17 May 2011

Driving Route That Encompasses Eight Major Destinations

  • 17 May 2011
  • Lagalag

  • Today, Lagalag lives in South Triangle area in Quezon City. He transferred there more than two years ago from Sampaloc. That was the time when he acquired a second hand car for himself. Might have had felt he needed a change of means of moving around the city. Strolling and commuting became daunting routine so driving around in-between would put a spice on his daily cruising.

    Lagalag needed to discover driving shortcuts and alternative routes to major destinations. Not only to save gas but to avoid traffic and to make his trips more enjoyable. And today he shares to you a driving direction that encompasses eight major destinations - entertainment, gadgets & laptops, shopping & movies, financial district, high end shopping, upscale dining, world class entertainment, and a major airport terminal. You would probably ask, "Isn't there a particular hub where we can take in all these kinds of destinations?"

    Well, none, when we're talking about Timog, Gilmore, Greenhills, Makati CBD, Rockwell, Fort Bonifacio, Resort World Manila and NAIA Terminal 3.

    Techies know that Gilmore is where we can buy lowest priced laptops and other gadgets. Timog is the entertainment center of Quezon City. Greenhills has become popular to shoppers and movie goers. Going to Makati CBD is inevitable for city dwellers, it's home to airline offices, bank headquarters, etc. Rockwell is such a magnet for fashionistas. Fort Bonifacio is the site of numerous upscale fine dining restaurants. Resort World Manila is synonym to world class performances ala Las Vegas. And NAIA-3 is where to take people bound for a Hong Kong Tour. This driving direction is the best alternative and shortcut compare to EDSA. It serves motorists from nearby vicinities of North EDSA, SM City North, Veterans, Project 6-7-8, Munoz, Roosevelt, Congressional, West Avenue, West Triangle, Philam Village, Walter Mart North EDSA, Centris Walk and Balintawak, as well as motorists from farthest locations of Caloocan, Monumento, Bagong Barrio, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela, Bulacan and Pampanga.

    Once you get familiar with this route, you'll find it convenient and quite fast to get to any of these destinations and get back home. And making a decision to travel to any of these locations would be quick. There will be no more underlying presumptions like "It's too far, traffic is heavy, can't remember the roads, etc." The action to drive your car becomes "in the snap of a finger" because the whole large area from which these destinations are situated will be virtually shrunken.

    Here is the route to take:

    From your point of origin take EDSA's south bound lane. Your first turn from EDSA is on Scout Borromeo Street. Pass through EDSA-Quezon Avenue flyover and then after passing by a street to the right of EDSA which is Eugenio Lopez Street, turn right onto the next street which is Scout Borromeo. There's a Shell Station and a Jollibee Restaurant before Scout Borromeo. Please turn on your signal and change lane only on broken white lines to avoid MMDA Traffic Enforcers' apprehension.

    Take Scout Borromeo Street past Samar Avenue towards Sgt Esguerra Avenue, the main road that intersects Scout Borromeo. Opposite Scout Borromeo to the other side of Esguerra Avenue is Y intersection. The road to the right is extension of Scout Borromeo. The road to the left is Scout Ybardolaza. Cross Sgt Esguerra Avenue and turn left on Scout Ybardolaza Street. Drive on Scout Ybardolaza Street, cross next street of Scout Madrinan until you get to next main intersection which is Timog Avenue - the first destination of this driving route. Turn right onto Timog Avenue. Up ahead is a rotunda called Boy Scout Circle.

    Drive on Timog Avenue and pass through the rotunda of Boy Scout Circle to take Tomas Morato Avenue's southern part. Tomas Morato Avenue is the main road that intersects Timog Avenue. Basically, you will turn left on Tomas Morato's southern part from Timog, but since you will pass through Boy Scout Circle, you will first pass by Tomas Morato's north part and Timog Avenue's west part before turning right onto Tomas Morato southern part.

    Stay on Tomas Morato Avenue all the way to its southern end which is in E. Rodriguez Sr Avenue. Turn right onto E. Rodriguez Sr Avenue where you must cross an intersection with traffic lights which is Dona M. Hemady, a one way road with traffic going to E. Rodriguez Avenue. Next intersection is Gilmore Avenue, an intersection with traffic lights and a one way with traffic going towards south. Turn left onto Gilmore Avenue.

    Next stop along this route is situated at the south corners of Gilmore Avenue and Aurora Boulevard. Aurora Boulevard is the main intersection where public jeepneys bound for Quiapo and Cubao pass through. LRT-2 also runs above ground along Aurora Boulevard. You need to cross Aurora Boulevard to get to Gilmore IT Center which is located to the left of Gilmore and PC Corner which is to the right corner of Aurora Boulevard and Gilmore. Parking is limited in front of the buildings so it's best to get here early in the morning.

    Next destination is Greenhills Shopping Center. After crossing Aurora Boulevard, stay to the middle of Gilmore Avenue, cross a small road that intersects Gilmore, and then drive all the way until you get to N. Domingo street, a main road intersection. If you're going home from Gilmore IT Center after buying some stuffs, turn left on N. Domingo and left again on Dona M. Hemady and drive all the way to E. Rodriguez Sr Avenue.

    One way traffic on Gilmore Avenue ends up in N. Domingo Street. So change lane to the right of the road before crossing N. Domingo Street. After crossing N. Domingo Street from Gilmore, road name changes to Granada. Next main intersection with traffic lights is Santolan Road. Cross Santolan Road. Granada becomes Ortigas Avenue after crossing Santolan Road.

    Drive to the middle of Ortigas Avenue and observe road names on each intersection. You will cross intersections of Madison, Roosevelt and Club Filipino Drive. If you're going to Greenhills Shopping Center, change lane to the left after crossing Roosevelt and turn left on Club Filipino Drive. Entrance to the open parking of Greenhills Shopping Center is the first turn to the right along Club Filipino Drive. You can use this parking or drive further on Club Filipino Drive to locate covered parking connected to V-Mall and other malls within Greenhills Shopping Center.

    Next destination is Makati CBD. After crossing Santolan Road, drive past Club Filipino Dr and turn right onto Wilson Street, the next main intersection with traffic lights. Stay on Wilson Street all the way to P. Guevara Street where you will turn left. There are some markings that easy to remember to avoid confusion. First, after turning right onto Wilson Street from Ortigas Avenue, you will immediately enter the gate of Greenhills Homes West. Then you will pass by Cardinal Santos Memorial Hospital, to the left of Wilson. Next to Hospital zone is the exit gate of Greenhills Homes West. Drive further until you get to the intersection of A. Mabini Street. Wilson Street is two way road from Ortigas Avenue to A. Mabini Street only. There are concrete barriers placed by MMDA in the middle of Wilson Street and A. Mabini intersection. Next to A. Mabini Street is P. Guevara Street. Traffic flow from A. Mabini to P. Guevara is one way. So, that's your reference point. After A. Mabini, change lane and occupy the left-side of Wilson and then turn left on P. Guevara Street.

    Now in P. Guevara Street. You're now traversing a part of Mabuhay Lane also known as Christmas Lane, the alternative route put up by MMDA for motorists to take during Christmas Season. After turning left from Wilson to P. Guevara, you will cross one small road intersection. That road is Recto. Next to Recto is a junction where you will see MMDA Road Sign that read "To Makati..." and an arrow pointing to the left. This junction is crossroad of Ortega, Luna Mencias and P. Guevara. Ortega is the road running perpendicular to the left of P. Guevara. Luna Mencias is the road that forms Y intersection with P. Guevara. So, it's vital that you don't make a sharp left turn. Instead, take the sloping road to the left of P. Guevara that runs from P. Guevara in Y Intersection way. See the map.

    Luna Mencias ends up in Shaw Boulevard. Drive on Luna Mencias and turn right onto Shaw Boulevard. Immediately, after turning right onto Shaw from Mencias, next intersection with traffic lights to the left of Shaw is F. Martinez Avenue. But the road sign also contains "Nueve de Febrero" wording. Turn left on this intersection and go straight. Actually, Nueve de Febrero Street is the third road to the left of F. Martinez. The road sign in Shaw merely gives direction to Nueve de Febrero.

    Drive on F. Martinez Avenue down to its southern end which is in Maysilo Circle. Turn right onto Maysilo Circle. There's a big monument at the center island of Maysilo and F. Martinez Avenue intersection. Maysilo Circle is a large rotunda where Mandaluyong City Hall is located. You need to get to San Francisco Avenue, the counterpart of F. Martinez Avenue to the other side of the circle. So, turn right onto Maysilo from F. Martinez, pass through Maysilo Circle past Boni Avenue, a wide road to the right of Maysilo and then turn right onto San Francisco. San Francisco ends up in area by the Pasig River where another road runs along the edge of the river. This road is Coronado. Turn left on Coronado. Stay to the left of Coronado and slow down a little bit so as not to go beyond the dedicated lane going to Makati-Mandaluyong Boundary Bridge. Because, by now, you're already seeing Makati-Mandaluyong Bridge. Turn left onto the flyover that connects to Makati-Mandaluyong Bridge and cross Pasig River to get to Makati.

    Makati Avenue begins at the foot of the Makati-Mandaluyong Bridge. If you're going to Makati CBD, drive to the middle of Makati Avenue, cross J.P. Rizal, Kalayaan Avenue and Gil Puyat Avenue. At the right corner of Gil Puyat and Makati Avenue. to the other side, is Pacific Star Building. Next intersection to Gil Puyat is Paseo de Roxas. If you're going to Salcedo Village and Citibank Bldg, turn right onto Paseo de Roxas and turn right again onto the first street to the right. If you're going to Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati Stock Exchange and Ayala Tower One, stay on Makati Avenue and turn right onto Ayala Avenue. Atrium Building is to the left of Makati Avenue, after crossing Paseo de Roxas. Greenbelt, Glorietta, Raffles Residences Makati and Renaissance New World Hotel are situated to the other side of Ayala Avenue. Stay to the middle of Makati Avenue and cross Ayala Avenue.

    If your destination is Rockwell Center and Powerplant Mall, from Makati-Mandaluyong Bridge turn left on J.P. Rizal Avenue, the first intersection with traffic lights. Drive all the way until you get to Rockwell Center, to the right of J.P. Rizal. A new bridge is built connecting Rockwell Center directly to Mandaluyong. This bridge is Rockwell Bridge. You can enter Rockwell Center by turning right onto Estrella Street, the road where Rockwell Bridge flyover is linked. Once in Estrella, turn right onto Rockwell Drive.

    Next destination, the sixth on this route, is Fort Bonifacio. If your destination is Market Market, High Street or Fort Bonifacio Global City, drive on Estrella all the way to EDSA. Turn right onto EDSA and change lane to the leftmost southbound lane of EDSA. Turn on your left signal, slow down a little bit and make a U-Turn at the first U-Turn slot that you see. You're now on the northbound lane of EDSA. Turn right onto Kalayaan Avenue, the road perpendicular to the right of EDSA where Kalayaan flyover passes through.

    As soon as you turn right on Kalayaan Avenue, avoid the main road of Kalayaan Avenue. Slow down a bit and use the opening to service road. Take the Kalayaan Service Road, stay there and drive on until the road name changes to 32nd Street. You will cross 2nd Avenue, Rizal Drive and 3rd Avenue before the road becomes 32nd Street. Welcome to Bonifacio Global City. Drive on 32nd Street and turn right onto 11th Avenue, the road between High Street and Serendra, then go further to your destination within Fort Bonifacio, e.g. Market Market, The Fort, etc.

    Seventh destination - Resort World Manila. If your destination is Resort World Manila, turn right onto 5th Avenue. Next to 3rd Avenue is a small road to the right of 32nd Street. Next to this small road is the main intersection of 5th Avenue and 32nd Street. Turn right onto 5th Avenue from 32nd Street. Stay to the middle of 5th Avenue all the way until road name becomes Lawton Avenue. Stay to the middle of Lawton Avenue and drive all the way until it cross President Osmena Highway through overpass. It's smooth sailing from Fort Bonifacio's 5th Avenue until you cross Osmena Highway. After crossing Osmena Highway, road name changes to Sales Road. Stay to the middle of Sales Road until it turn right and road name finally becomes Andrews Avenue. Resort World Manila is situated at the corner of Sales Road and Andrews Avenue. In Andrews Avenue, turn right onto Resort Drive and follow direction to the parking area.

    Last destination on this driving route is NAIA Terminal 3. If you're going to NAIA Terminal 3, stay to the middle of Andrews Avenue, turn right onto rotunda where a giant sculpture that looks like a giant skeletal egg is located in the middle and drive past Andrews Avenue extension towards the NAIA-3 entry ramp.

    Route Map From EDSA North To Timog, Gilmore, Greenhills, Makati CBD, Rockwell Center, Fort Bonifacio, Resort World Manila and NAIA-3. Zoom in to see detailed direction.


    1. I just tried the route going to Greenhills yesterday instead of my usual route of taking EDSA where the LONGEST PARKING LOTS OF PUBLIC BUSES IN THE WORLD are located (these parking lots stretches from Kamuning to Aurora Blvd in EDSA) Thanks to MMDA traffic enforcers they are of great help to these buses, only blind people cannot see the evidence at CCTV. Taking the Gilmore route which eventually leads to Ortigas Avenue and to the heart of Greenhills is such a breeze.

    2. I think you were previously passing the route of EDSA and Annapolis sir Amado. I must say traffic in that route is exasperating. I'm glad that the direction I recommended now helps you.

    3. can u give shortcut frm west avenue to that route? aside from edsa... thanks.

    4. From West Avenue take Examiner Street. Turn right onto Quezon Avenue, make a U-Turn on the first U-Turn slot, then turn right onto Scout Albano, the road between Kenny Rogers and Unionbank. Cross Panay Avenue and Mother Ignacia. Go right on the Y intersection immediately after crossing Mother Ignacia. This street is Scout Tuazon, the road at the back of Camelot Hotel. Drive all the way to Timog. Turn left on Timog then turn right onto Tomas Morato Avenue via Boy Scout Circle. From here, you can now follow the direction on this post.

    5. Can you suggest a shortcut going to Rockwell when coming from President Quirino Ave? Thanks.

    6. Kindly specify what part of President Quirino Avenue you'll be coming from.

    7. Hi! Can you suggest commute route from blue voz (along c5 right after pembo if oming from market market) to insular life in alabang? Thank you!

    8. @ It's Jess. You can ride a bus direct to Alabang from Market Market. Please go to open parking and terminal in front of Fiesta Market. Wait for a bus bound for Alabang at the corner of that large terminal near Gerry's Grill.