 4 for him to drop you at pedestrian crossing opposite the Domestic Terminal.

    Passengers riding EGC Bus at Terminal 2

    As you can see in this photo taken from the inside of EGC Transport, the bus parks at Airport Shuttle waiting area of NAIA Terminal 2 where passengers bound for Terminal 1,3 and 4 are waiting. After passengers bound for Terminal 2 have alighted, it's their turn to board the bus. The crew of EGC Transport Express will load passengers' luggage to help them out.

    EGC Transport unloads passengers at NAIA-1

    The EGC Transport Express NAIA Shuttle Bus drops passengers outside departure lobby of NAIA Terminal 1. It will not pick up passengers there. Unlike NAIA Shuttle van that I got to board even if I was not an arriving passenger. Please read Can I now take a NAIA Shuttle from Terminal 1 even if I'm not an arriving passenger?

    EGC Bus waits for arriving passengers at NAIA-1
    After all passengers have alighted at departure of NAIA-1, EGC NAIA Shuttle Bus goes down to the area of "NAIA Shuttle Service to Terminal 2,3 & 4" outside Arrival Lobby which is located to your right as you get outside Arrival Lobby. There's a sign that reads NAIA Shuttle Service To Terminal 2, 3 & 4. You can't ride at this area if you're not an arriving passenger. You can ride a NAIA Shuttle van outside departure area which is upstairs.

    What are the schedules of NAIA Shuttles?

    NAIA Shuttle Van arrives at NAIA-1 Departure

    The first trip of NAIA Shuttle from Genesis Bus Terminal in EDSA-Taft Pasay Rotunda to NAIA Terminal 3 is at 6 am. It serves the public up to 10 pm daily. The shuttle buses and vans that serve passengers to and from Terminal 1,2,3 and 4 start their operation at 6 am up to 2 am.

    How do shuttles get to each terminal, which one comes first?

    This is crucial information for those who would take a NAIA Shuttle van. They don't have specific destination. For example, you board a shuttle van at Terminal 2 thinking that it gets to Terminal 3. To your surprise, the van takes the direction to Terminal 1. Tip: When riding NAIA Shuttle van, always ask the driver about where he's headed. Please read separate post about this, click here.

    Sign of Shuttle Service for arriving passenger at NAIA-1
    EGC Transport Express has specific route. From Terminal 3 it drops passengers bound for Terminal 4 at pedestrian crossing opposite the Terminal. You must inform the conductor that your destination is Terminal 4, if that's the case. Next is Terminal 2. From Terminal 2, it goes directly to Terminal 1 departure area to drop passengers, then it goes to the arrival area to pick up arriving passengers. Next to Terminal 1 is Terminal 4. You must inform the crew you're alighting there. Please read Are all NAIA Shuttles dedicated to Terminal 4?. Last destination is Terminal 3 where the bus starts the driving loop again.

    Can I now take a NAIA Shuttle from Terminal 1 even if I'm not an arriving passenger?

    You can not ride NAIA Shuttle at Departure of  NAIA-1
    If you have just accompanied a flying relative or friend, you can not board a NAIA Shuttle. It's no longer allowed. This is an update as of June 27, 2013. As on the morning of that day, I've tried to hop in and was told only "connecting flight passengers" are allowed. To get to MRT-3 Taft or LRT-1 EDSA station, ride a public bus at loading/unloading area few meters away from Terminal Bldg. Use the stair and go down to Arrival level. Cross the street and wait for a bus to arrive.

    How do we recognize a NAIA Shuttle?

    NAIA Shuttle Van has NAIA lettering and destination sign
    Obviously, you can easily recognize EGC Transport Express. But what if the bus hasn't arrived yet. If you're in a hurry, you can ride the NAIA Shuttle Van. Since the van ia a Toyota vehicle, you might mistake other motorist car for the NAIA Shuttle. To avoid that, just look for a Toyota van with NAIA logo on the front and on both sides of driver's seat. There's also a sign on the windshield that reads "Terminal 1,2,3 Domestic 4".

    Are all NAIA Shuttles dedicated to Terminal 4?

    EGC Bus drops passengers at Terminal 4 roadside

    No, in a sense that they don't make a stopover at Terminal 4 when there's no passengers that tell them to do so. Even if a NAIA Shuttle comes from Terminal 2 or Terminal 1 and it traverses Domestic Road lane that touches Terminal 4 ground, it won't enter the Domestic Terminal if no one is alighting there.

    Passengers from T-1 & T-2 can alight at Terminal 4

    So, if you're an arriving passenger at Terminal 4 headed to Terminal 3, expect to wait longer than ordinary. You are lucky if by chance a passenger on-board a shuttle from Terminal 1 or 2 is alighting as you get out of the old Manila Domestic Airport. Otherwise, just take a cab which are ample outside the terminal.

    Where is the NAIA Bus from Pasay Rotunda headed after NAIA-3 drop-off?

    NAIA Shuttle Bus Stop is located next to Star Cruise Bldg
    The NAIA Shuttle Bus from Pasay Rotunda to Terminal 3, after dropping passengers at NAIA-3 unloading area, goes directly to its Bus Stop in Newport City to drop passengers bound for Resort World Manila and other destinations there. It doesn't pick up passengers because there are other NAIA-3 Shuttles at the loading area. Commuters from Newport City going to MRT/LRT lines can ride the bus at Newport City bus stop. Read details on the separate post, go to How To Commute To Newport City & Resort World Manila.

    Where can I get off the shuttle from NAIA-3 aside from Pasay Rotunda?

    Unloading areas are posted in NAIA-3 Loading Bay
    You can alight at strategic locations along the route between NAIA Terminal 3 and Bus Terminal in Pasay Routunda where MRT/LRT lines are located. First unloading is at Tramo corner Andrews Ave before traffic lights of Aurora Blvd aka Tramo. Second unloading area is at Baclaran. Just inform the driver that you're alighting there. Now for those who have reserved a room at Heritage Hotel prior to their arrival, you can also get off the NAIA Shuttle Bus from Terminal 3 right in front of Heritage Hotel. This unloading area is also good if you want to transfer to a taxi. It saves a lot of money to take a cab at Heritage Hotel than at the airport while it's not convenient to take one at Pasay Rotunda, not to mention the safety issue. Next to Heritage Hotel stop is Genesis Bus Terminal, although in my experience last time, the driver had allowed quick unload before Taft, albeit, he rushed and pressured the passengers to move real quick.

    How much is the fare of a NAIA Shuttle ride?

    NAIA Shuttle fare is Php 20 flat rate
    The cost of riding a NAIA Shuttle is Php 20 as of this writing. You must pay every time you ride a shuttle, i.e., pay Php 20 upon riding NAIA Shuttle from EDSA-Taft to Terminal 3, pay Php 20 when you ride a shuttle from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2, pay another Php 20 when you ride a shuttle from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1 and so on.

    Hope this update on NAIA Shuttles answers questions that might boggling your mind. Another reason I've created this is to answer questions asked in the comment section of the post "NAIA 1-2-3 Shuttle Bus: Easy Way To Get To & From NAIA Terminals" by commuters, flying & arriving passengers and those who accompanied relatives or friends in leaving the country. And that's what I exactly did.

    25 Jul 2012

    Commute Fast To Restaurants & Establishments In Bonifacio High Street

  • 25 Jul 2012
  • Lagalag

  • The BGC bus stops (loading/unloading station) near to Bonifacio High Street from MRT Ayala Station are: "The Fort Bus Stop 26th St" and "30th St Stop Bonifacio High Street." The bus that served The Fort Bus Stop is the "West Route" bus which takes McKinley Road from EDSA while the bus that served 30th St BHS is the "East Route" bus which takes EDSA and Kalayaan Ave from the same BGC bus terminal in EDSA. The fleet of "West Route" buses are the ones with BGC signs on their outer bodies. The fleet of "East Route" buses are the ones with either HM or Worthy signs on their outer bodies. But there are few times that BGC signed buses also take East Route if there are no available HM bus. "East Route" BGC buses takes McKinley Road unlike HM buses which pass through EDSA and Kalayaan Ave on its way to east BGC.

    "I am currently updating this post because, the bus stops are relocated from their original locations. The summation in the paragraph above are now based on the new bus stops' locations. But further down this article from this second paragraph, directions are not yet edited for consistency with the new bus stops mentioned above. But you can still use the guides below as reference in going to BHS." - Lagalag

    This guide will help you locate your favorite restaurants and dining destinations as well as other important establishments such as boutiques, children's playgrounds, beauty spas, show rooms, corporate offices, etc within Bonifacio High Street. If you're headed to a restaurant in High Street for the first time and you're going there by bus, just look up your destination in here, you're surely wont miss it, that is if it has't closed down or changed its name. As we all know, food businesses come and go. In that case, make sure you know the exact address or on what building in BHS it is located, i.e., B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B8, C1, C2, C3 and C4. Note: There's no B4 because of Feng Shui.

    If you don't have any knowledge yet of how to get to any buildings and destinations in Bonifacio Global City from MRT-3 Ayala Station by riding a bus at The Fort Bus Terminal in EDSA, please go to Commute Guide To Buildings & Attractions Inside BGC From MRT Ayala Station.

    Bonifacio High Street

    Quick Lookup Links:

    Part 1 - Alphabetical List of Stores Within BHS
    Part 2 - Buildings Along BHS Where The Stores & Establishements Are Located
    Part 3 - Walking Directions To BHS Establishments From Four Bus Stops
    Part 4 - Photos of Restaurants And Establishments Within BHS
    Part 5 - Vicinity Map of Bonifacio High Street

    It's easy to locate your destination in BHS because
    each building has its name displayed:
    Links Explained

    Even though I recommend reading this guide from the start to bottom of the page especially if it's your first to browse this commute & walk guide, the links above will help you navigate fast on your next visit to look up a store. This is a 'look up and go' reference to make commuting to different restaurants, offices and institutions in BHS fast and easy. Remember, after clicking each link you can always get back by clicking the "Back" button that you get to see on the page.

    Click Part 1 link to see all stores and establishments in BHS.
    Click Part 2 link to immediately locate the building where your destination is located.
    Click Part 3 link to see what's the nearest Bus Stop to your establishment destination
    Click Part 4 link to have a look of photos of stores and restaurants of BHS
    Click Part 5 link to see the surrounding streets and places of BHS

    Alphabetical List of Establishments And Offices in Bonifacio High Street

    C2 Building where the following restaurants are located: Mango, Slice,
    Cotton On, Sutra, Onitsuka Tiger, Nolita, Sariwon, Geisha and Lorenzo's Way

    Below, in alphabetical order are the restaurants, boutiques, shops, offices and other institutions located in Bonifacio High Street. Next to the name of each establishment in bold characters is the building where the place is located. Check your destination, then read the direction on how to get there from the nearest bus stop. Again, if you don't know where to ride the bus in going to Bonifacio High Street from MRT-3 Ayala Station in EDSA, click here.

    2nd's - B3
    Active Fun - back of B2 along 9th Ave
    Agave - B3
    Aldo - B8
    Aldo Accessories - B8
    Alessi - B5
    All Flip Flops - B7
    Alveo - B8
    Animaland - B2
    Aria -C3 (2nd level)
    Bambu - B3
    Banana Republic - C1 (along 5th Ave)
    Beauty Bar - B7
    Beso Cucina Vinoteka - C3 (2nd level)
    Big & Small Co - B2
    Bike King - B1
    Bo Concept - B2
    Bo's Coffee - B1
    Bon Chon - B1 (along 7th Ave)
    Brothers Burger - B5
    Calvin Klein - B7
    Canon - B3
    Cav Wine Shop & Cafe - B8
    Charles & Keith - B6
    Claw Daddy's - B6
    Club Princess - B2
    Cotton On - C2 (ground level)
    CPS - B8
    Crocs - B7
    Crumpler - B3
    Cue - C3
    Dashing Diva - B7
    David & Goliath - B2
    Dimensione - B5
    Ecco - B7
    Elias - C3 (2nd level)
    Ellesse Italia - C1
    Ever New - C3
    Figaro - B5
    Fruits & Passion - B8
    Fully Booked - B6
    G Force Oakley - B1
    G-Star Raw - C1
    Gap B7
    Geisha - C2 (2nd level)
    Geox - B3
    Good Ol' Days - B1
    Happylemon - B3
    Healthy Options - B5
    Hobbes & Landes - B2
    Honda Cars - along 9th Ave back of B2
    iStudio - B3
    Italiannis - B5
    IWC - C1
    Jamba Juice - C2 (ground level)
    JBL - B3
    Kabisera - B3
    Kenneth Cole Reaction - B7
    Kirin - B7
    Krispy Kreme - B2
    La Senza - B8
    Lorenzo's Way - C2 (2nd level)
    Lush - B8

    Make Room & More - B5
    Make Up For Ever - B8
    Mango - C2 (ground level)
    Mango Tree - C3 (along 7th Ave)
    Maxiworks - B2
    Mini Shabu-Shabu - B6
    Mizuno - B3
    Mos Design - B2
    Mother Care - B2
    Muji - B7
    Nanbantei - C3 (2nd level)
    Natuzzi - B2 (along 9th Ave)
    New Orleans - B6
    Nike - B3
    Nine West - B7
    Nokia - B3
    Nolita - c2 (2nd level)
    Nuffnanng Philippines - B3 (along 9th Ave)
    Oliver's Super Sandwiches closed down - B6
    Onitsuka Tiger - C2
    Pancake House - B3
    Panera - C1
    Patchi - B5
    Pedro - B8
    Penguin - B8
    Picture Company - B2
    Promod - C3 (ground level)
    Puma - B1
    R O X (Recreational Outdoor Exchange) - B1
    Rolex - C1
    Rudy Project - B1
    Runnr - B3
    Sariwon - C2 (2nd level)
    Seattle's Best Coffee - B3
    Seventh High - B3 (along 7th Ave)
    ShoeThing - B2
    Slice - C2 (ground level)
    Speedo - B3
    Springfield - B6
    Staccato - B6
    Standard Chartered - B3 (along 7th Ave)
    Starbucks Coffee - B3
    Stella - C3
    Stoked Inc - B1
    Superdry Store - C1 (along 5th Ave)
    Sutra - C2 (2nd level)
    T G I Friday's - B3
    Tempur - B5
    Texas Roadhouse Grill - B1
    Tha Cake Club - C3 (2nd level)
    The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - B8
    The Face Shop - B8
    The Spa Wellness - B8
    The Stock Market Cafe - B3
    Timezone - B1
    Topshop - B7
    Toy R Us - along 9th Ave B2
    Tudor - C1
    United Colors of Benetton - B8
    Village Tavern - C3 (2nd level)
    VMV Hypoallergenics - B8
    Von Dutch - B6
    Wrist Pod - B6

    Buildings Of BHS Where Establishments Are Located

    C2 Bldg in BHS with its name stands conspicuously above it

    In the map below is the whole stretch of Bonifacio High Street from 5th Ave (West end) to 11th Ave (East end). All establishments, e.g., restaurants, bars, boutiques, offices, etc are located in the buildings that lined up both sides of BHS. Click each red pin in the map to reveal the name of a particular building and the establishments located in that building. Tip: After looking up the name of your destination in the alphabetical list, go to this map and look up the building, then go to "walk direction" part.

    5th Ave is the main road of West BGC. 11th Ave is the road between High Street east end and Serendra which is just outside Market Market. You can get to High Street from Market Market by exiting the mall towards Fiesta Market, the open air food court before the open parking. There's a Jollibee to your left as you exit. Once outside, go toward your right and use pedestrian lane to cross the road to get to Serendra. Go inside Serendra shops, walk past restaurants and stores of Serendra and then cross 11th Ave to get to the High Street which you will immediately see.

    Map #1. Click red pins and blue bus markers to get accurate information. Don't rely on embedded data.

    If you come from Market Market, you will enter High Street at 11th Ave toward its other end in 5th Ave. Here are the order of buildings as you walk past them: To your left: B6, B5, B2, B1, C2 and C1. To your right: B7, B8, B3, C3 and C4 (under construction). There's no B4 because of Feng Shui.

    Walk Directions From Four Bus Stops To BHS Destinations

    There are four bus stops that you can use to get to your destination inside BHS depending on its location. How would you know what bus stop to alight? First, you must know the building in which your destination is located. Second, look up the building in the two maps below and see which bus stop is nearer to the building. Click the markers - red pins and bus stop signs for more information.

    Map #2. Net One Bus Stop and The Fort Bus Stop. Please click bus markers for more information.

    Map #3. High Street 30th St Bus Stop & High Street 28th St Bus Stop. Please click bus icons for info.

    Net One Bus Stop - It's faster to get to C1, C2, C3 and C4 (under construction by now) with this Bus Stop because the bus that stops here takes shorter route of McKinley Road. Located at 27th St in West BGC, this bus stop is for commuters coming from The Fort Bus Terminal in EDSA near MRT-3 Ayala Station as well as those from Glorietta, SM Makati and those from far distant locations travelling by trains. The sign of bus you must ride is "West Route". If you don't know the location of The Fort Bus Terminal in EDSA, click here. Nevertheless, the nearest Bus Stop to C1, C2, C3 and C4 is The Fort Bus Stop, depending on what day you're going and what type of bus you're riding. Read "The Fort Bus Stop".

    How to get to BHS from this bus stop? Walk back towards the corner of 27th St and 4th Ave. Turn left and walk towards the corner of 4th Ave and 28 St. Turn right, walk towards 5th Ave and you will immediately see C1 Bldg across the 5th Ave, see Map #2 above.

    The Fort Bus Stop - Located in 5th Ave, this bus stop is served by buses bound for Market Market and have "East Route" sign in their fronts. If you're riding East Route Bus that takes McKinley Road, then this is nearer compare to Net One Bus Stop and it's better to alight here if your destination is located in C1, C2, C3 or C4. But most buses bound for Market Market from The Fort Bus Terminal in EDSA are the ones with Worthy and HM names painted on their outer body and they are not allowed to take the shorter route of McKinley Rd. They take the longer route of EDSA-Kalayaan-West BGC-High Street-Market Market. But there are times when a bus with "The Fort Bus" or "Bonifacio Global City" name painted on its body also takes Market Market Route via McKinley Rd especially during weekend and if there's no available HM and Worthy. If the "East Route" bus you are about to ride is painted "The Fort Bus" or "Bonifacio Global City", then use this Bus Stop. On the other hand, if the available bus bound for Market Market is painted "HM" or "Worthy Transport", then it's faster to take "West Route" bus and alight at Net One Bus Stop. Before you buy ticket at The Fort Bus Terminal, it's better to look at what bus is headed for Market Market. It's at the back of "West Route" bus along the road outside The Fort Bus passengers' waiting area.

    How to get to BHS from this bus stop? Just walk along 5th Ave towards 28th St and you will immediately see the road sign that reads "High Street". C1 is just across the next intersection which is 28th St. See Map #2 above.

    High Street 30 St Bus Stop - This Bus Stop is nearer to B3, B1, B2, B5, B6, B7 and B8 if you're coming from The Fort Bus Stop Terminal in EDSA and MRT Ayala Station.

    How to get to BHS from this bus stop? Follow the direction of the arrow in our third map above, Map #3. Just walk along 9th. You will immediately see Agave, Nuffnang and 2nd's along 9th Ave. The building to your right is B3 while the building to your left is B8. Click the red pins on the map to get more information.

    High Street 28th St - This is the nearest bus stop to the center of High Street if you're coming from Market Market and you want to take a bus. The sign of the bus to ride must be "BGC Central". You must inform the driver that you're alighting at High Street because if not the bus driver might take different direction that will not pass by this bus stop. The terminal of The Fort Buses in Market Market is in the open parking area just outside Fiesta Market. To see the terminal in the map, click here.

    How to get to BHS from this bus stop? Walk along 9th Ave northward. Immediately, you will see Active Fun, Mother Care, Honda Cars, Bo Concept, Toy R Us, Natuzzi, etc. They are all along 9th Ave. The building to your left is B2 and to your right is B5. Please use Map #3 above, click the red pins for more help.

    Photos Of Some Establishments In Bonifacio High Street

    Nike in B3 Bonifacio High Street and along 9th Ave

    The Mango Tree is along 7th Ave side of C3 in High Street

    From 9th Ave 2nd level of C3:  Beso Cucina Vinoteka, The Cake Club,
    Elias, Aria, Nanbantei, and Village Tavern
    C3 Building with its sign visible from the distance

    From 5th Ave C3 Bldg is to the left next to C4
    The following stores are in ground floor:
    Stella, Promod, The Mango Tree and Ever New

    Seattle's Best Coffee

    Recreational Outdoor Exchange - R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street

    Slice and Jamba Juice

    Texas Roadhouse Grill

    Bo's Coffee

    New Orleans, Clawdaddy's and Italiannis

    Pedro and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

    Wrist Pod and Von Dutch

    David & Goliath

    Dimensione Bonifacio High Street

    Fully Booked, Springfield, Charles & Keith and Mini Shabu-Shabu

    Geox in Bonifacio High Street

    G-Force Oakley, Rudy Project and Bike King

    iStudio and Canon

    Kirin Bonifacio High Street

    Lush, MakeUpForEver, Fruits & Passion and VMV

    Ecco, MineWest, Gap, Topshop and Muji

    Nokia Bonifacio High Street Global City

    Patchi, Figaro and Make Room & More

    Seventh High, Standard Chartered and Kabisera

    Runnr Bonifacio High Street

    Stoked Inc and Puma in Bonifacio High Street

    Speedo and Starbucks Coffee

    Tempur and Brothers Burger in High Street

    Timezone Bonifacio High Street

    Honda Cars is opposite Active Fun in 9th Ave Bonifacio High Street

    2nd's, Agave and Nuffnang are along 9th Ave in Bonifacio High Street

    Aldo Accessories High Street

    All Flip Flops, United Colors of Benetton, Crocs and Calvin Klein

    Along 9th Ave: Bo Concept, Natuzzi and Mo Design

    Alveo, Penguin and The Face Shop

    Health Options and Alessi in High Street

    Krispy Kreme Bonifacio High Street

    Mizuno High Street

    Shoe Thing and Big & Small Co

    Bonifacio High Street during rainy days

    Surrounding Places of High Street and Bonifacio Global City

    Location Map of High Street. Please click each pins at the surrounding areas for more familiarization.