11 Sept 2015

How to get to Newport City Destinations via Airport Loop

  • 11 Sept 2015
  • Lagalag

  • Getting to Newport City destinations from either MRT-3 Taft or LRT-1 EDSA stations via new NAIA Airport Loop shuttle has never been convenient. The airport loop shuttles have bus stop or unloading area right outside Remington Hotel. So if you're wondering how to get to Remington Hotel, I'll tell you to get off the bus here and you only need to walk a meter or two from the bus stop. Resort World Manila is just across Newport Blvd and you will only need to take the pedestrian lane. Once inside RWM, you only need to walk your way toward Newport Mall, Maxims Hotel, Newport Performing Arts Theater, Republiq Club, Newport Cinemas, RWM Casino, etc. That's because they are all clustered together inside the huge building of RWM.

    NAIA Airport Loop Shuttle Unloading Areas in Newport City

    Airport Loop from Pasay Rotunda stops at Newport City bus stop with Star Cruise at background

    There are only two NAIA Loop Shuttle bus stops in Newport City. You can not use them to get back to Pasay Rotunda as they are only used to unload passengers. But you can board the airport loop shuttle at its NAIA-3 terminal. The unloading area in Remington is the last stop before the shuttle goes back to Terminal-3. The first bus stop in Newport City is located at Resort Dr which is perpendicular to Andrews Ave. Please see map below. In photo above is a NAIA Airport Loop bus at the first bus stop. Star Cruise building (in background of photo above) is just across the one way Resort Dr. To get there, just use the pedestrian lane.

    Shrine of Saint Therese Newport City
    If your destination is The Shrine of St Therese, the only church in Newport City, get off the bus here and walk your way there by turning left onto E-Palm Dr. At the end of the road is The Shrine of St Therese. McDonalds is at the left corner. Belmont Hotel is at the right corner opposite McDonald's restaurant. Palm Tree, clusters - A,B,C,D is located next to the church on this direction, just walk past the front of the church and turn left onto the next street, Resort Dr extension, to get to the entrance of Palm Tree condominium. Note that Resort Dr bends leftward inside Newport City from the first bus stop and it is extended back to Andrews Ave similar to a very wide U-turn.

    If your destination is the Emperador Building, wait for NCEA Free Shuttle right at the first bus stop of Airport Loop, the one opposite Star Cruise building. NCEA stands for Newport City Estates Association. After getting off the airport shuttle bus, go to the sidewalk and wait for free shuttle to arrive. This is the last stop of NCEA buses before they head to Emperador Building loading & unloading area. Located at Emperador Bldg are S&R New York Style Pizza, another McDonald's restaurant and at the other side of the building is Metro Supermarket.

    Marriott Hotel and Grand Ballroom are located in this spot
    You can also get off the airport loop bus at first bus stop if your destination is any of the following: Marriott Grand Ballroom, Marriott Hotel and Maxims. Cross E-Palm Dr and take Resort Dr, cross Newport Blvd and the three hotels are immediately there. See map below and click the red pins and bus stop icons in the map for guidance. It's faster to get to Maxims from this bus stop but it's more convenient in the second bus stop as you don't need to walk outside. If it's raining or the weather is sultry, I will recommend to use the second bus stop in going to Maxims.

    Important note in getting to Emperador Building. You can ask the driver of Airport Loop Shuttle to drop you off before it turns right onto Terminal 3. From there you can walk your way to Emperador Building which is easily seen from afar. It will save you time. If the driver allows it. But from what I have experienced in taking the Airport Loop Shuttle from Pasay Rotunda, there are times that some passengers get off at that tip of Andrews Ave before the big roundabout or rotunda (formerly known as Circulo del Mundo.)

    This article is the updated guide of getting to Newport City via NAIA Shuttle bus which is now known as Airport Loop. The content of the first post is commuting guide to Newport City and Resorts World Manila by all modes of transportation. There are no directions to other destinations inside of Newport City there as at the time it was published Newport City was still in the initial stage of development. For jeepney mode of transportation going to Newport city and RWM, go to How To Commute To Newport City & Resort World Manila. If your destination is not mentioned in this guide, just let me know and I will try my best to give you direction.

    For more accurate direction, please use this map. CLICK each red pin and bus stop icon for more information such as walking direction from bus stops.

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