14 Mar 2011

Direction Bytes: To Mall Of Asia From Espana

  • 14 Mar 2011
  • Lagalag

  • How to commute from Espana to Mall of Asia or MOA?

    You have two options - route #1, by jeepney and route #2, by LRT.

    Route #1

    To get to MOA by jeepney, you only need two rides but it takes longer time on the road because of the heavy traffic especially in major Taft Avenue intersections. Here's the route:

    Ride a jeepney anywhere in Espana with "Baclaran Taft" sign. These jeepney comes from Aurora Boulevard in Cubao and plies the route of Baclaran-Cubao. Ask the driver to drop you off at Gil Puyat Avenue. You will easily know you're already in Gil Puyat because Gil Puyat Avenue is the only wide road with center island that intersects Taft Avenue. And there's the LRT-1 Gil Puyat Station right above the intersection.

    Along Gil Puyat Avenue near corner Taft Avenue, there's the big JAC Bus Terminal. Walk towards that terminal. Walk further past that terminal until you see the terminal of MOA shuttle up ahead along Gil Puyat about 20 meters from JAC Terminal. You won't miss it as there are barkers, many of them, calling out for passengers going to MOA.

    The fare is minimum and the shuttle stops exactly at its terminal in MOA. All passengers alight there. Remember the location of the terminal as this is where you will board the same shuttle to get home.

    Route #2

    To get to MOA by train, you still need to ride jeepney and shuttle, but the long journey from Quiapo to Gil Puyat is by train, making your travel fast as you get to avoid heavy traffics in the ground. Here's the route to take:

    From anywhere in Espana, ride a jeepney with "Quiapo" on its sign. Get off at Quiapo. Walk towards the opposite side of Quiapo Church and walk further towards the Carriedo Station of LRT-1. You could already see Carriedo Station from Quiapo Church, as the station is above ground. Ride a south bound train or "Baclaran" bound train and get off at Gil Puyat Station.

    It's important to note that there are times drivers of LRT-1 trains don't announce the station it's heading to. In this regard, I advice you to be alert if you're not familiar with LRT Stations. Just remember, Gil Puyat Station is the seventh station from Carriedo, with Carriedo as the first. Next to Carriedo is Central Terminal, followed respectively by these stations: U.N. Avenue, Pedro Gil, Quirino Avenue, Vito Cruz and then Gil Puyat.

    Get off at Gil Puyat Station and follow the direction given in Route #1.

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