13 Mar 2011

Driving Directions From Ermita To Quiapo Church

  • 13 Mar 2011
  • Lagalag

  • Quiapo is a small district in Manila. Every time one says Quiapo, it always assumed he/she is referring to Quiapo Church as most of the people who come here are devotees of the Black Nazarene.

    This is the route to take if you're driving from Ermita and you're going to Quiapo Church and you want to park your car along Quezon Boulevard by the church. This only applies every Friday when parking is allowed along area of Quezon Boulevard just adjacent to Quiapo Church. The best time to go to Quiapo Church on Fridays by car is early morning such as 3 to 6 am when there's no heavy traffic yet.

    Depending on your exact location in Ermita, you can take any of these main roads: Roxas Boulevard, Mabini, Maria Orosa Street and Taft Avenue.

    Route #1

    Drive on Roxas Boulevard toward Luneta or Rizal Park. After crossing T.M. Kalaw, the street that borders Rizal Park to the south, turn right onto Padre Burgos, the street that borders Rizal Park to the north. Stay to the middle of Padre Burgos, cross intersections of Palacio and General Luna, and drive all the way to Lawton where Padre Burgos becomes three main roads. The one to the left is going to Binondo. The one in the middle is going to Carriedo Santa Cruz and the one in the right is going to Quiapo.

    You can't pass through the road going to Quiapo because, there's no route going to Quiapo Church which is located to the left of Quezon Boulevard.

    Take the one in the middle which is going to Santa Cruz. You will cross Pasig River via Mac Arthur Bridge. Stay to the middle of the road until it turns right onto Carriedo Station of LRT-1. Turn left on Avenida, the road beneath the elevated LRT-1 Station and drive all the way to C.M. Recto Avenue, the main intersection where LRT-2 elevated track passes through over LRT-1.

    Turn right onto C.M. Recto Avenue. A big mall, Isetann, is located at the corner of C.M. Recto and Quezon Boulevard Underpass. You will pass through first under the elevated LRT-2 Recto Station before you pass by Isetann Mall, which is to the right of Recto. After passing by Isetann Mall, turn right onto the service road of Quezon Boulevard Underpass. Drive on until you get to the main Quezon Boulevard. Stay to the right of Quezon Boulevard and go straight ahead past the pedestrian overpass. Soon after, you will see Citystate Hotel to the right of Quezon Boulevard. And after that is the Quiapo Church which is next to a BPI bank and a 7-11 convenient store. You can now park your car in any available parking space along Quezon Boulevard just a few steps away from Quiapo Church, assuming that you come on Friday. There's a lot of so called "back up boys" so it wont be hard for you when it's time to leave after the Holy Mass.

    I've experienced parking along Quezon Boulevard during ordinary days when I bought some electrical stuffs in Raon. I took the risk of apprehension even if there are road signs of "No Parking" along Quezon Boulevard because a lot of cars were parked too at that time. Even today, everytime I pass by Quezon Boulevard I see a lot of cars parked along Quezon Boulevard although they're far from Quiapo Church. So If you really need to go to Quiapo any time and any day of the week by car, all I can say is park but take the risk.

    Route #2

    From Mabini, drive towards Luneta or Rizal Park and turn right onto T.M. Kalaw. Next intersection with traffic lights along Kalaw is Maria Orosa Street. Turn left on Maria Orosa. Stay to the right of Orosa Street and take the dedicated lane turning right onto Padre Burgos Street, the next main road. Cross Finance Road and follow directions given in Route #1.

    Route #3

    From Maria Orosa Street. Maria Orosa is one way road. All traffic goes towards Luneta. So, all you need to do is drive on Maria Orosa, staying to the middle, cross T.M. Kalaw Street and follow directions given in Route #2 and Route #1, respectively.

    Route #4

    From Taft Avenue. This route applies if you're coming from areas near DLSU, Quirino Avenue Taft, Pedro Gil Taft, PGH, etc. Drive on Taft, the road where LRT-1 passes through, all the way to Lawton, crossing Padre Faura, U.N. Avenue, T.M. Kalaw and Ayala Boulevard. After crossing Ayala Boulevard, Taft Avenue merges to Padre Burgos and LRT-1 elevated track goes to different direction to the right. Drive to Padre Burgos and follow direction given in Route #1.

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