29 Jun 2012

Palacio De Manila Commute Guide

  • 29 Jun 2012
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  • Palacio de Maynila is the official name of a grand event venue by the Manila Bay. It's a great location for birthday celebrations, insurance conventions, sales conferences, weddings and other social events. Located along Roxas Blvd, Malate near boundary of Ermita, it's very easy to get there by combination of these modes of transportation: bus routes, jeepney routes and MRT/LRT. Or if you're nearer, you can just take one jeepney ride.

    How To Commute To Palacio de Maynila

    Please take a look at this map. The red pin is where Palacio de Maynila is located. Read directions below on how to go to its location.

    Signs of Jeepneys that you need to ride and where to alight

    From Monumento, Sta Cruz Manila, Avenida Ave, Rizal Ave, LRT Doroteo Jose Station, Carriedo, Lawton and other areas along these routes - "Baclaran Mabini MH Del Pilar"

    This jeepney will pass by the exact location of Palacio de Manila along MH Del Pilar. After the jeep had crossed the intersection of Pedro Gil along Del Pilar, it will cross another street which is Quinto Sr and then, next road is a street perpendicular only to the right of Del Pilar towards Roxas Blvd. Alight there, as you will see the back of Palacio de Maynila right at the corner, as seen in this photo:

    Back of Palacio de Maynila from M.H. del Pilar St

    From Baclaran, EDSA cor Harrison St, Pasay City Hall, Libertad cor Harrison St - "Monumento Mabini MH Del Pilar", "Mabini Divisoria", "Mabini Sta Cruz" and "Mabini TM Kalaw".

    The jeep will not pass by exact location because Del Pilar is one way towards Baclaran. Its counterpart street that serves as its opposite lane towards Monumento is Mabini St which is just paralleled to Del Pilar. Just ask the driver to drop you off at Sinagoga St then walk along Sinagoga towards Roxas Blvd (Del Pilar) and you will see Palacio de Maynila as seen in our photo above.

    Note: Some driver don't know Sinagoga St. In that case, tell him to drop you off at Malvar St, then walk towards Sinagoga, see the map above for more clarity of this.

    From Libertad cor Taft Ave or LRT-1 Libertad Station - "Pier Mabini"

    Wait for this jeepney along Libertad St (now Arnaiz Ave) near corner Taft Ave and opposite Pasay Market which looks like a mall. Follow direction on where to alight in jeepneys from Baclaran (above).

    From LRT-1 UN Ave Station. You need to walk along Taft Ave past NBI until you get to the corner of Padre Faura where these jeepneys pass through - "Sta Ana Pedro Gil Robinsons" and "San Andres Bukid Robinsons Pedro Gil"

    You must ask the driver if he will take MH Del Pilar because some of them cut their trip and take Adriatico St instead. The jeep must drive past Adriatico, cross Mabini and then turn left on MH Del Pilar. It will take MH Del Pilar only down to Pedro Gil where it will turn left again. Get off the jeep at the corner of Del Pilar and Pedro Gil and walk along MH Del Pilar towards Baclaran past Quintos Sr St until you see Palacio de Maynila as seen in our photo above.

    How To Get To Palacio de Maynila From Different Lcoations

    Front of Palacio de Maynila from Roxas Blvd

    Route #1

    From Alabang, Muntinlupa, Sucat, Bicutan, FTI and provinces of Batangas, Laguna, Quezon, parts of Cavite or CALABARZON.

    From the provinces mentioned, go to Alabang area. In Alabang ang other areas mentioned above, take a jeepney with "Pasay Rotunda Mall of Asia" sign. Get off the jeep at the corner of EDSA and Harrison St. Take the jeepney from Baclaran that mentioned under "Signs of Jeepneys that you need to ride and where to alight", above.

    Route #2

    From Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela or Camanava and the provinces of Northern Luzon, e.g. Bulacan, Olongapo, Subic, Clark, etc.

    Ride a bus, FX or jeepney from these provinces bound for Blumentritt or Caloocan. You need two options: by jeepney or LRT 1. By jeepney, it will be a bit longer. By LRT-1 it's more faster, just alight at UN Ave Station. Follow the appropriate route in "Signs of Jeepneys that you need to ride and where to alight", above.

    Route #3

    From East of Metro Manila e.g. Marikina, Cainta, Antipolo and other areas there.

    You have lots of options depending if you are in a hurry or not. From Cainta and Antipolo, you can take the slow route which is via bus to Quiapo and ride a jeepney with "Mabini" on its sign. Or go to the nearest MRT or LRT-2 Station, follow direction via train in Route #5. Or you can take the fast route via LRT-2 Santolan Station, alight at Recto Station and take another train to UN Ave. Read "Signs of Jeepneys that you need to ride and where to alight", above.

    Route #4

    From Cubao and Araneta Center by jeepneys.

    Ride a jeep bound for Quiapo. In Quiapo ride a jeepney with "Vito Cruz Mabini" sign. You can also wait for jeepney with "Vito Cruz Mabini" sign in Aurora Blvd Cubao, but those jeepneys are scarce.

    Route #5

    From all stations of LRT-1, LRT-2 and MRT-3

    You can transfer from one train to another to get to Palacio de Maynila. If you're in LRT-2 station, just get off the train at either Recto Station or Araneta Center Cubao, depending which one is nearer to you.

    From Recto Station, use the footbridge to get to LRT-1 Doroteo Station, take a train bound for Baclaran and alight at UN Ave Station. From Araneta Cubao Station, follow directional signs inside Gateway Mall pointing to MRT-3 Araneta Cubao Station and take another train bound for Taft.

    From any station of MRT-3, alight at Taft Station, use the footbridge that connects MRT-3 to LRT-1 EDSA Station, ride a train bound for Monumento/Roosevelt and alight at next station which is Libertad Station. Note: You can also ride a jeep from EDSA to Libertad. Ride any jeepney below LRT-1 EDSA Station and alight at Libertad aka Arnaiz Ave.

    For next ride, please read "Signs of Jeepneys that you need to ride and where to alight".


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