24 Dec 2010

How To Get To Avenida Manila Via Roxas Boulevard

  • 24 Dec 2010
  • Lagalag

  • Traveling to Avenida Manila via Roxas Boulevard is the best way one can take if they're coming from south of Metro Manila and Cavite. Here's the route. From Roxas Boulevard turn right onto Padre Burgos Street. This is the street that borders Luneta Park or Rizal Park to the north. From CCP Complex, you will cross four intersections before you get to Rizal Park from which you make your right turn onto Padre Burgos Street. These intersections are P. Ocampo formerly Vito Cruz, Quirino Avenue, Pedro Gil, and T.M. Kalaw Street. T.M. Kalaw is the street that borders Rizal Park or Luneta to the south.

    After the right turn, stay to the middle of Padre Burgos Street. While traversing the edge of Rizal Park, you will cross two stop lights before Padre Burgos Street bends to the left and a slip lane occurred to the right. Be careful not to get onto the slip lane, this will take you to Finance Road and lost your way. Another stop light and after that you are driving along the edge of National Museum, the building to your right. Up ahead the road bends again to the left and another road merges to it. Now you must make sure you're on the middle of the road upon approaching the next intersection. To your right now is Manila City Hall. It's important that you're on the middle of Padre Burgos to avoid apprehension. Traffic here is very heavy because of lots of jeepneys and buses from the road that merged a while ago. You will be tempted to change lane to the left but don't. Because if you're on the outermost lane you must take the direction toward Binondo or you will get the ticket.

    You see Padre Burgos becomes wider when the other road merged with it. And 250-meter away from the last stop light, two slip lanes occur dividing Padre Burgos Street into three main roads. Slip lane to your left will bring you to Binondo. Slip lane to your right will bring you to Quiapo. And the middle is the one that will bring you to Avenida. MMDA traffic officers stand right in this junction and I was flagged down once for that mistake. So avoid that.

    Use the elevated road toward the Pasig River and cross the river via Mac Arthur Bridge. Go with the flow of the traffic being taken by passenger jeepneys going to Monumento. Once you are under the elevated LRT Carriedo Station, you can be sure that you are now in Avenida Manila.

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