27 Nov 2010

Free Parking in 999 Mall Full as early as 8 am

  • 27 Nov 2010
  • Lagalag

  • It's twenty seven days before Christmas and influx of shoppers in Divisoria is now full to the brim. Most of us think of only one thing - shop and shop and shop. But the bottom line is we always go for the lowest price without compromising the convenience. No wonder my post about 999 Mall, the newest shopping destination in Divisoria gets the most numbers of visitors ever since it was posted here. So I must inform those shoppers who bring their cars to 999 Mall this shopping season on one crucial situation - parking.

    We all know that parking area on the basement of 999 Mall is free. But I've learned that as early as 8 am, entrance to the parking is already closed because there's no more available parking slots. And you don't have any choice but to park your car in the next convenient parking area, and that's in the 168 Mall. Parking there is so massive and equally convenient because it's so spacious. But parking in 168 is not free. First 3 hours parking fee is Php 50.00 and Php 20.00 per hour hereafter. So for those who really want to save money, my tip is to arrive at 999 Mall parking entrance as early as 7 am. That's mean you must leave your home as early as 6 am, depending on where will you be coming from.

    One main advantage of parking in 999 Mall is less stress shopping. If your car is parked in secured area without toll, you can take your time in shopping. You can go out of 999 Mall and explore other Malls like 168 Mall and Tutuban Mall, buy some stuffs from there, and get back to your car to load those items and head back again to other areas. Considering the complete lines of products inside 999 Mall, you have more options. It's just sometimes it's not enough for us to be contented in one shopping location. We always go out of our way to look for more. You can take your time even if it takes you 8 hours, you don't accumulate expenses in parking.

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