30 Mar 2015

Visita Iglesia Routes

  • 30 Mar 2015
  • Lagalag

  • In the observance of the Holy Week that culminates in our rumination and reflection of the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ in the holy cross that ended His life at the Calvary, DirectionsOnWeb published this post for the Lenten season. As an author of a blog that provides commuting and driving directions, it is my calling to serve readers timely directional guide. That said, today's post is a selection of Visita Iglesia routes from which you can pick a Seven Churches Visitation course to take for this year's Holy Week. Each Visita Iglesia route below is published days before a Holy Week came which started from the very first year of our blog.

    You may want to start your church visits in Redemptorist Church and end in Quiapo Church visiting five other churches along the way. Or you can take the opposite way from Quiapo to Baclaran, depends on which is nearer to your current location. It uses Mabini, del Pilar and Roxas Blvd roads. For complete directions, go to Two Visita Iglesia Routes

    If you live in Binondo and Chinatown area, you might like to start your church visits at Minor Basilica of St Lorenzo Ruiz, popularly known as Binondo Church. Your last church will be the Ermita Church. The most significant part here is you get to visit two churches inside Intramuros - Manila Cathedral and San Agustin Church. But that's after your visits to Sta Cruz Church and Quiapo Church. Note: The article was published during the retrofitting and major repairs of Manila Cathedral. During that time, we needed to go to Our Lady of Sorrows in Pasay to complete the seven churches visitation. Now that Manila Cathedral is open, the route is shorten. If you like to do your penitence walking from one church to another, I highly recommend this route. Yes, I have written in the post walk direction to take. Although, also written in the article are commuting and driving directions with parking recommendations as well. You can read the complete guides and directions by going to this post: Visita Iglesia Routes 2012

    Now if you live in Quezon City, you can start your seven churches visitation at either Santo Domingo Church in Quezon Ave or Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Cubao. You don't need to get far to other areas. If you think that no seven churches are nearer to each other in Quezon City, let alone walking distance from each other, you can go and read the article I published. Go to Visita Iglesia Routes 2013

    Are you in Baguio City this Holy Week? Contemplating about doing Visita Iglesia in the Summer Capital? Well, if you think that Baguio is just for beating the heat in Metro Manila, here's the good news. You can also have seven churches visitation in Baguio City. For visita iglesia in Baguio City, visit Visita Iglesia Routes 2014

    Hope this article helps you in your penitence this Lenten Season.

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