26 Apr 2011

Direction Bytes: From NAIA Terminal 2 To POEA Ortigas

  • 26 Apr 2011
  • Lagalag

  • Whenever in a NAIA Terminal, always think of the NAIA Shuttle Bus. In NAIA Terminal 2 also known as Centennial Terminal, the shuttle bus loading and unloading area is located in front of International Arrivals, between Bay 14 and Bay 15, just below "AIRPORT SHUTTLE" sign. So, if you're an arriving passengers from a domestic flight, all you need to do is go to the front of International Arrivals where you will see this sign. Wait for a shuttle bus to arrive and once it does, get in the bus and pay 20 pesos.

    The Shuttle bus will take all the passengers from Terminal 2 of NAIA to NAIA Terminal 3. You get off the bus at NAIA-3 and transfer to another NAIA Shuttle Bus that will take you to MRT and LRT Stations that in turn will take you to your destinaton, e.g. POEA. The shuttle bus going to MRT and LRT will park at the area where Bus Station Route 2 is displayed, just a few steps from Bus Station Route 1 where you get off the bus from NAIA-2.

    Wait for a shuttle bus to arrive and get in. Pay 20 pesos. From NAIA-3, the bus will take Andrews Avenue on the way to Roxas Boulevard where it will turn right, then it will turn right again onto EDSA on its way to NAIA Shuttle Bus Station located at Pasay Taft Rotonda which is very near to LRT EDSA Station and MRT Taft Station.

    You have 2 options in going to POEA:

    Option 1

    Get off the shuttle bus at its station in Pasay Rotonda and ride an MRT-3 Train bound for North Station and get off the train at Ortigas Station. If you choose this option, you will travel fast but you need to walk a little bit far from Ortigas Station to POEA, approximately 500 meters.

    After you alight from the train at Ortigas Station, turn left from turnstile (exit machine) and go down the station via stair located to the north part of the station. If you turn right from turnstile, the stair will take you to the ground going to SM Mega Mall.

    Walk along EDSA's north bound lane until you reach Robinson's Galleria mall which is located at the corner of EDSA and Ortigas Avenue. POEA is located at the opposite corner of EDSA and Ortigas. To get to POEA, use the footbridge that connects Robinson's Galleria and the walkway going to POEA.

    Option 2

    Ask the driver of NAIA Shuttle Bus to drop you off at Heritage Hotel. The driver will announce the arrival to unloading area in Heritage Hotel. Get off right there and ride a bus with "Ortigas Ilalim POEA" sign. The sign of the bus may not contain POEA but it should display "Ortigas Ilalim". Don't ride a bus with "Ortigas Ibabaw" sign. Only "Ortigas Ilalim" buses stop at POEA. Get off the bus at the unloading area at Robinson's Galleria which is located at the corner of EDSA and Ortigas Avenue. If you choose this option, your travel to POEA is slower because of the traffic in EDSA and the long duration the bus spends in loading areas to pick up more passengers. But its more comfortable as you don't need to walk far. Instead, you will just walk across EDSA via footbridge to get to POEA which is just opposite Robinson's Galleria.


    1. how many meters is Holiday Inn Manila from POEA?

    2. @ aNciEnt aNd nOw. Holiday Inn Galleria Manila is approximately 450 meters from POEA. You can get there via Robinson's Galleria Mall.