10 May 2011

Driving Shortcut To Quiapo From Ermita And Roxas Boulevard

  • 10 May 2011
  • Lagalag

  • Lagalag used to take the route of Padre Burgos all the way to Quiapo on the way home to Quezon City from Roxas Boulevard and Ermita. The problem in this route is the perennial traffic particularly from the junction where Taft Avenue merges with Padre Burgos up to Lawton area. This part of Padre Burgos seems to be a bulwark of undisciplined public jeepney and bus drivers that passing through this road is becomes a headache for private vehicle owners and drivers as these jeepneys and buses occupy the lane for private vehicles. There are times they stop there and don't go on green just to pick up passengers - too many of them. The result is a gridlock that always takes place especially during rush hours.

    Lagalag found the solution. To avoid the traffic hot spot in Padre Burgos, the best way if you're coming from north bound lane of Roxas Boulevard is to turn right onto T.M. Kalaw Avenue. This is the road that borders Rizal Park to the south. T.M. Kalaw is next to United Nations Avenue and a tall condominium called Eton Baypark Manila is situated at the corner of Roxas Boulevard and T.M. Kalaw. If you're coming from Robinson's Place Manila, make sure that you exit the parking area via Padre Faura Exit, and from Padre Faura you turn right onto Maria Orosa Street. Stay on Maria Orosa, cross United Nations Avenue and turn right onto T.M. Kalaw, the road next to U.N. Avenue. Mabini Street ends up in T.M. Kalaw, so from there turn right onto T.M. Kalaw.

    Take T.M. Kalaw Street all the way to Taft Avenue where you must turn left. Taft Avenue is where LRT Line 1 runs above ground. In Taft Avenue, cross Ayala Boulevard and after that make sure that you're on the right lane as you will take the right road of Y intersection of Taft Avenue and Villegas Street. As you see in this photo, Manila City Hall is located at the corner of Y junction of Taft Avenue and Villegas Road, the street where LRT-1 elevated track continues. It's different in the photo. Villegas road is not that prominent. If you're driving fast you might overlook that you already went past the small road. And the large concrete post of the elevated LRT-1 is blocking the view if you're driving to the middle of Taft Avenue. As per Traffic Law and Regulations, private vehicles must not drive on jeepney and bus lane, so the time to change lane to the rightmost lane of Taft Avenue is after you pass by jeepney and bus loading/unloading area. Then watch out for the small road to the right of Taft Avenue, just beside the concrete post of LRT-1, which seems to be erected at the middle of Taft Avenue.

    View of Taft Avenue from Kalaw Avenue
    Turn left on Taft from Kalaw
    Turn right onto Villegas Road under the LRT-1 elevated tracks. Stay on Villegas Road all the way up to where it ends which is in the foot of Quezon Bridge. In Villegas Road, you will past by SM City Manila to your right, cross intersection with traffic lights called Natividad Almeda Lopez, pass by LRT-1 Central Station to your left, pass by Park N' Ride building also to the left, and the Metropolitan Theater which next to Park N' Ride. Turn right onto Quezon Bridge to get to Quiapo and into your destination.

    Route Map From Kalaw To Quiapo

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