25 Dec 2011

SM MOA Eye Giant Ferris Wheel: Newest Tourist Destination

  • 25 Dec 2011
  • Lagalag

  • The biggest and tallest Ferris Wheel in the Philippines has finally arrived and now rolls over western sky of Manila bay behind, albeit slowly. The giant Ferris wheel is situated right at the back of SM Mall of Asia, most popularly known as SM MOA Esplanade. When I got to see it first hand, I could't help but to reminisce of the magnificent sight of Singapore Flyer, the world's largest Giant Observation Wheel. For one thing, they both turn very slowly. Like Singapore Flyer, MOA Eye Ferris Wheel doesn't stop to unload and load passengers. The slow speed of the Ferris Wheel allows passengers who had completed the cycle to alight and for waiting passengers to ride with little help from the crew.

    SM MOA Eye Giant Ferris Wheel
    MOA Eye Ferris Wheel has 36 passenger cars. Surely, lots of you who would come to MOA will be tempted to go and try it. You simply couldn't resist the attraction. So here's the important answer to your question. The fee is Php 150.00 per person, and it's good only for one complete revolution. Before you frown, let me say that you get to enjoy it because it takes almost 9 minutes for passengers to complete one cycle inside MOA Eye Ferris Wheel car.

    So, get there. Enjoy the ride!

    How to get to MOA Giant Eye Ferris Wheel? It's big so you get to see it from afar when you're within SM MOA complex. For driving directions, commuting guide by jeepney, bus and LRT/MRT train, go to How To Get To Mall Of Asia Or MOA

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