19 Feb 2012

One Night In Tiendesitas

  • 19 Feb 2012
  • Lagalag

  • Last night, friends invited me to Tendesitas to have some booze and see a band performed live. When I learned that one of us, the one who would drive, doesn't drink I considered coming. I am a law abiding citizen who doesn't drive while intoxicated and I don't want to ride a car being driven by a person with even a bit of pick-me-up inside their body. It's Saturday night and I figured I needed a time-out from blogging, so I obliged to go. Besides, I thought it would give me an avenue to search for a safe driving direction from Tiendesitas to Timog-Morato area that can be taken past midnight.

    SK8s performing live at Tiendesitas

    After filling up the tank at Petron in Boy Scout Circle, we headed out to our destination. I was the one who suggested the route. We took the driving direction I posted in my blog entry entitled Driving Directions To Tiendesitas And Frontera Verde. We took Kamuning Road, crossed EDSA, took Kamias Road all the way to Langka Street where we turned right. Then, we turned left on Xavierville Ave and drove all the way to Esteban Abada St, the last road before Katipunan Ave. We turned left on Abada to get around so that we could pass through Katipunan Aurora flyover. This is the route to take to avoid the traffic in Aurora Blvd intersection. To get the details of this route, go to Driving Directions To Tiendesitas And Frontera Verde. Once we're in Katipunan Ave, the drive was smooth all the way to Tiendesitas with a bit of traffic in Libis caused by the U-turn to Eastwood City. We left Petron at 7:40 pm and parked at Tiendesitas at 8:25 pm.

    Tiendesitas nightlife experience

    We had a ball all through out the night. The band named SK8s performed well. The food was great as well. We bought our food from Sinugba stall. A group meal served in circular basket and called "Bilao Meal" which contains different assortment of Filipino favorite dishes, namely: Nilasing na Hipon, Crispy Calamares, Pork Liempo, Boneless Bangus, Chicken Teriyaki, Garlic Chicken, Chop suey, Sinigang na Baboy, Manggang Binagoongan, and of course rice (6 cups). It costs Php 1,200 and served with free two towers of ice tea, each tower measures 1 liter. Now, with the sumptuous finger foods and meals in front of us and a live band playing great rock and pop songs, we ordered enough quantity of light beer to enjoy the night in Tiendesitas.

    A night in Tiendesitas

    We took different route on our way back to Boy Scout Circle. I had quickly drawn up in my mind a map in which Tiendesitas and Boy Scout Circle are connected by different roads and I came out with this direction: from Tiendesitas take Julia Vargas, turn right onto EDSA, left on Ortigas Ave via flyover, turn right onto N. Domingo, left at Dona Hemedy, right onto E. Rodriguez Sr Ave and finally, turn left on Tomeas Morato. And so I instructed our designated driver along our way. Not bad, because we've reached Boy Scout Circle in no time. We left Tiendesitas parking area at 11:55 pm and at 12:20 am we're already encircling Boy Scout Roundabout.


    1. I am so curious on how the food had look like. Sounds uhhmmm...

    2. Aesthetically pleasing and surprisingly a culinary delight.

    3. As a Balikbayan , I've heard of Tiendesitas for a long time but never ventured to the place for fear of the unknown. But now as an educated (on routes and directions--Thanks to directions on Web) tourist I am planning to visit the place for a night out with my relatives. The food price seems reasonable enough and hope its a culinary astonishment to behold.

    4. I'm sure you will enjoy it there, sir Amado. There are wide array of foods that you can choose from. And the entertainment is excellent as well. :-)