30 Dec 2010

Alternative Routes To MOA Or Mall Of Asia From Quezon City

  • 30 Dec 2010
  • Lagalag

  • It seems that going to Mall Of Asia from north of Metro Manila via EDSA is the best way to take. It's just one continues direction without any turns. Without even changing road. But take note that there are times that this main thoroughfare is heavily congested. Bumper to bumper traffic suddenly appears making your travel a bit of annoying. Alternative routes and directions is very helpful at all times. So here are other options to take in going to Mall Of Asia as well as the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex if you really need to take the car with you. Try to drive along these routes to get yourself familiar with them.

    You can take Quezon Avenue all the way to Quiapo via Espana. Then continue driving up to Lawton, crossing Pasig River via Quezon Bridge. Do not use this route every Friday. Stay to the middle of the road and continue driving. For your information, Quezon Boulevard does't end in Quiapo. It's still Quezon Boulevard you're driving along in front of Manila Post Office in Lawton. The road name only changed the moment it bends to the left. It becomes Padre Burgos Street and it runs parallel to the wall of Intramuros up to Roxas Boulevard. At this point you're on Padre Burgos Street even without changing the road that you're taking. Only name of the road has changed. Upon approach of the first stop light on Padre Burgos, change lane from middle to the right to avoid getting onto the Lagusnilad underpass, which will take you to Taft, and that's wrong way. You must get to Roxas Boulevard. So after crossing the stop light, you must take the road to the right of Lagusnilad underpass. Okay here's another information. That road with stop light intersecting Padre Burgos, its name is Victoria to your right, going to an entrance of Intramuros that is nearer to Mapua Institute of Technology, Lyceum of the Philippines, Manila High School and Manila Bulletin. To your left is Conception Street, the side where Manila City Hall is located. Next to Manila City Hall is SM City Manila. You can get to Manila City Hall or SM City Manila from that route by first turning right onto Victoria and then make a U-Turn back toward Padre Burgos and cross Padre Burgos to get to opposite street of Concepcion. From Concepcion Street, you have the options to get to Manila City Hall or SM City Manila.

    Now back to our route to MOA or Mall Of Asia via Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex. As I've mentioned, you must stay to the right of Padre Burgos after crossing Victoria Street to avoid getting onto Lagusnilad underpass. Once you passed that junction, stay to the middle of Padre Burgos Street. As you'll notice Padre Burgos bends to the right at this point. And then there's the second stop light. That road that runs perpendicurlly to the left of Padre Burgos is Finance Road. After that road is the third stop light of Padre Burgos, and that intersection is General Luna Street, the route and direction to Intramuros Entrance nearer to Pamantasan Ng Maynila or PLM, Department of Labor, San Agustin Church, Knight of Columbus, Casa Manila Patio, Father Blanco's Garden and Manila Cathedral. The moment you enter Intramuros, General Luna Street will take you to San Agustin Church and Manila Cathedral. Also, right before you enter Intramuros via General Luna Street is the area they called Round Table - a landmark that now never exist I think.

    After General Luna Street, the fourth stop light is Palacio Street. You need to stay to the left of Padre Burgos Street after crossing Palacio Street in preparation for turning left on Roxas Boulevard. You're now traversing along the edge of Luneta or Rizal Park. If you're going to Manila Ocean Park and Quirino Grandstand, stay to the middle of Padre Burgos and cross Roxas Boulevard. After crossing Roxas Boulevard, the road becomes Katigbak Drive and Quirino Grandstand will be visible after Katigbak Drive turn left. Manila Ocean Park is at the back of Quirino Grandstand. You can park your car in front of Quirino Grandstand.

    Back to topic. Turn left on Roxas Boulevard from Padre Burgos Street and stay to the middle. Drive all the way, cross intersections of U.N. Avenue, Padre Faura, Pedro Gil and Quirino Avenue. After crossing Quirino Avenue, stay to the right in preparation for turning right onto Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex.

    After Quirino Avenue to your right is the Manila Yatch Club followed by Philippine Navy Headquarters and then the Cultural Center of the Philippines or CCP Complex. Turn right onto the next street after the Philippine Navy Headquarters. That street is Pedro Bukaneg. It's opposite street to the left is Pablo Ocampo Street. From Bukaneg Street, turn left on Magdalena Jalandoni and drive all the way crossing Vicente Sotto Street where the Star City is located to the left and Gil Puyat Avenue where the World Trade Center is located. Note: There are times Magdalena Jalandoni is closed from Bukaneg. If that's the case, go straight on Padre Bukaneg then turn left on the next corner. This is where Tanghalang Francisco Balagtas or Folk Arts Theater is located, the building you see in front of you before you turn left. Turn left on Vicente Sotto toward Magdalena Jalandoni and turn right onto Jalandoni. Philippine International Convention Center or PICC is along Vicente Sotto, visible from this direction.

    After crossing Gil Puyat Avenue intersection, road name changed to President Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard. Upon approaching the first stop light on Macapagal Boulevard, stay to the right of Macapagal and turn right onto Seaside Boulevard. Stay to the middle of Seaside Boulevard all the way until you see the Mall Of Asia. You will cross the intersection of Diokno Boulevard. After you cross Diokno Boulevard, to your right is the One Esplanade located at the corner of Diokno Boulevard and Seaside Boulevard. You can park at the open parking which is visible a little while after the road bends to the left and where Club LAX is located. How to get to Club LAX MOA? Park your car in the open parking space in the esplanade of MOA using the first Parking Entrance after you pass One Esplanade. LAX is just a few meters from the first entrance of open parking you get to see along Seaside Boulevard from One Esplanade. Now, if you're destination is MOA itself and you don't want to walk that far, get to the covered parking located at the North Building and another one at the South Building. Just pass by the first entrance of open parking from which LAX is located and from Seaside Boulevard turn left on Sunset Avenue, and you'll easily see the entrance to the covered parking up ahead next to SM Hypermart. You're now in Mall Of Asia or MOA. Enjoy!

    To be continued

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