31 Dec 2012

Parking Areas & Driving Directions To Quezon Memorial Circle

  • 31 Dec 2012
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  • In this guide, you will learn different driving routes from various locations to one of our national parks situated in Quezon City where the remains of our former President Manuel L Quezon had been put to rest inside a mausoleum of the 66-meter tall monument eponym for the first President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines.

    Parking Areas

    Quezon Memorial Circle 
    Parking fee for medium vehicle is Php 15 flat rate. Because Quezon Memorial Circle is so massive, measuring up to 80 hectares, it is important that you know where to park your vehicle in relation to your immediate destination inside the complex so that you get there on time. That's why I have done all the work to give you the information on Parking Areas. For example, if you're headed to QMC Restaurants, Mabini Hall or the Basketball Court, you must use the entrance opposite East Ave. Pay the parking fee. park your car and walk a little bit to your destination. Peoples Hall, on the other hand is located near to the next entrance which is opposite Commonwealth Ave. Now these pieces of information are good only if you're in a hurry and you are in an appointment. You see, QMC is not only for recreation. There are some places here which are good for business meeting, especially in QMC Restaurants. So, if it's your first time to get there by car and you have an appointment, these guides will definitely help you. Another thing, if your destination is at Quezon City Hall, this is the best parking because it's hard to park at Quezon City Hall ground. I've had experienced it before and it's really inconvenient for me looking for available parking slot there. In QMC, you just use the Quezon City Hall pedestrian underpass and you're at the City Hall in a breeze.

    Now if you're in an excursion with your family or friends, you might prefer to park anywhere allowed, stroll around, enjoy the trip, then back to your vehicle when you get tired and want to go home. Right?

    Well, there's a way you can get the most out of your QMC trip without exhausting yourselves and getting droopy quickly. You see, QMC has a lot of attractions to offer and you can move your vehicle from one spot to another so that you don't need to walk far to your next area of interest.

    Let's say your family is enjoying it now at Circle of Joy with your car parked near its entrance and there are lots of kids with you. Although, Pedal & Paddle is just opposite Circle of Joy and Zipline is adjacent, a big ride attraction called Circle of Fun is conveniently located along the one way Path Parking that goes around the strategic locations within QMC. You can move your car to the frontage of Circle of Fun, buy tickets and enjoy all the rides. Later on, move your car again to another slot near to other attractions such as Tropical Garden, Fanomart Organic Market if it's open or the Fountain, QMC Stage and the QMC Shrine itself. The one way vehicular pathway with parking slots on the left side runs through the woodlands of Quezon Memorial Circle and crosses between the Fountain and the Shrine. It passes by the back of QMC Restaurants and Mabini Hall and then passes through Food Stalls and the Picnic Areas where you can park your vehicle side by side with a concrete picnic table. Below are the major spots inside Quezon Memorial Circle, followed by a map with clickable red pins that reveal the attractions when clicked.

    Circle of Joy
    Circle of Fun
    Pedal & Paddle
    QMC Zip-Line
    QMC Restaurants
    Basketball Court
    Picnic Area 1
    Picnic Area 2
    Tropical Garden
    QMC Monument (Shrine)
    QMC Bicycles
    Peoples Hall
    Mabini Hall
    Fern Garden
    Food Stalls
    QMC Stage aka Grandstand
    Fanomart Organic Market

    Shown in the map, aside from red pins are blue shades, parking signs and red directional arrows. Blue shades are areas where parking slots are abundant and so parking signs are embedded in the map. Arrow signs represent the flow of traffic both inside the Parking Lots and the roads outside the parking lots. The road that goes around the center of QMC is the vehicular pathway with parking slots on the left side. The only road that has no parking is the two-way that connects the first large parking lot and the road that encircles QMC center.

    How To Get To Quezon Memorial Circle By Car From:

    Route #1: Norther Luzon provinces, e.g., Pampanga, Bulacan, Subic, Clark, SCTEX, etc.

    Take NLEX and use Mindanao Exit. Stay to the middle of Mindanao Ave and drive all the way to North Ave. Turn left on North Ave and turn right where it ends, Elliptical road. Change lane to the left and use your preferred entrance.

    Route #2: Southern Luzon provinces, e.g., Laguna, Batangas, Quezon, etc as well as from Alabang, Sucat, Festival Mall, Metropolis Starmall, etc via SLEX.

    Take SLEX aka Osmena Highway and then choose from three options: EDSA, C-5 and Taft Ave. Via EDSA: Drive all the way to East Ave. Details: Keep driving under road signs that read Monumento from Magallanes up to Aurora Blvd Underpass in Cubao. You must pass through Ayala Tunnel, Shaw Blvd Underpass, Ortigas Flyover, Santolan Flyover and then Aurora Blvd Underpass. Next to Aurora Blvd Underpass is EDSA-Kamuning Flyover. Don't take the flyover. Drive to the rightmost lane of EDSA, cross Kamias Road ang turn right onto East Ave. Drive all the way to its end and turn right (Elliptical Road). Change lane to the left and take the entrance opposite Commonwealth Ave or drive further past this entrance, make one complete circle and take the entrance opposite East Ave. Read the next routes for C-5 and Taft Ave.

    Route #3: Via C-5 from Bonifacio Global City, Tiendesitas, Pasig, Taguig, Ugong, Ortigas and other areas nearby.

    Take northbound lane of C-5 and drive under road signs that read NLEX then turn left on Commonwealth Ave. Details: You must pass through Ortigas Flyover and after passing by Eastwood City, you must pass through C5/Boni Serrano-Katipunan Ave Interchange followed immediately by a tunnel. Then you will take the Aurora Blvd-C5/Katipunan Flyover. You will be passing by Manila Water Company and MWSS, to your right, and the road becomes part of Tandang Sora Ave. Turn left on Commonwealth Ave, the widest road of Metro Manila. A flyover is located there (Tandang Sora-Commonwealth Flyover). Commonwealth Ave ends in Elliptical Road which encircles QMC. Make left. Change lane to the leftmost until you get to the entrance. Take either East Ave or Commonwealth Ave entrance (you would have completely encircled the QMC before entering via the entrance opposite Commonwealth Ave.

    Route #4: Via Taft Ave from SLEX/Skyway, La Salle Taft, Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, Harrison Plaza, etc.

    Turn left from SLEX to Quirino Ave where SLEX ends. Turn right onto Taft Ave. Drive under LRT-1 elevated track. You will pass through between Manila City Hall and SM City Manila. Road ends in the uphill ramp of Quezon Bridge. Make right. Next to Quezon Bridge is Quezon Blvd Underpass. Down the underpass, turn right onto the Lerma Underpass and take Espana Blvd. Drive past UST (to your left) and cross Lacson Ave. Road name becomes Quezon Ave after Welcome or Mabuhay Rotunda. Drive under road signs that read QMC until the road ends in Elliptical Road that encircles QMC. You will pass through Araneta Ave-Quezon Ave Underpass and EDSA-Quezon Ave Tunnel. Turn right onto Elliptical Road and immediately change lane to the leftmost. First entrance you get to see is the one opposite East Ave, followed by the one opposite Commonwealth Ave.

    Route #5: Via Roxas Blvd from Cavitex, Cavite, Coastal Mall, SM Mall of Asia, World Trade Center, Macapagal Blvd, Baclaran, Heritage Hotel, Aseana City, etc.

    You just drive from Cavitex or Coastal Road along the whole stretch of Roxas Blvd, the road the continues Cavitex, until you get to TM Kalaw, the road before Rizal Park and next to UN Ave. Turn right onto TM Kalaw and drive all the way to Taft Ave. Make left. From SM MOA, Macapagal Blvd and World Trade Center, take CCP then Roxas Blvd, turn right onto Kalaw and left on Taft Ave. Drive under the elevated track of LRT-1 and followed the rest of direction given on Route #4.

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