21 Jan 2011

Direction Bytes: Nagtahan To Chino Roces

  • 21 Jan 2011
  • Lagalag

  • From either Nagtahan Flyover or Nagtahan Boulevard itself, take the south bound lane toward Nagtahan Bridge. Pass through the Nagtahan Bridge. After crossing the bridge, cross the first intersection next to it which is Paz Mendoza Guazon Street. As soon as you cross Guazon, road name becomes President Quirino Avenue. It's the same road you're taking only the name had changed. Now stay to the middle of President Quirino Avenue and cross another intersection with the same street name as Pas Mendoza Guazon. This road seems to be running somewhere and bends back again toward Quirino Avenue. After you cross the second intersection from Nagtahan Bridge, you'll notice President Quirino Avenue's island becomes wider. Drive on, stay to the middle and cross intersections of Gonzales, Obisis and Zamora Street. Quirino Avenue bends to the right after you pass UNICEF. Continue driving, stay to the middle, until you pass by Plaza Dilaw where CRS Tower Apartelle is located along Plaza Dilao Road, the road that borders Plaza Dilao aside from Quirino Avenue. You'll also pass by junction of Quirino Avenue and Plaza Dilao Road. Now after you pass by Plaza Dilao Road, change lane to the right of President Quirino Avenue and turn right onto the next street after Plaza Dilao Road. This street is Sto. Sepulcro. Turn right onto Sto. Sepulcro Street. Cross Figueroa Street then turn left on the second street which is Penafrancia Street. Finally, turn left on Pedro Gil Street. We're now done in our first stage of traversing the route to Chino Roces.

    Now, stay on Pedro Gil Street and cross President Quirino Avenue. You will pass by PNR Paco Station to the left of Pedro Gil next to President Quirino Avenue. Continue your drive, you will pass by Paraiso ng Batang Maynila Park to your right, and then Pasig Line Street, followed by Aragon Street. Next to Aragon is Tejeron. Turn right onto Tejeron and drive all the way until its name becomes J.P. Rizal after passing Delpan Street to the left of Tejeron. Now you've just entered Makati and to your right now is the Puregold Makati. Continue driving, follow the direction of passenger jeepneys, turn right onto Pasong Tirad Street and finally, turn left on one way Kalayaan Avenue. You're now approaching Chino Roces formerly Pasong Tamo. From the corner of Pasong Tirad to Chino Roces the distance is around 200 meters. Chino Roces begins in J.P. Rizal which is around 130 meters away from the corner of Kalayaan Avenue. You turned right onto Pasong Tirad instead of going straight on J.P. Rizal Because J.P. Rizal Street is one way up to Pasong Tirad. Once you reach the corner of Chino Roces and Kalayaan Avenue, stage clears, you're now completed the route from Nagtahan to Chino Roces. Turn right onto Chino Roces to get to your destination.

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