28 Sep 2012

Araneta Ave-Quezon Ave Underpass Grand Opening

  • 28 Sep 2012
  • Lagalag

  • Today, September 28, 2012, Araneta Ave-Quezon Ave underpass aka C3-Quezon Ave Tunnel opens doors to the public. Commuters and motorists celebrate as the approximately 15-month stressful traffic in the intersection of Araneta Ave and Quezon Ave caused by the underpass construction that started June of last year has finally come to an end. It was a long wait and the daily traffic jam have had put patience of drivers and commuters to the test.

    G Araneta-Quezon Ave Underpass
    The much awaited opening of Php 430 million peso government project which aimed to improve traffic situation in the area was inaugurated by no less than President Benigno Nonoy Aquino III. Prior to opening day, clamors of jeepney drivers and private car owners were seen on prime time news as the project couldn't open yet even if it's already finished as of last week. Well, that's the way it goes folks. We have schedule to follow. What can I say, the tunnel is now passable. And since the underpass is already operational, let's enjoy the ride to our work or school whether by commuting or driving. As for me, I'm now excited to have "Araneta Ave-Quezon Ave Underpass" on my upcoming posts in giving you guys directions and guides in your daily commute and drive.

    G Araneta Underpass vertical clearance is 5.2 meters
    With the Araneta Ave-Quezon Ave Underpass now completed and it will be known simply as G Araneta Underpass, a motorist headed to Philcoa, Quezon City Memorial Circle or Quezon City Hall can now go and take the whole stretch of Quezon Ave from Welcome Rotunda without the worry of getting stuck in the traffic. For those who drive big trucks and other tall vehicles, vertical clearance of Araneta Underpass is 5.2 meters only. So, check the height of your vehicle before passing through the tunnel to avoid accident. We've seen scores of accident in the roads which involved overhead structures and tall transport trucks with drivers that overlooked height limit.

    Traffic in Quezon Ave before Araneta Underpass opens
    This photo shows the volume of traffic along Quiapo bound lane of Quezon Ave prior to the opening of the underpass. Look at that! The tail-end of this traffic jam was extended beyond Caltex Station located before the bridge of San Juan River. And it's taken on a Sunday. I took it myself on Sept 23. Went there, strolled the entire EDSA-bound lane of the tunnel and backed via Quiapo-bound lane taking some pictures. C3-Quezon Ave Underpass has four lanes, two on each of the opposite directions.

    Araneta Ave-Quezon Ave Tunnel Inauguration
    - Sept 28, 2012. Photo taken 5 days before the inaugural
    The completion of Araneta Ave-Quezon Ave Underpass makes the total number of tunnels along Quezon Ave to two. EDSA-Quezon Ave Underpass project has been operational ever since I wasn't born yet. LOL. That's a joke. I was still not a Manilenio when it got opened. So, which intersection is next? Hopefully, they also build a tunnel in Lacson-Espana intersection. I think everybody agrees when I say that's another traffic hotspot. And can you imagine if there's already a "Lacson-Espana Underpass"? The commute and drive time involved in going to school and work? Whoa! That would be amazing. It's gonna be a whole lot of comfort for drivers as driving from UST to Commonwealth Ave via Espana and Quezon Ave would be in a breeze. I just hope it materialize. And I'm gonna be the first one to publish a blog entry with the title - "Lacson Ave-Espana Blvd Underpass Opens Today".

    23 Sep 2012

    How To Commute To DOST Bicutan

  • 23 Sep 2012
  • Lagalag

  • A lot of commuters have been asking through email (not advisable) how to get to DOST or Department of Science & Technology in Bicutan by bus routes, jeepney routes and train routes. So, to serve these people, I headed out to its location and got all commute directions bound to the sprawling government agency. A map is available at the bottom of this post.

    DOST NCR Regional Office is situated approximately 240 meters away east of President Osmena Highway (SLEX/Skyway) in Bicutan, Taguig where bus stops, jeepney loading/unloading areas and PNR Bicutan Station are all located. Its opposite landmark is SM City Bicutan which touches the West Service Road of SLEX.

    DOST sign is visible from footbridge right before the downhill ramp 

    Bus & Jeepney Unloading Areas And Train Station Nearest To DOST

    By Bus - From any point of EDSA as well as from Novaliches and Fairvew, ride a bus bound for Alabang or Sucat that must have a secondary sign that reads "Bicutan". Get off the bus at SM Bicutan unloading area. From any point of SLEX northbound lane, just ride a bus with secondary sign that reads "Bicutan".

    By Jeepney - The jeepneys that pass by and unload passengers here are those come from MOA, Pasay Rotunda and any point of EDSA between Taft Ave and Magallanes. The sign of jeepneys are any of these: "Alabang", "Sucat" and "Bicutan". Get off the jeep at SM Bicutan unloading zone. From Alabang, FTI and Sucat, board a jeepney with "Pasay Rotunda SM Mall of Asia" sign and alight at Bicutan.

    By Train - PNR Bicutan Station is where to get off the Metro Commuter train from south of Metro Manila, e.g., Alabang Station, Sucat Station and Binan Station. If you come from Bicol Region or the provinces of Quezon, Batangas and Laguna on board Bicol Express Train, just alight at Bicutan Station which is next to Sucat Station, the station after Alabang. Now, if you're in an area of Manila, Pasay and Makati that's near to a PNR Station, you can opt for a train ride instead of bus or jeepney. Here are the stations you might use: Tutuban, Blumentritt (transfer from LRT-1 Blumentritt Station), Laong-Laan, Espana, Sta Mesa, Paco, Pandacan, San Andres, Vito Cruz, Buendia (Gil Puyat Ave), Pasay Road (Arnaiz Ave), Magallanes (transfer from MRT-3 Magallanes Station) Nichols and FTI. Get off the train at Bicutan Station.

    Walk Direction To DOST Gate

    One thing to remember: Use the interconnected pedestrian footbridges and a pedestrian lane from any point: Bus Unloading, Jeepney Stop and Train Station. Avoid Php 200 pesos penalty or time consuming seminar. From SM City Bicutan jeepney and bus unloading areas and Osmena Highway service road jeepney stops, climb the footbridge stairs and get to the other side of Osmena Highway. From Bicutan Station, climb the footbridge instead of crossing the train track. You can easily see DOST signage from the footbridge, one good reason why you need to use the footbridge even if you're just from train station. Go down at the other end of the footbridge which leads to roadside market place. Use the pedestrian lane past the big roundabout (rotunda) to get to the other side of General Santos Ave. Walk past the overhead DOST signage and follow the direction of the sidewalk as it turns right until you get to Gate-4 of DOST complex. There's a walkway inside that leads to the DOST building. Talk to the security officer at the gate.

    Here are directions from different locations to DOST NCR Office in Taguig

    SM City Bicutan is situated along SLEX (Skyway) opposite DOST

    Route #1

    From Pasay Rotunda, Mall of Asia, DFA and Baclaran.

    You only need one jeepney ride from anywhere along EDSA in Pasay. So, if you're in Baclaran, ride a jeepney to EDSA and from DFA, ride a jeepney to Baclaran, then, another one to EDSA. You can use this route from LRT-1 EDSA Station coming from all stations, e.g., Roosevelt, Balintawak. Monumento, etc.

    The sign of jeepney that you must ride from EDSA and MOA is any of the following: "Bicutan", "Sucat", "Alabang". Alight at SM City Bicutan. Read Walk Direction above.

    Route #2

    One bus ride from EDSA points of Monumento, Balintawak, Roosevelt-Munoz, SM City North EDSA, Trinoma, Quezon Ave, Centris, Timog, Kamuning, Cubao, Santolan, Annapolis, Ortigas, SM Megamall, Shaw, Boni-Pioneer, Guadalupe, Gil Puyat aka Buendia, Ayala and Magallanes.

    Ride a southbound bus with any of these signs: "Alabang Bicutan", "Sucat Bicutan", "SM City Bicutan", etc. There must be a secondary sign that reads "Bicutan" attached to the front of the bus. Alight at the unloading area in Bicutan and use the interconnected footbridges to get to the other side of Osmena Highway. Follow walk direction above.

    LRT-1 Plus PNR Metro Commuter Train

    Route #3

    One ride of LRT-1 and one ride of PNR Train.

    This is good from any of these locations: Munoz-EDSA, Balintawak, Monumento, R. Papa, 5th Ave, Jose Abad Santo-Rizal Ave and other locations near to LRT-1. Just ride a LRT-1 train bound for Baclaran and alight at Blumentritt Station.

    You can also opt for this route if you're in Pedro Gil, UN Ave, SM City Manila via Central Station, Carriedo, Doroteo Jose and Bambang. Ride a LRT-1 Train bound for Roosevelt and then alight at Blumentritt.

    In Blumentritt, go to PNR Blumentritt Station which is just a few meters away from LRT-1. Ride PNR Train bound for Alabang and alight at Bicutan Station. Follow walk direction given above.

    MRT-3 Plus PNR Commuter Train

    Route #4

    If you want to get to DOST by two train rides from Trinoma, SM City North, Timog, Cubao, Santolan-EDSA, Megamall, Ortigas Center, Shaw (Starmall and Shangri-La), Robinson's Pioneer, Guadalupe, Buendia-EDSA and Ayala: Ride a train bound for Taft and alight at Magallanes Station. From Taft, ride a MRT-3 bound for North and alight at Magallanes.

    Walk your way to PNR Magallanes Station located under Magallanes Bridge (flyover). Ride a train bound for Alabang and then alight at Bicutan Station. Before Bicutan, the train stops at Nichols and FTI. Follow walk direction given above.

    LRT-2 Plus LRT-1 Plus PNR Train

    Route #5

    This is good if you're in SM City Sta Mesa (V Mapa Station), Pureza and Legarda. Just board a LRT-2 to Recto Station, walk to LRT-1 Doroteo Station via footbridges (follow direction sign), then ride another train bound for Roosevelt and alight at Blumentritt Station. Go to PNR Blumentritt Station, ride a PNR Train to Alabang and alight at Bicutan. Use the walk directions given above.

    LRT-2 Plus MRT-3 Plus PNR Train

    Route #7

    Alternative from SM City Sta Mesa via V Mapa Station and practical from J Ruiz, Gilmore and Betty Go Belmonte stations of LRT-2: Board a train bound for Santolan and alight at Araneta Center Cubao Station.

    From east of Metro Manila, e.g., SM City Marikina, Cainta, SSS Village, Robinson's Metro East, Riverbank, etc - via Santolan Station. You can also use Katipunan and Anonas stations. Board a train bound for Recto Station and alight at Araneta Center Cubao Station.

    From Araneta Center Cubao Station, get inside Gateway Mall. Walk straight towards Smart Araneta Coliseum. Follow direction signs pointing to MRT-3 Araneta Center Cubao Station. Ride a train bound for Taft Station and alight at Magallanes Station, next to Ayala Station. Go to PNR Station located under Magallanes Flyover. Board your third train ride which is bound for Alabang and alight at Bicutan Station. Follow walk direction given at the start of this article.

    Route #8

    From Bulacan, Pampanga, Subic, Olongapo and other provinces in Northern Luzon.

    Board a bus, jeepney or FX bound for Manila, Cubao or Balintawak. There are FXs and vans headed to SM City North and Trinoma Transport Terminals. Depending on your chosen terminal, you can take any of these routes: Balintawak Terminal - Choose either Route #2 or #3. Cubao - Route #2 or #4. SM City North and Trinoma as well as Bust Terminals located in EDSA Kamuning - You can take Route #2 or #4.

    DOST NCR Regional Office Taguig Map