8 Jul 2011

Where To Eat In Naga City

  • 8 Jul 2011
  • Lagalag

  • There's a whole lot of eateries, fast food, and restaurants around Plaza Rizal in the city center of Naga. These are all walking distance from both major and budget hotels around the city proper. You don't need to get far from the plaza. Just go around and check out restaurants around the Naga's iconic park. On the other hand, if you feel like eating in an ambiance of Manila, then you can always get to the food court of SM City Naga.

    Speaking of Plaza Rizal, it's probably the most useful point of reference within Centro, Naga City. Certainly, you would be tempted to walk around to check out stores and look for some place where you can eat. Well, as long as you are within around 1,000-meter radius of our National Hero's park in this city, you can always walk back to your hotel. I went to Naga City People's Mall on foot and got back to my hotel easily. Knowing the location of the plaza had helped me master different directions to and from the place where I had stayed.

    Now, I don't know about you but it's my habit to always have a bit of taste of indigenous food of places I've gotten to visit. And here in Bicol, it's laing, pangat, bicol express, and the widely popular and always found in the bestseller of many restaurants - the all Bicolano food combo of pancit guisado and toasted siopao. Believe me, it's gastronomically delightful.

    Iriga Restaurant which is situated along General Luna Street, around 100 meters from Plaza Rizal and towards Naga City's People's Mall serves the best pancit guisado and toasted siopao in town. Although toasted siopao is as popular in Naga as the pandesal in Manila and you can always order it in many eateries.

    Hoyeh Bakers and Restaurant, also located along General Luna Street, three stores from Iriga Restaurant, serves laing. But the specialty they are known for is buttered chicken. It's so tasty and savory. I had taken one order of this among other provisions on my way back to Manila.

    Forget the laing and bicol express that you always get to eat in Manila. The Bicolano cook of the food that they themselves made known in the entire archipelago got the highest rating I've ever given for food. Naga Graceland is a popular fast food chain in Naga. I've seen a lot of outlets around the city. There's one in SM City Naga, located at the ground floor lobby. It serves combo meal of rice, meat and pangat. And you know what, having this meal is definitely a treat.

    One thing remarkably evident about these all pure Bicolano foods is that they are served in all food junctions, restaurants and even stalls in food court of SM City Naga home-made style. They're all taste as if they were cooked at home. You will definitely mistaken the taste for the food that was cooked in some Bicolano household.

    So, if you're heading for Naga City for the very first time. And food is your main concern, then no need to stress out. Enjoy your stay, and the Bicolano food, of course.

    More valuable information about getting to different places from me, coming up. Stay tuned.

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