24 Dec 2010

How To Get To Star City From Libertad and Gil Puyat LRT Stations

  • 24 Dec 2010
  • Lagalag

  • There's a post entiled Directions to the Star City here in DirectionsOnWeb. Discussed there is the best route one can take from their location to the Star City via MRT and LRT. Now, there are some who preferred their way and ask questions like "How to go to Star City from LRT Libertad Station?". I created this post for them.

    From Libertad Station, located in the corner of Taft Avenue and Libertad Street also known now as Arnaiz Street, all you need to do is go to the corner of Taft and Libertad bordering Philtrust Bank. Right there, jeepneys going to Harrison Plaza via Libertad and Harrison streets pass by, and some of them even stand there for a few minutes to get passengers, not exactly in the corner but a few meters from the corner along Libertad Street that borders Philtrust Bank. They turn right onto Libertad from Taft and stop for a while. Their signs read "Harrison Plaza". But you can also ride jeepneys with signs that read "Pier". They both pass by the same route. Ride one of these jeepneys, pay minimum fare and get off at the corner or near corner of Harrison Street and Vito Cruz Street also now known as Pablo Ocampo Street. Walk your way to the sidewalk of Vito Cruz that borders Central Bank, the complex with tall steel black fences, opposite Petron. Wait for the orange CCP shuttle and ride right there. Pay minimum fare and tell the driver that you are going to the Star City immediately after bording the shuttle and ask him to drop you off near Star City. You still need to walk 40 to 50 meters from drop off to the Star City.

    From LRT Gil Puyat Station, the quickest way to do it is to ride a jeepney along Taft going to Manila area with signs that read "Quiapo", "Pedro Gil", "Monumento", "Dimasalang", etc. Get off at Vito Cruz also now known as Pablo Ocampo Street and walk along Vito Cruz toward Rizal Memorial Sports Complex. Right before the gate of Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, you will see the terminal of the CCP Shuttle Service. Pay the minimum fare and ask the driver to drop you off at Star City.

    If you want to view the post on directions to the Star City, just click here.

    Hope you enjoy the trip.

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