17 Feb 2014

Skyway Stage 3 Construction Begins

  • 17 Feb 2014
  • Lagalag

  • Metro Manila Skyway 3 Starts
    The much awaited construction of 14.8 km Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 Project which will link up NLEX to SLEX in an unobstructed way begins Monday Feb 17, 2014. An ultimate remedy to the perennial problem of our metropolis in easing up the traffic, the P26.7 billion infrastructure project will end patching up different kinds of band-aid solutions our government has tried for years now but with no or little effect. Finally, we can see light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.

    Alternate Routes

    Skyway 3 Alternative Routes Rerouting
    Expect heavy traffic along South Super Highway and Osmena Highway as well as minor and major roads near the vicinity of the construction site. To help lessen the impact of the volume of traffic, directional signs are placed 500 meters before you reach the area in which the construction starts, giving alternative routes that motorists can take in going to their respective destinations.

    Alternate routes are either perpendicular or paralleled artillery roads to SLEX with others intersecting it. You can avoid the bottleneck by taking one of these thoroughfares while MMDA still plans in adding rerouting schemes. As of this writing, the alternative routes available are the following: FB Harrison, Leon Guinto, Macapagal Blvd, Pedro Gil, Pres Quirino, Roxas Blvd, Taft Ave and Singalong.


    Although the full blast construction of Skyway 3 is scheduled to start this April, two southbound inner lanes and the center island will be fenced 10 pm today. Center island will be moved a little bit to equal the number of lanes in southbound and northbound directions. Once the center island is already moved, it will be used for the pillars of the elevated highway. No trees will be cut, they'll be undergone a process in which they will be taken care of and transplant back again once the project is complete.

    Digging inside the fenced center of the affected part of Osmena Highway which starts from Vito Cruz will not happen yet. MMDA will observe the level of effect on the flow of traffic and make necessary adjustment. Alternative routes will be added depending upon the gravity of effect on the volume of traffic caused. Once the created flow of traffic is manageable, works will proceed immediately. And if the traffic becomes so serious, they'll add more alternate routes.

    Initial Phase

    The area which will be the center of the works of the initial phase of construction measured around 300 meters. It starts from Vito Cruz and works progress up to San Andres.

    Skyway Stage 3 when finished

    It spans 14.8 kilometers from where it connects to the old Skyway up to Balintawak. It passes through the highly dense areas of Metro Manila and it snakes its way above different connected main thoroughfares. From Makati, it winds and ends in Balintawak passing through Buendia, Quirino, Nagtahan, Aurora Blvd, E Rodriguez, Quezon Ave and Sgt Rivera, in that order. Driving to Makati from NLEX would be in a breeze. Traveling time from Alabang to Bulacan and vice versa will be greatly reduced. Meanwhile, below the newly constructed Skyway, buses, jeepneys and taxis pass through without any gridlock. Each intersection that the jeepney you're riding in approaches has no standstill traffic. Waiting for a go signal is very brief. Not to mention the aesthetic aspects of shaded ground level roads embellished with different kinds of foliage and ornaments in different spots. This project is very auspicious, it catapults Metro Manila to the spot occupied by Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur in city planning.

    Sacrifice Sought

    Skyway 3 route and where to pass
    All good things in life has corresponding price. You couldn't have a professional career if you didn't go to school. You don't make a living if you don't work. In progress, it's all the same.

    The Skyway is not intended to benefit private car owners only. It is designed for the benefits of students, jeepney drivers, taxi drivers, professional workers as well as blue collars. Once the flows of traffic in the city streets that crisscrossing President Osmena Highway and all the thoroughfares beneath the elevated highway are lessen, public commuters will spend less time commuting. They'll arrive at their destination on time. Be it your school or work, you would arrive there without stress. You don't need to wake up early to make up for the traffic of commute. Jeepney drivers would definitely increase their income because they'll increase number of passing through their routes without traffic. Skyway 3 project is for the entire Filipino nation. Kudos to DPWH!

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