17 Dec 2010

Short Cut To Christmas Shopping In Baclaran

  • 17 Dec 2010
  • Lagalag

  • If you are one of those people who keep on thinking on how they're going to squeeze their budget for Christmas, here's another way to do it. Don't look too far and avoid going to shopping malls. Instead, go to the nearest MRT or LRT station in your area, ride a train south bound and go to the shopping stalls around LRT-1 Baclaran Station. It will only take you an hour or two to complete filling in a large hand-carry bag that will be allowed to bring inside LRT and MRT trains. The amount of money you would have spent in malls will give you three times the quantity of items you would have gotten once you do your shopping in Baclaran. Most of the shop owners in Baclaran are direct importers of high quality merchandise.

    Here's the step by step guide to quick quality shopping in Baclaran via LRT:

    Store Photos Around LRT Baclaran Station Baclaran Terminal Plaza & Galleria Location Map

    1. Go to a MRT or LRT station. buy two single journey south bound tickets going to the last station. If you're riding LRT-2 buy tickets to Recto Station, MRT-3 buy tickets to Taft Station and LRT-1 buy tickets to Baclaran Station.
    2. Change corresponding train rides. From Recto ride a train going to Baclaran in Doroteo Jose Station of LRT-1. From MRT Taft Station ride Baclaran bound train in Edsa Station of LRT-1. Make sure you buy two tickets as well. Use crossway to get to LRT-1 Station from Recto and Taft stations.
    3. Get off at Baclaran Station and enter Baclaran Terminal Plaza, the first bazaar you would get to see.
    4. Buy a folding bag for Php 50 from a novelty shop there. This fashionable bag is both elegant and durable with large compartment and easy to carry strap. It will look good on you making you more of a fashionista.
    5. Now start checking items, first inside Baclaran Terminal Plaza then go to Galleria Baclaran located at the opposite side of Baclaran Station. You can go to Galleria Baclaran and return to Baclaran Terminal Plaza via Baclaran Station linking the two buildings. Make sure you return to Baclaran Terminal Plaza because the best items are located outside the Baclaran Terminal Plaza. It will take you around 20 minutes to check price and locations of products you need.
    6. Back in Baclaran Terminal Plaza, go down the ground floor and head outside the building and check items and they're pricing outside. From the foot of the stairs of Baclaran Station, you'll start to see childrens' and adults' shoes, Then toward Redemptorist Road not far from Baclaran Terminal Plaza, along Taft, you'll get to see men's apparels and jeans, lady's dresses, and children's clothings. Toys and accessories are visible all around the Station as well as Baclaran Terminal Plaza and Galleria Baclaran. Towels, backpacks and other similar items are located toward the middle of the extension of the LRT track. It will take you around 25 minutes to see all items you might need here.
    7. Having knowledge of the lowest price and the locations of all items you need, head back to their location and start the buying making sure you ask for discounts and price cut. This is what Baclaran is all about. Low price that can still be lowered.
    8. Do not over do you shopping. You can't ride trains back home if you're carrying too many merchandise. Security Personnel of LRT will not allow you. So make sure you just put considerable amount of items inside your bag.
    9. After shopping have a quick snack in the Food Cart Section near Baclaran Galleria or the fastfoods in Baclaran Terminal Plaza.
    10. Time to go. Use your other tickets and ride train back home.

    Photos of Baclaran


    Location Map of Baclaran Terminal Plaza and Galleria Baclaran Shopping Centers


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