7 Jul 2011

How To Get To Places In Naga City

  • 7 Jul 2011
  • Lagalag

  • You've finally arrived in Naga City. You're in your suite in your chosen hotel in the city center which is popularly known among Nagauenos as Centro. And now, it's time to get around the city. What would you do? How do you get to SM City Naga? or Penafrancia Basilica? or Naga City Coliseum?

    Commuting in Naga City is a bit different to Manila, where you are used to taking jeepney to get to any places. Public jeepney is the main mode of transportation in Manila. In fact, you can let a bus pass, but a jeepney is a must.

    In Naga City, the king of the road is the motorized tricycle that we only use in Manila in areas not served by jeepneys.

    Commuting to key locations is so easy in Naga City. Tricycles ply on all major roads. In this photo is Elias Angeles Street, one of the main roads in Centro, Naga. It is the Taft Avenue or Quezon Avenue of Naga. The only difference is 90 percent of public transportation vehicles that pass through it are motorized tricycles.

    This other photo is taken in General Luna Street, another main road in the city center. Naga City People's Mall, the big yet clean public market is situated along General Luna Street, making it one of the main arteries of Naga City's infrastructure network. Still, as you can see, it is the bulwark of the motorized tricycles.

    If you're going to any location in Naga City, you just instruct the driver to take you there. You can get to SM City Naga, Naga Coliseum, Naga Cathedral or even the farthest Penafrancia Basilica by flagging a motorized tricycle. Fare rate is only Php 8.00. Because tricycle is the main mode of transportation here, it functions like a public jeepneys. So, expect that it picks up more passengers along the route.

    So, how does it work?

    As simple as one two three.

    One. Flag down a motorized tricycle.

    Two. Ride and say your destination, e.g. Basilica, SM, CBT, Naga Cathedral, Crown Hotel, Caceres Street, etc.

    Three. Get off the tricycle and pay 8.00.

    Note: Drivers charge more if your destination is way too far. When I went to PNR from Naga Land Hotel to buy fare ticket, I was only charged 8 pesos. I just gave the driver 10 pesos and never got the change.


    1. hi! Not that I am not familiar with the places at Naga City, but I often get lost so I often walk.. anyway, that's not my concern heheheh I was going to ask you a few questions regarding the routes... I wanna go to Metropolitan Cathedral from Albay. Start a map from the boundary of Naga City and Pili Town... I wanna take the short cut passing Camella at the back.

    2. @ Maria Eloisa Geconcillo. You can take any bus bound for Naga City and then take a trike to Metropolitan Cathedral. With regards to short cut, I am sorry but I can't recommend one that I am not confident about.