29 Mar 2011

How To Get To Intramuros Via MRT

  • 29 Mar 2011
  • Lagalag

  • Intramuros is situated approximately 6 kilometers from the MRT-3. To get to Intramuros via MRT, you need to take another train via LRT-1 with its nearest station, Central Terminal, located approximately half kilometer from Intramuros. Alight at Central Terminal Station and walk the 500-meter distance Intramuros gate. If you're not fond of walking, there's another route where you only need to walk a little bit. You'll get to know it towards the end of this post.

    From your location, ride an MRT train bound for Taft. After getting off the train at Taft Avenue Station, take the exit to the right of the station. Avoid entering Metropoint Mall which is connected to the station. Instead, walk towards the footbridge that connects MRT-3 Taft Station to LRT-1 EDSA Station. From the turnstile (exit machine where you insert train ticket) of Taft Station, just go to the left of the only elevator at that part of the station. To the right of the elevator is Metropoint Mall's entrance.

    At the end of the footbridge is EDSA Station of LRT-1, buy your train ticket and tell the seller your going to Central Station. Ride the train bound for Monumento/Roosevelt and alight at Central Terminal.

    You need to be reminded that there are times, drivers of LRT trains don't announce train's arrival to a station, so if you're not used to traveling by MRT and LRT, you might go beyond your destination. To help you with this, just remember Central Terminal is the eight station from EDSA, with Libertad Station being the second, followed respectively by Gil Puyat, Vito Cruz, Quirino, Pedro Gil and U.N. Avenue Station. Next to U.N. Station is the Central Terminal Station.

    From Central Station, walk southward or towards Manila City Hall along the road underneath LRT elevated tracks. That road is Villegas Road. You can easily see Manila City Hall because its clock tower is very visible from the distance. Once you got to Manila City Hall, you can immediately see SM City Manila to your left. Turn right on the road that intersects Villegas and the road that borders Manila City Hall to the north. That road is Natividad Almeda-Lopez. Walk towards Padre Burgos Avenue, the main road and a wide one where passenger jeepneys bound for different locations such as Quiapo, Cubao, Divisoria, Monumento, Sta Cruz, Blumentritt, etc., pass through. You need to get to the other side of Padre Burgos and walk further along Victoria Street, the road opposite Natividad Almeda-Lopez. Don't walk across Padre Burgos to avoid MMDA (traffic enforcers) apprehension.

    Use pedestrian underpass which is located along Padre Burgos few meters from the corner of Natividad Lopez along the edge of Manila City Hall building.

    Once you get to the corner of Victoria and Padre Burgos, just walk towards the other end of Victoria until you get to Victoria Entrance of Intramuros. For your guide, see the map for Walking Direction To Intramuros From LRT-1 Central Terminal Station. Click here

    Alternatively, you can get to Intramuros without walking that far. You only need to walk around 90 meters to a gate of Intramuros from a drop-off or unloading zone of jeepneys. This route involves a 5.7 kilometers jeepney ride.

    Here's the route.

    Riding an LRT-1 train from EDSA Station, alight at Libertad Station, next station to EDSA.

    Walk towards the corner of Taft Avenue and Libertad Street where a Philtrust Bank is located. Libertad is now known as Arnaiz Avenue, though Libertad is still being used.

    Along Libertad Street aka Arnaiz Avenue near corner Taft, wait for a jeepney with "Pier Harrison Plaza Luna" sign in front of it. Don't ride jeepney with "Harrison Plaza" sign only. There must be "Pier" word at the sign.

    Ride one of these jeepneys, and ask the driver to drop you off at "Round Table", a popular landmark way back then that I never known existed. I just notice all passengers going to that area say to drivers "Round Table". The funny thing is "Round Table" location don't have any sign of round but a clear triangular junction where jeepneys pass through. You will get off exactly at one of the corner of that triangular junction. So, you might wonder, "This is not a round table, this is a triangular table". LOL. Anyway, they really call that "Round Table". Try it, ask the driver to drop you off at "Round Table" and you will definitely find yourself standing at triangular road network. See the map below.

    Maybe, we can ask our fellow readers for their input or opinion on how come this area is called "Round Table" when there's no sign of round area but a triangular open space inside a triangle. If you know the answer, let us know. Click here

    From the unloading area at "Round Table", you can now easily see the historic wall of Intramuros, just a short walk away.

    Map of Intramuros General Luna Entrance from Round Table Jeepney unloading area

    Walking Direction From LRT-1 Central Terminal Station To Intramuros



    1. worked like a charm. Thanks mate

    2. It's allegedly called Round Table because of the Round Table restaurant that used to be in the area.