28 Feb 2012

Good Eats And Good Rides From Manila To Cebu

  • 28 Feb 2012
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  • In the post entitled World-Class Airport With The Most Reasonably Priced Food, I shared to you the existence of Food Court inside NAIA Terminal 3 which houses number of both high-end restaurants and stalls that serve affordable meals to both outbound and arriving passengers. Most of us have bad connotation that foods in our airports are expensive and only rich people can afford to have a fast meal right before they board planes to their destinations. The tendency, especially for those flying on their first trip via airplane, is to squeeze time of having some heavy meals into their schedule of getting to the airport. The result is a stressful flight. So, for those of you who don't have knowledge about the affordability of eaing in NAIA-3, you can relax now and get rid of thinking much about eating heavy at home before going to the airport. If a friend or relative of yours is flying, you can tell them to have their meal right at the aiport for a more relaxed travel.

    7-11 at NAIA-3
    The restaurants and fast foods are located next floor up the departure level. You might not notice it. Just take an escalator and when you get there, you will immediately see the sign. Aside from Ministop which serves Pinoy favorite meals, 7-11 is now open at NAIA-3. The popular 24 hour open convenience store serves their meals at the same price as in their branches outside the airport.

    Ministop at NAIA-3

    Ministop has increased their prices 3 pesos more of their regular pricing. Ala Carte meals which cost only 49 pesos in their other branches are sold for 52 pesos in their branch inside NAIA 3. Nevertheless, they're still in our budget, aren't they?

    On Feb 26, I headed to NAIA-3 at 2 am for my flight to Cebu scheduled at 5:50 am. I had my meal at 7-11 before proceeding to the boarding gate. It was a very relaxing trip. I didn't rush. I just grabbed my backpack, plugged down a taxi and 35 minutes after, I was passing the time at the lounge near the Viewing Deck, after which I walked a little bit to 7-11 and ordered my favorite Beef Caldereta and a bottle of water.

    Jollibee inside NAIA-3
    One thing I've noticed at NAIA-3 is more popular fast food chains are opening their outlets here. I've already mentioned that Jollibee is already open. Kenny Rogers has already opened, although the store is closed at the time of my flight. There's also Mister Donut and the popular Dimsun And Dumpling.

    The flight to Cebu only takes 1 hour and 5 minutes. At 6:55 am, the Air Philippines plane I boarded was already at full stop in Mactan Cebu International Airport. And my first step on the Queen City of the south which is also the second important city of the Philippines next to Metro Manila has begun.

    The first siginificant thing I've noticed in this major destination not only for Filipinos but for numerous foreign tourists as well (seen them everywhere), is the good manner of taxi drivers that serve arriving passengers and the ease of going to downtown Cebu without any hassles - very organized, fast and reliable. (Unlike in Metro Manila) When I say taxi, I am referring to the white ones not the yellow. Two types of taxi take passengers from Mactan International Airport to the downtown and anywhere in Cebu. And you should know which one to take and how to locate their terminal, for your convenience and security. For that, I need to open this topic in a new post which will give you more tips especially where to stay in Cebu City, practically.

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