16 May 2013

How To Commute To SM Aura Premier Aka SM City Taguig

  • 16 May 2013
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  • SM Aura Mass schedule is as follows: Saturdays - 12NN & 6pm, Sundays - 10AM, 12NN, 3PM, 5PM & 7PM, Weekdays - 12:15NN & 6PM. SM Aura Premier is located opposite the large parking area of Market Market in 26th St, Bonifacio Global City (BGC). Market Market is on the north of 26th St while SM Aura is on the south. See map below this post. Bonifacio Civic Center is the 34-storey building attached to SM Aura. The nearest Bus Stop if you're going to SM Aura from EDSA-Ayala via BGC Bus is the BGC Bus Market Market Terminal. It is located adjacent to Market Market bldg. After getting off the bus, walk away from Market Market bldg toward the large parking area. The mall across 26th St, the road next to parking area, is SM Aura Premier. Head to pedestrian lane to cross 26th St.

    BGC Bus is the convenient means of transportation to SM Aura from MRT-3 Ayala Station. You can get to SM Aura from as far as Santolan Pasig or Monumento Caloocan by two train rides and a BGC Bus, i.e., LRT-1 plus MRT-3 plus BGC Bus or LRT-2 plus MRT-3 plus BGC Bus. Just get off the train at MRT-3 Ayala Station, ride a BGC Bus "East Route", and alight at Market Market Bus Station. For more details on how to ride a BGC Bus from MRT Ayala Station, read this separate guide: Commute Guide To Buildings & Attractions Inside BGC From MRT Ayala Station.

    How To Go To SM Aura Premier From Other Locations

    By UV Express

    You can go directly to SM Aura from these locations: Antipolo, Ayala, Crossing, FTI, Guadalupe, Pasig, Pateros, Rosario, SM Bicutan, SM Marikina, SM Masinag, SM Megamall, SM Moa, Taguig Bicutan and Taguig Tipas.

    The reason for this is because UV Express Terminal in SM Aura aka SM City Taguig is located at the basement parking few meters from mall entrance. Unlike BGC Bus Terminal, riding a UV Express is more convenient in the sense that you don't need to walk far from the terminal. So, if you preferred this mode of transportation, head to the respective terminals of UV Express in your area, e.g., SM Megamall Terminal - back of Bldg B and SM MOA - North or South Terminal.

    By Jeepney

    From EDSA-McKinley in MRT Ayala Station vicinity

    There's also a jeepney terminal from EDSA-Ayala. The jeepney terminal is located at the back of Shell Gasoline Station. The difference between riding a jeepney and riding a BGC Bus is that the jeepney goes directly to Market Market. So, it's faster compare to a BGC Bus which passes through various streets to drop off and pick up passengers on its designated Bus Stops. In going to SM Aura, ask the driver as to where you can alight nearer to the mall.

    From Guadalupe

    SM Aura Premier aka SM City Taguig in BGC

    Take a jeepney with "Guadalupe Gate 3 Ft Bonifacio" signs on both sides of its body and "Market Market Gate 3" or "SM Aura" signboard on its front. The loading terminal is located along Burgos St between Jollibee and McDonald's. Burgos St is perpendicular to EDSA and both McDonald's and Jollibee are located at the opposite corners of EDSA and Burgos St. From MRT Guadalupe Station, it's best to enter the connected mall, use the escalators and head toward Burgos exit. Ask driver to drop you off at SM Aura or unloading area nearest to SM Aura.

    From Pedro Gil Taft

    Ride a jeepney bound for "Guadalupe Tulay" and with "Ilalim" secondary sign. Get off the jeep at Guadalupe Commercial Center, the mall connected to MRT Guadalupe Station. Go to loading terminal of jeepneys that ply "Guadlupe Gate 3 Ft Bonifacio" route. Follow direction given above (From Guadalupe).

    From Lawton Ave-SLEX-PNR Nichols

    UV Express Terminal inside SM Aura Premier

    Go to the big building of Gate 3 Plaza mall where a Jeepney Terminal is located in its front along Lawton Ave. This is also good if you're coming from any point of Chino Roces aka Pasong Tamo Ext from EDSA to Lawton Ave, just ride a jeepney with "Gate 3" sign on its front. Ride the same jeepney from Guadalupe, this time with "Guadalupe Market Market" or "SM Aura" signboard on its front. The jeepney also has marking on its sides that read "Guadalupe Fort Bonifacio Gate 3. Ask driver to drop you off at SM Aura.

    From Rockwell

    Just ride a jeepney with "Guadalupe Tulay Ilalim" sign and follow direction given in "From Pedro Gil Taft" mentioned above.

    By Public Bus

    From north & south of MM, e.g., Alabang, Baclaran, NAIA-1, Monumento, Malanday, Novaliches, Fairview, etc

    Ride any bus with secondary sign that reads "Ayala Ibabaw" and alight at unloading zone near MRT Ayala Station. Go to the terminal of jeepneys bound for Market Market or the BGC Bus. Alight at Market Market and use the pedestrian lane to get to SM Aura Premier.

    If your location is not listed here and you want me to guide you in commuting to SM Aura Premier, just use the comment form below. At this point, I need to say goodbye for now. Happy shopping! Please share this guide to help others in going to SM Aura Premier. Thanks!

    sm aura mass schedule
    SM Aura Mass Schedule

    Vicinity Map of SM Aura Premier

    'Pinch-out' the map to zoom in so that icons get separated and give clearer guide. Tap each icon to read details.


    BGC Bus Temporary Terminal Location in EDSA Near MRT Ayala Station

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  • /Update Jan 27 2015/ The new BGC Bus Terminal building is now open. The content of this article is now recommended NOT to read as it has no more significance for commuters going to BGC. Read our new article about the opening of the new BGC Bus Terminal, go to -> BGC Bus new EDSA-McKinley Terminal across MRT Ayala Opens /End of Update/

    Leaflets have been giving away by crews of BGC bus yesterday. In the flyer is the announcement that reads:

    "The BGC Bus Terminal will be temporarily close and a new Integrated Office and Transport Terminal Building will be constructed. Our temporary terminal is at Shell Gas Station effective May 16, 2013. Thank you for your understanding."

    So, if you landed on this page from my post entitled Commute Guide To Buildings & Attractions Inside BGC From MRT Ayala Station, here's the map on how to get to the temporary terminal of BGC (Bonifacio Global City) buses from MRT Ayala Station.

    As you can see in the map, there are two shaded rectangles. The rectangle shaded in violet is the original location of BGC Buses bound for Bonifacio Global City. It's the one mentioned in my post Commute Guide To Buildings & Attractions Inside BGC From MRT Ayala Station. Now the rectangle shaded in orange is the temporary terminal of BGC Bus located at Shell Gas Station while the new one is being constructed. To get there from MRT Ayala Station, just walk straight along EDSA toward McKinley Road where you will see the Shell Station on the other side, exactly located at the corner of EDSA and McKinley. Walk across McKinley and go towards the terminal. Just follow the green arrow direction in the map above.

    You can now continue reading the post on how to get to your destination in Bonifacio Global City. Just close this tab and that article is in your original window. Or click here.

    Watch for the opening of the new Integrated Bus Terminal of BGC Bus. I will publish it here :)

    14 May 2013

    How To Commute To The Portal & Pavilion Square And The Hub in Greenfield District

  • 14 May 2013
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  • Where are The Portal, The Hub and Pavilion Square located?

    The Portal is a new dining destination in Greenfield District next to its central park that covered with manicured lawn. Greenfield District is located at the corner of EDSA and Shaw Blvd in Mandaluyong, opposite Shangri-La Plaza. Pavilion Square is a mall that serves as gateway to Greenfield District if you're going there by MRT-3 train which you can take from LRT-1 EDSA Station or LRT-2 Araneta Center Cubao Station. The Bub is a restaurant row along Mayflower St aka EDSA Central Ave, the second street paralleled to EDSA. Magflower St is also perpendicular to Shaw Blvd and crosses United Ave. Please refer to the map below this post.

    Pavilion Square - How to get therePavilion Square is connected to MRT Shaw Station. An elevated walkway connects Pavilion Mall to Greenfield Interactive Showroom, Soho Central and Twin Oaks Place. And if your destination is The Hub going there by train, take this pedestrian walkway up to Mayflower St where you take the stair and then cross the road.

    It's more convenient. To use the bridge, you must be at the second level of the Pavilion Square, walk straight from entrance connected to MRT Station toward the opposite end. There you will exit Pavilion Square and continue walking down the walkway bridge. You get to see the Greenfield Park to your right below as well as The Portal. The Hub is across the park.

    How to go to Pavilion Square from a MRT Train

    Southbound Train (from North Station) - after getting off the train, walk toward the head end of the train (front) and use the escalator nearer to that part of the train. Upon exit from turnstile, go left and turn right from the glass door. Go downstairs and walk further ahead until you get to the third level entrance of Pavilion Square. There is also a second level entrance linked to MRT Station. Just use one more stair from the third level.

    Northbound Train (from Taft Station) - after you alight, walk toward the tail end of the train. Use the escalators near to the back of MRT train instead of the ones near the head end. From the turnstile, go left then right and use the stairs to come down either to third level or second level which both lead to Pavilion Square.

    The Hub Greenfield - How to go there
    The Hub - Photo from lakwatserongunggoy

    How To Get To The Hub

    It's faster to go to The Hub if you enter on the second level. So, from MRT Station concourse level, come down to the second level before heading to Pavilion Square. MRT concourse is fourth level.

    The Portal Greenfield location and how to go there
    The Portal - image from lakwatserongunggoy

    How To Get To The Portal

    Go to the ground level of Pavilion via escalator. From the escalator, go to any exit/entrance to the left side of the elongated mall.

    You will immediately see the park and next to it is the prominent building of The Portal.

    From Any parts of Metro Manila

    By Bus

    From all directions both south and north of Metro Manila: Monumento, Letre, Navotas, Fairview, Novaliches, SM North, Cuao, Baclaran, Alabang, Sucat, FTI, etc.

    Just ride a bus with secondary sign that reads "Crossing Ibabaw" and alight there. Use pedestrian lane and go toward Pavilion Square which is exactly located along EDSA near corner Shaw Blvd. It is next to Zitan condo which opposite the equally tall building of Citylad EDSA Shaw. Note: If you're riding a northbound train, you get to see Pavilion Square before Shaw Blvd. Alight before Shaw Blvd. Use United St, the road before Shaw and bordered Pavilion Hotel, to get to The Portal. Walk further along United past The Portal to get to The Hub.

    By Jeepney

    From Quiapo, Legarda, Recto, V Mapa, Pureza, SM City Sta Mesa and Kalantong

    Take a jeepney with "Pasig" sign. If the jeepney takes EDSA Shaw flyover, alight before it take the flyover and walk toward EDSA and follow given direction to Pavilion Square. Now if your destination is The Hub, get off the jeepney at the unloading area located past the flyover. Walk back to Mayflower St and turn left there. If the jeepney takes "Ilalim", you can alight at the unloading area past EDSA and then take Sto Cristo St, the first street of Greenfield District paralleled to EDSA. Pavilion Square is next to Zitan condominium. The Portal is opposite Pavilion Square. To get to The Hub faster, alight at unloading area nearer to Mayflower St. Both Sto. Cristo and Mayflower streets have Greenfield District signage.

    Hope this guide helps you. If your destination is The Portal, The Hub, Pavilion Square or any spot in Greenfield District and you don't know how to get there, just ask me. I am more than willing to guide you by giving commute directions. Thanks for always reading my directional guides.

    Greenfield Map shows Pavilion Square (shaded in blue), The Portal (in orange) and The Hub (in violet)

    4 May 2013

    Trinoma to Market Market Free Bus Ride via GMA News TV Pasabay On The Go

  • 4 May 2013
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  • GMA Pasabay Free Bus Ride from Trinoma to Market Market and vice versa runs until May 25, 2013. It started on April 29. Shoppers, mallers, students, professionals and other commuters can go to two mall destinations for free via air-conditioned buses courtesy of GMA News TV. Dubbed "GMA NewsTV Pasabay on the go", the Kapuso Network public service also serves individuals headed to various spots between its two mall terminals. You can get off the bus at any of the following bus stops:

    Pasabay on the Go Loading and Unloading

    GMA NEWS TV Pasabay On The Go Libreng SakayFrom Trinoma to Market Market - GMA Kamuning, Cubao Farmers, Santolan, Crame, Ortigas, Shaw Blvd, Guadalupe, Buendia

    From Market Market to Trinoma - Gate 1 Kalayaan, Gudalupe, Boni, Shaw, Origas, Santolan, Cubao Farmers, GMA Kamuning, Quezon Ave

    How to ride a GMA NEWS TV Pasabay Libreng Sakay bus

    First, you need to register and present any valid ID at designated booth. Second, you go to bus terminal minutes before your chosen schedule of bus departure.

    GMA NEWS TV Pasabay on the go booth locations - In Trinoma, the booth is located at activity center, beside escalators which are across KFC and near to the entrance to Landmark. In Market Market, the booth is located outside the mall. Within Fiesta Market, near to large open parking area which also serves as public transport terminal. The booth is actually opposite Gerry's Grill.

    Early Morning Rides

    If the mall is still closed, you can go directly to the respective terminals of the buses. In Trinoma, it's located along EDSA near Landmark entrance. In Market Market, the bus is parked at the main public transport terminal and parking area. You can easily see it as the bus is marked and bears signage of GMA News TV as well as logo of Pasabay on the go all over its body.

    Bus Schedule

    Bus 1 Departure from Trinoma

    5 am, 8 am, 11:30 am, 2:30 pm, 6 pm

    Bus 2 Departure from Trinoma

    6 am, 9 am, 12:30 pm, 3:30 pm, 7 pm

    Bus 1 Departure from Market Market

    6:30 am, 10 am, 1 pm, 4 pm, 8 pm

    Bus 2 Departure from Market Market

    7:30 am, 11 am, 2 pm, 5 pm, 9 pm

    Other Perks of GMA NEWS TV Libreng Sakay

    En route to destination, you can use free wifi plus GMA NEWS TV stuffs are up for grabs. There's also karaoke for those who are fond of singing. What's more exciting is you get a price after you sing. Truly, riding GMA NEWS TV Pasabay on the go is fun. But I need to say this also: Wifi is available at all bus scheduled travels. But the contest on the go as well as giveaways and karaoke, they don't do that on board at all scheduled travels. You are lucky if you pick the schedule where games will be held :)