19 Jul 2011

How To Commute To PhilSports Arena From MRT

  • 19 Jul 2011
  • Lagalag

  • Philsport Arena was popularly known as ULTRA before it's name was changed some time last decade. Today, it is an important destination for major concerts, sports competitions and religious events. PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) occasionally holds games here. But even with that scope and the colossal importance in the whole spectrum of Filipino lives that the institution brings, unfortunately, a whole lot of people don't have any idea of its location much less have the knowledge of getting there.

    So, for those of you having problems on how to get to Philsports Arena, here's the detailed 'commute' directions from MRT to the sports complex. This route is designed for people travelling by train but you can also refer to this if you travel by bus in EDSA.

    The nearest MRT-3 Station to Philsport Arena, commute-wise, is Shaw Boulevard Station in EDSA-Crossing. From the train station, the jeepney to ride are those with any of these signs: "Antipolo", "Binangonan", and "Tanay". These public jeeps pass through the exact location of Philsports Complex and Philsports Arena which is in Meralco Avenue corner Captain Javier Street.

    You must exit MRT Shaw Station at North Exit. If you don't know North Exit, it's the north bound lane of EDSA, where all buses are bound for Baclaran, Alabang or Sucat. South Exit is the side of MRT that goes to the lane of EDSA where buses are bound for Monumento, Cubao and Novaliches.

    There are two landmarks at the two corners of north bound lane EDSA. One is the big mall called Starmall at the northern corner and a commercial block at the southern corner where various establishments lined up in a row along Shaw Boulevard from the corner of EDSA. Next to this commercial spot is the PARKLEA Jeepney Terminal. Parklea Terminal is where you take the ride to Philsport Complex or Philsport Arena. Starmall is very prominent, you can easily see it. The entrance of the terminal is next to the row of small establishments along Shaw, e.g. Villarica Pawnshop, Cebuano Lhuillier, some internet shops and Ukay-ukay outlets. The last establishment is "Andoks Litson Manok". Beside Andoks is the entrance of the terminal where all jeepneys wait for passengers before heading to their respective destinations.

    From Starmall, just walk across Shaw using the pedestrian lanes at the corner of EDSA, then go right on Shaw to get to the terminal.

    Here's the important things to remember. Jeepneys on Parklea terminal are bound for different destinations. The jeeps bound for "Antipolo", "Binangonan" and "Tanay" are parked near Andoks. There are lots of barkers filling up the jeepneys with passengers. Don't ask the barkers if the jeepney he's working on will pass by Philsports Arena, they'll just answer you things like "I don't know.", "Where's that?", etc. Just ride the jeep with "Binangonan" or "Tanay" or "Antipolo" sign.

    Another thing is these jeepneys charge Php 15.00 if your destination is near to the terminal. So, don't be shock if you hear the conductor announce "Fifteen pesos po pag malapit." And, since your destination is near, you already know the amount you must tender. The conductor asks where you're getting off the jeepney. Say "ULTRA" or "Philsport". If he doesn't know it just tell him "DepEd". It's the most prominent institution situated at the same location of Philsport Complex. The big sign is visible as the jeepney passes by and so all drivers know it.

    From Parklea Terminal, the jeepney will cross EDSA and go straight on Shaw Boulevard. Meralco Avenue is a main road to the left of Shaw Boulevard approximately 1 kilometer from EDSA. It is perpendicular to the left of Shaw. But there's no left turn to Meralco Avenue from Shaw so the jeepney will drive past Meralco Avenue and then make a U-Turn at the oval rotunda approximately 150 meters from Meralco Avenue to take the opposite lane of Shaw Boulevard and then it will turn right onto Meralco Avenue.

    Approximately 490 meters from Shaw is the first intersection on Meralco Avenue with traffic lights. This road is Captain Javier Street. Get off the jeepney right at the corner of Meralco Avenue and Captain Javier Street. DepEd is situated along Meralco Avenue approximately 50 meters from the corner of Captain Javier Street.

    From the corner of Meralco Avenue and Captain Javier, walk approximately 300 meters along covered sidewalk until you get to the gate of Philsports Arena located at the next corner to the left of Captain Javier which is Saint Martin.

    To get back to Shaw Boulevard Station of MRT, ride a jeep with "EDSA Crossing Parklea" sign at the opposite lane of Meralco Avenue. Note: There is another terminal of the same jeepneys located far from MRT Shaw Station. Make sure to ride the jeepney with "Parklea" word on its sign so that you don't get to different terminal.

    Hope this direction helps you in getting to Philsports Arena. If you want to receive detailed directions to different places and important locations in Metro Manila, you can subscribe to my post, just click here.

    Location Map of PhilSports Arena

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    1. Hello Mr. Lagalag, you got a lot of posts lately ha. thanks for this directions. They'll be helpful when I'll be in NCR.

    2. Yes sir. I am inspired hehe. Wanna help a lot of people through this blog.

    3. Thanks for this post. para sa manood ng UAAP. minsan kasi dito ang game. meron ka na bang papuntang Arena sa San Juan para sa manonood ng NCAA. malaking tulong to.

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