20 Feb 2011

Direction Bytes: How To Get To GMA Kamuning from Malate

  • 20 Feb 2011
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  • GMA Kamuning refers to the area in EDSA, Timog and Kamuning vicinities. Located here are provincial bus terminals e.g. JAC Liner, Lucena Bus, Tritran and Victory Liner. It's here where Kapuso Network, GMA Channel 7 is located, specifically at the corner of Timog Avenue and EDSA, Diliman. Most importantly, GMA Kamuning is the gateway to the entertainment district of Quezon city by virtue of the fact that Timog Avenue begins here.

    GMA Kamuning also refers to the eleventh MRT-3 Station from Taft. Aptly called GMA Kamuning Station, it is where most commuters going to Timog get off from different locations in the south as well as central and eastern parts of Metro Manila.

    And now, for the routes and directions to GMA Kamuning from Malate. There are two options to take. One is by jeepney, the other is by train.

    By Jeepney:

    From Malate, go to either Taft or Mabini and ride a jeepney with "Quiapo" sign. Get off at Quiapo and ride another jeepney with "Project 2-3" sign. Ask the driver to drop you off at EDSA corner Kamuning. Once you're in EDSA corner Kamuning where a Chow King is located, walk across the road towards the opposite corner. From that corner walk along EDSA northward or towards the opposite direction of vehicles passing through EDSA. Now, you're already in GMA Kamuning area. Continuously walk until you get to Timog Avenue where GMA Network Channel 7 is located. From there you can get to your destination in GMA Kamuning.

    By LRT and MRT

    There are four stations of LRT-1 located in Malate and Ermita Districts - Vito Cruz Station, Quirino Avenue Station, Pedro Gil Station and U.N. Avenue Station. Depending on where is your current location, go to any of these stations, the nearest one to you.

    Route #1

    This route will only be available in the future, once the LRT-1 North Station, which will also serve as common terminal for MRT-3 and LRT-1, is already constructed in SM City North EDSA. Ride a train going to North Station. Get off at North Station and ride an MRT-3 train going to Taft Station. In the future as I've said, North Station of LRT-1 will serve as common terminal for LRT-1 and MRT-3, all you need to do is walk a few meters from LRT-1 train and ride a MRT-3 train. Get off at GMA Kamuning Station of MRT-3. You would have arrived in GMA Kamuning.

    Note: This idea is based on my research in Wikipedia and other reputable websites about LRT-1 North Station. As much as I believe these are going to happen, I don't guarantee 100% that they do become reality as I've descrived. This is Government Project and in my opinion subject to changes.

    Route #2

    This is how we commute to GMA Kamuning from Malate by train today. Ride a "Baclaran" bound train and get off at EDSA Station. Use the footbridge or crossway that connects LRT-1 and MRT-3 and go to Taft Station of MRT-3. Ride a "North Station" bound train and get off at GMA Kamuning Station. Note: Single journey commuters, mention to the card seller your destination which is GMA Kamuning. Get off at GMA Kamuning Station and walk towards your destination.

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